Sunday, November 14, 2010

The 12 Days of Ornaments :: Day 1

Hi everyone! This is Lolly, one of the Little Blue House Gals!

Welcome to our first annual Little Blue House 12 days of Ornaments Extravaganza! Each and every day between now and Thanksgiving one of the Little Blue House Gals will be sharing a tutorial on how to create a fabulous ornament for your tree AND... each of those 12 days you'll have a chance to win the ornament of the day!

All you have to do to win is leave a comment on each post and we'll pick a winner each and every day!

I created this ornament yesterday at the Little Blue House Holiday Open House! It was so great to see so many of you drop by (I got a whole lotta hugs in too)!!! For this ornament, I used papers and stickers from The Girls Paperie Christmas line called Tinsel & Twig (available at the LBH now (but going quicker than lightening cause it's sooo fabulous))!

This super fun rolled paper cone technique can be used to make wreaths, ornaments, and really nice package toppers for your special gifts this year! All you have to do to change the size of the project you make is increase or decrease the size of the squares you cut! It's that easy!

Let's get started with the tutorial!

I started with 18 - 2 1/4 inch square pieces of patterned paper.

Starting from one of the straight sides of the square, roll it around a pen or paint brush.
This helps to soften the paper and break the fibers (making it easier to work with)

To the same square, now do the same thing from one of the corners...
...just roll it all the way around...

You should have something that looks similar to this.
(it's very fancy don't you think???)

Once you have done all that rolling, it will be easier to roll the square into a cone shape like this.

Gently squeeze your cone shape and tuck one flap under the other like this.

Once you have formed your shape, unroll it and apply adhesive to the flap!
I use the Helmar Permanent Adhesive Runner cause it's super sticky and strong!

I have highlighted the area in teal where you want to apply the adhesive!
(and added some arrows too in case there was any doubt about where that adhesive goes).
Isn't teal the coolest color for this kind of thing?!?!?!

Simply roll up the cone shape again and press down the flap where you applied your adhesive!

You should have something that looks like a little ice cream cone.
(and if you have cravings for ice cream while making this project, I simply can't be held accountable)

I personally recommend trying some pumpkin flavored ice cream.
It's actually mandatory during the month of November that you have it at least once.
(trust Lolly on this one girls)

After you've had your pumpkin flavored ice cream, and rolled about 18 cone shapes...
You should have a nice pile that looks like this.

I then punched a 2 inch circle and started gluing down each of those cones.
(I used hot glue)
It's kinda tricky to get them centered, so if they aren't, don't worry about it!
Just glue another circle down underneath and keep on gluing!

Keep on truckin' with your cones and glue until... have something that looks like this circle cone thingy!
("circle cone thingy" is a highly technical craft term that can be found in the dictionary of crafts)
(I think)

I then took two pieces of Tinsel & Twig paper and cut them into 4 inch circles.
I like to use my Sizzix - Circle Clear die for these types of things.
(you can see the one I am talking about HERE)

I cut them in half and layered them together and used a Tinsel & Twig border sticker right down the middle!

I then used my Helmar V2 Vellum Adhesive to adhere some linen fabric to a scrap piece of card stock.

Here is what the back looks like!
I ran the fabric/paper combo through my Sizzix using the Basic Grey Snowflake die!
You can see this die HERE.

I do this to give the fabric some backing so the element you cut holds up!
Fabric elements like this are super neat and easy to add to your projects!

(and don't forget that Miss Tracy can order ALL of the Sizzix dies your heart desires)
She has a catalog at the LBH and can hook you up!

I also used another piece of the Tinsel & Twig paper to cut this little tree!
He's another Sizzix die (similar to this one HERE)

At this point I got to talking with some of you girls and forgot to take pictures.
Soooo.... I'll just have to explain this next step...

I layered my snowflake under my 4 inch circle and glued them to the circle cone thingy.
You can see the snowflake peeping out from behind the circle in the picture below.

Let's just pretend that you have some nice tutorial pictures!
(pumpkin ice cream helps with the whole make believe thing)
(trust Lolly)

I then cut a thin strip of paper and turned it into a little mini banner.
You use a small dab of hot glue to anchor down each section bowing up the strip of paper as you go.
This gives you a wavy banner effect!

I glued down the right side of my little strip and then...

...used my Helmar Zap Dots to pop my little tree up...

I stuck him down and then continued gluing down my mini banner.

Once my banner was in place, I used small sticker letters from the Tinsel & Twig sticker pack to spell different holiday phrases.

This one says "Merry Christmas" and the other one says "Peace. Joy. Hope."
I want to mention one last thing... on just about every element (except the fabric snowflake)...
I used Distress Ink in Walnut Stain around the edges.
I love that color like chocolate.
For reals.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial (little being a relative term since there are something like 26 photos here)! YIKES!

To win one of these ornaments, all you have to do is leave a little comment on this post!

In the comment, let me know what your favorite dessert is... and don't be surprised if I send you an email asking for the recipe! hehehehe

We'll be back tomorrow (and every day from now until Thanksgiving) with another fabulous ornament tutorial so make sure you drop back by!

Holiday HUGS from Lolly - The Little Blue House Gal!


  1. Oh, super cute!! I am so gonna have to try making this ornament (once the cast comes off), and that paper is very pretty!! Lolly, you are adorable, I love reading your blog posts, you always make me giggle!! Now I have to go on the hunt for pumpkin ice favorite dessert this time of year is the Candy Cane Fudge Crackle ice cream that my local grocery store sells...only available during the holiday season!!

  2. So fabulously gorgeous!I am definitely going to be making one or two or 10 of these fur sure! I just love how most of Lolly's project start with "cut out 2,000,000 of these shapes" OK so maybe I exaggerated number just a tiny bit ;)

    I couldn't possible tell you my favorite dessert because when it comes to food I have no favorites, I love it all tremendously (like in a way you really shouldn't love food) but most recently I had some really incredible white chocolate raspberry cheese cake at the Cheesecake Factory that seriously made me go mmmm out loud.
    So now that I've wrote a novel :) I'll leave ya with some {HUGS} Can't wait to see the rest of the ornament posts.
    Kristina (aka I_SKRAP)

  3. My favorite dessert would have to be soft, buttery sugar cookies. mmmmm

    These ornaments are so fab! I love the snowflake peepers and the cone edges...I really like that with the cones you can see both side of the paper. And "Tinsel and Twig"?! How cute is that name! Oh how I wish I lived near the LBH...


  4. I sit here reading your tutorial and just shake my head. How do you paper crafty types come up with all these ideas!? I'm still trying to figure out construction paper chains ;)

    Your ornie is adorable!

    hmmm, fave dessert? I'm a vanilla girl more than a chocolate girl. And more salty than sweet. I'll choose another helping of taters over dessert. But I love home made sugar cookies. The recipe I use is good. I can roll and cut or squish out shapes thru a cookie press.

  5. Oh I can hardly wait to make this ornament! I love the design!

  6. This is just the cutest ornament . My favorite dessert, raspberry pie for sure

  7. Thanks for this idea! I am going to do the December daily album this year with my kids and Monday will be Make it Monday. So I am looking for ornament ideas and your timing is perfect!
    cjdempsey9 at msn dot com

  8. That is the cutesy ornament ever! I'm going to have to try that one! Thank you for demonstrating it, and for making different ornaments for the 12 Days of Christmas! :)

    Holly T

  9. Pretty pretty pretty! I love the ornament. Favourite dessert ~ key lime pie! *mlammy* xxx

  10. Love this! Adding you to my googlereader :-)

    Oh, my favorite dessert is Apple Crisp served with vanilla ice-cream.

  11. My grandmother's pecan pie. She always made the perfect pie crust.

    Love the ornament. I'm going to try this with some K & Co. paper. I've got a ton of it to play with. Thanks for the inspo.

  12. Loved the ornament. Making it as we speak.Have it all cut to work on while I watch the game. Thanks. Favorite dessert - Any of them. Not really a chocolate fan. I know that is un American. My dad use to say his two favorite pies were --- Hot or Cold. *I agree.

  13. I love this idea and the ornament is super cute..just thinking of all the cool Christmas paper and how neat these would look.
    My favorite dessert is my gramdma's recipie for Chocolate Cinnamon Cookies (always made a Christmas Time)

  14. Forgot to add MY favorite dessert...pecan pie!

  15. Cute idea; you make everything so fun and inspiring.
    Love mini cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.
    Happy Holidays to all!

  16. so cute and so are you, my fellow fall wreath maker. haha My favorite dessert is chocolate pie that someone else makes so don't ask for a recipe.

  17. What a gorgeous and simple ornament! I love that paper also.
    Thnaks for the fab tutorial!

    My favorite dessert is definitely a chunky chewy chcocolately ice cream, with brownies, choco chips etc...


  18. Lolly u crack me up!! My favorite dessert which would compliment this ornament. Peppermint ice cream with lil candy bits!

  19. Okay ladies...we are SO going to have to set up a recipe swap! Just the mention of all these wonderful yummies is making my mouth water!

    Thanks for posting your comments...can't wait to see who wins this lovely ornament!

    Miss Tracy :)

  20. How beautiful! mmh favorite dessert so many to choose from....chocolate truffle pie :)

  21. Very cute ornament! I think this will be a great "project" for me and my 10 year old!

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. So cute! I need to start making ornaments. I usually make about 40 -5o. These would be cute.

    Fave dessert - carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!

  23. I love to make Montey's cookies and recently the rasberry cake with creme cheese icing has caught my attention. I want to go try the chocolate raspberry cheese cake at the Cheesecake Factory meantioned above. Looking forward to the 12 days of Ornaments, this one is beautiful!!

  24. Lolly, so cute....made me go to the Sizzix site and buy a big shot(wanted one anyway) and the die. Did not scroll far enough for the snowflake die before I bought. You make me smile reading your script.

    Dessert fav for holiday would be Chocolate Chip PB Cup Cookies (A Working Woman's Dream). Looking forward to the other eleven days!!!

    Donna at

  25. I am with Tracy, ladies! We need a recipe swap in a big way! Wowsers... so many yummies!

  26. LOVE this! I have wanted to know how to do these!

  27. Love this ornament! Can't wait to give it a whirl! My favorite desert is my Grandma Maxine's red velvet cake :)

  28. Too cute!! As someone else said, definitely a Lolly craft, now if only for more hours in the day!! Favorite dessert has to be the Italian fig cookies I make at Christmas with whiskey as one of the ingredients, so decadent and darn good!! Yummy!

  29. This is soooo cute! What a neat idea rolling the paper into cones like that! Love it!!!!

  30. Those are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  31. Forgot Desert! The new ice cream place in Northville makes an outstanding pumpkin ice cream! It's like heaven!

  32. I absolutely have to make one of these now! (Or 5) Favorite dessert-hmmmmmmmmm.....this time of year, it's got to be caramel apple bars!

  33. thank you for sharing so much with your projects, I am making all my 4 sister homemade gifts this year, each will get a bag with goodies keep the ideas' coming again thanks and my favorite recipe
    are the chocolate cookies i make with chipotle, i named them dirty gurts after my grandbaby

  34. So adorable...Thanks for this and sharing your craft so freely...I am inspired and want to come to visit more are all so very kind

  35. Hey Lolly,
    I had a great time hangin' with you on Sat. Your ornament turned out great! Love it!
    My favorite dessert is actullay a little candy's cherry cordial. I try to buy a box each Christmas to sharewith my Mom, who loves the things.

  36. Great ornament!!!!thanks to your endless creativity.
    My favorite dessert? Apple pie.

  37. Awesome ornament and I love pumpkin ice cream (with a side of eggnog ice cream)!

  38. Simply gorgeous!!!!!
    Old Fashion Sugar Cookies are the BEST!!!!

  39. Anything with sugar is my favorite..Love the Ornaments..

  40. i do have to say that after visiting the other two wreathy ornaments, yours is by far and away the best. the. best. and i would definitely love to win one of these fellas--because i didn't even leave a comment at the other two. really, lolly, you totally rocked on your interpretation. totally. my favorite holiday dessert? coconut christmas trifle - a celestial, nearly-better-than-christmas concoction of coconut macaroons, coconut cream, lots of raspberries and whipping cream. oh, man. rhapsodic sighs just thinking about this one.

  41. Thanks for sharing the tutorial and beautiful ornament, Lolly! It's gorgeous and I might know someone,ahem, who has a Christmas paper buying issue and who might have a stash that would be perfect for this. :). I love most things chocolate but I miss my Grandma's homemade German chocolate cake with homemade icing. Need to see if either of my aunts found the recipes for some winter day when I want to do some baking. HUGS Paula

  42. This is so beautiful!!! I may have to start making some of these myself!!!

  43. What can I say except Cute, Cute, Cute! Love them - as always Tracy - you've got such great ideas!

  44. Super cute and I love the write up. Lolly, you are funny.
    I love coconut meringue pie (especailly from Dixie House).

  45. I love assembly line work. Really! I can see doing this in smaller and bigger sizes too.

  46. Love this ornament so much!! The snowflake part is my fav! Love the tutorial as well! Lolly did a fab job!

  47. Love,love, love your ornament and the colors, too!! Can't wait to make it now that I have all of the paper!!

  48. I love it too! The Ornament and all the paper-designs and colours are very, very nice and beautifull! What a nice Idea - i love it!
    See you

  49. Darling ornament! Thanks for the tutorial.
    My favorite sweet treat? Hmmm, have to say my mothers Melt-In-Your-Mouth Blueberry Cake! Happy Holidays!

  50. Loved the lengthy tut.... I need all the help I can get, The ornament is tooooooooo special. Fav dessert anytime .. my own bananna split. I fera I fix it too too too often. Pumpkin pie are great too.

  51. SUCH a cute ornie!
    My favorite dessert is called "Sex in a Pan" -- yes, really -- it's a couple different puddings, whipped cream, cookie crumb crust -- like eating a cloud - yum!

  52. Very loverly. This would make a great tree topper...maybe make two and put them back to back. I think I need to get to work on that :)

    Favorite dessert...hmmm...I don't have a them all. I did make a yummy cranberry apple dessert last night for my mom and sister. It turned out pretty well considering I didn't have all the required ingredients :)


  53. Lolly - I just love this fun little project. You instructions and pictures make it look so easy, that I may give it a try!


  54. this is fabulous, must try it x

  55. Thank you for the excellent tutorial. I'm not a big holiday crafter but am inspired by Tinsel and Twig to go get some and make this great wreath. I think my non-crafting mother may be willing to help out on it.

    Favorite dessert: I can't turn down ice cream (except vanilla) or German chocolate cake.

  56. I've already made 3 of these and they turned out so cute. I used some leftover scraps from the Scrapstasher meeting. Favorite dessert: peanut butter balls covered in chocolate.

  57. May favorite dessert is Googie Bars. YUM!

  58. this is the cutest..thanks for sharing your art!

  59. We make homemade andies candies The best!

  60. Very, very cute! I can see a multitude of possibilities for this technique....Hmmmmm where to start????

  61. My family does a craft/cookie exchange every year...guess what we'll be making next year! Too cute! My favorite dessert is peanut butter pie.

  62. I'd love that paper! I would love for you to link up your ornaments to my blog party here:

  63. After reading this one tutorial, I am now a Follower! You're my kind of people, Lolly! I'm definitely going to make this beautiful ornament, but without the Sizzix Die Cuts, which I don't have:) My favorite sweets this time of the year is decorated Sugar Cookies (the kind made with cream cheese), YUM! I make dozens and dozens and give them away before Christmas. Of course, I don't give them ALL away!

  64. My superdelicious holiday treat is my mom's lemon meringue pie-slow cooked (no instant pudding) and that sweet sticky meringue topping!! YUM-EE
    Fabulous ornaments!!!!!!
    Chris T

  65. These are so Fabulous! I already tried one of your crafts the Christma Tree and thought that was the cutest. Bu this is even Cuter!!!

    Will definetly try this one! Hope you don't mond if I share my version on my blog.

  66. Its amazing work! Like deserts and ornaments you worked on.

    Rolling paper cones


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