Friday, March 6, 2015

Flash Friday: 30 minute Challenge

It's Flash Friday!!!
Every 1st Friday of the month we share our Finish in a Flash
30 Minute Craft Challenge Projects!

Natalie (Nat) from the LBH Media Team came up with the requirements this month....
1. only 30 minutes to finish
2. some kind of Treat container
3. Spring OR Easter themed
4. use something clear OR metallic
Check out what our team made in this fun 30 minute Challenge....

- Vicki's Happy Easter Altered Bottle-
Vicki's before pic all her supplies ready to create with and
after pic of her finished altered Easter bottle

- Natalie's Happy Easter Paper Sack Tag-
Natalie's before pic with all her supplies ready to create with and
after pic of her complete paper sack Happy Easter Tag!


-Nadine's Hippity Hop Easter Candy Jar-
Before: Nadine's supplies all gathered together before the challenge starts...
After: Now look at how cute her altered Easter jar turned out!

Now we challenge you! Take the 30 minutes challenge and create your own Finish in a Flash Project!
We love to see what you make Send us Pics and we will share them right here on the Blog!
Happy Friday! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cold Hands Warm Hearts FPK Special

Cold Hands Warm Hearts FPK One Day Special for You!!

We are experiencing another Snowy Day here in North Texas...
so while you might be bundled up staying warm inside
or playing outside the snow...
We have a Treat for you that is sure to Warm you Heart!!  
Enjoy 25% off your Front Porch Kit Purchase
today only on our LBH Online Store!

Visit the Website HERE to take advantage of
this Snowy Day Special!

The Little Blue House Update: The LBH will be closed today, Thurs. 3/5 and all workshops have been cancelled and will be rescheduled for Thurs. 3/12 due to the severe weather we are experiencing. We had already planned to be closed tomorrow, Friday 3/6 to reset the shop for our Spring Open House. 

We will RE-OPEN on Saturday, 3/7 from 10am-5pm... we have decided to add an additional day of business on
Sunday, 3/8 from 1pm-6pm for our Spring Open House.

Bundle up, Be safe and Think Spring!
Miss Tracy and the LBH Gals

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What's New Wednesday "Stick it" Adhesive

What's new Wednesday- "Stick it"
Adhesive for Die-cutting
 Kristyn here, sharing an awesome NEW product that just arrived to The Little Blue House... Stick it!
Do you love die cutting but hate the sticky mess when you try to glue those intricate dies to paper?
Stick It, is a new, micro-thin adhesive sheet that takes all the muss and fuss out of die cutting paper. Simply apply "Stick It" to your cardstock, die cut the paper, remove the backing and
stick your intricate die cut paper in place. "Stick It" comes in 2 different sizes (8 x 12) and (8 x 6). Each pack comes with 5 sheets
This will make creating with die-cuts so much easier!!

"Stick it" was nominated as one of the 2015 Hottest Products of the Year at the Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show!
We were able to test out this product at the show... it works great and is super easy to apply! Its the perfect product for the die-cuttin' crafter- It will make your intricate dies or any die-cut you have so much easier to create with!

Check out "Stick it" in Action on this Video with Ken Oliver

"Stick it" is now available at The Little Blue House and
on the LBH Online Store...purchase your "Stick it" today!

We have more great products and classes to share with you this Saturday at our Spring Open House! Come by the HouSe
March 7th 10am-5pm to see all the upcoming Spring workshops and new released products! Enjoy a free Make & Take,
Prize Give-Aways and Refreshments! Don't Miss our 1st Spring Event of the Year at The Little Blue House!

Have a great day,

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello March!

Hello March!
We have a Calendar full of Creative Happenings
coming up in March!
Join us for "Celebrate in Bloom" Spring Open House
Saturday March 7th 10am-5pm

we'll be releasing our newest Spring Class Projects, lots of new paper collections and products. We will have a FREE Make & Take going on plus Prize- Giveaways and Refreshments!
We hope you can join us for our first Spring event of the Year!
Cover to Cover Mini-book Workshop with Elaine Howell
we have a new mini-book workshop that will be debuting this month in March. If you love interactive minis you will love our new Cover to Cover Workshop! Come to our Open House for more details about this new class!
March 2015
House Hours:
Sun. & Mon.

*Extended Hours on class nights til 9pm

SBIAD Workshop
10am-5pm(lunch provided)
LBH Buffet

Mixed Media:
One Little Word
for Store Reset
Creativity in Bloom:
Spring Open House
Join us for a FREE
 Make & Take

Art Journaling

Silhouette 101: INTRO
Open Studio
(Free Cropping)
LBH Buffet

Miss T’s Pickers Retreat begins at Craft INN
Cover to Cover: Minibook Workshop
(lunch provided)
LBH Buffet

(lunch provided)

Fetti Fans
Reverse Confetti Workshop

Intro to Bible Journaling
(lunch provided)

LBH Buffet

Open Studio
(free cropping)
LBH Buffet

Cover to Cover: Minibook Workshop
(lunch provided)

Faith Friends
Bible Journaling Group
Faith Friends
Bible Journaling Group
LBH Buffet

Silhouette 201: Welding and Tracing
6pm- 9:30pm

@ Keller RoundHouse



 Come Shop, Crop and Create at The Little Blue House!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Organizing with Style: Tips with Nadine and Susan Tidwell

Nadine's Organize with Style Tip
Once upon a time I had a major addiction to ribbon.
I just couldn't get enough of it and every time I would get another 1 yard of ribbon (1 yard since that is how my local scrapbook store sold it) I would just throw it into my ribbon basket with all the other yards of ribbons. Looking for the perfect ribbon to match the project I was working on was such a chore digging through the basket.
Eventually I ended up with one big ball of ribbon and was nearly impossible to see what I actually had.

Then I discovered this amazing system online called the Ribbon Ring to organize it all. It took quite a bit of time to organize it all by colors, but once I did.... I LOVED IT!! I like being able to see exactly what I have without having to dig forever through a basket and also that it hangs up on the wall instead of taking up space on my scrappy desk.
The only negatives I have about my ribbon organization is
1. I really need to start using my ribbon again and 2. Sometime my cats think the ribbons are a fun toy hanging on the wall for them to play with.


Susan Tidwell's Organizing with Style

Hi Everyone,
This is Susan with a storage idea for small wood-mounted alphabet stamp sets, the kind that come mounted on small wooden “pegs.” The original box these come in usually don’t have a cover and they get all jumbled up if you put them in other boxes. I like having the alphabets in order.
My solution? Ammunition boxes! These boxes are small square boxes with individual dividers sized for different calibers of bullets. The ones I bought are for .44 or .45 (whatever that means!), are about 5-6’ square and have 100 sections, enough for 3 complete alphabets plus extra punctuation. My box is named p-100 Series and the website listed is:
I purchased mine at a sporting goods store in the hunting department several years ago… lol at the time, I couldn’t find them at Walmart. Just be prepared for some strange looks if you go shopping for these with your kids in tow!

 -Small Wood- Mounted Alpha Stamp Storage-
Here are photos of the box closed and open. These are perfect for the little $1/$1.50 sets of alphabet stamps from the craft stores. I also have set from PSX, Image Tree and Hero Arts that fit. And, as I said, there are different sizes so the larger boxes might also fit larger stamps. Just take your stamps with you when you are shopping for the boxes.
 -Wood Stamp Storage Solution-  
And here is my storage system for wood stamps.
I think I have tried just about every system for storing stamps- each time I am satisfied with a storage system, I buy more stamps and outgrow it or a new comes along.
I have been most happy with storing my wood stamps in 11 x 14" acrylic box frames.  When you take out the cardboard box inside the frame you are left with a great tray the perfect depth for one layer of stamps.  Here you can see part of the tray of my greetings stamps.

And here you can see how nicely they fit inside the tray.  I've never gotten around to doing this, but once the tray is filled, you could stamp each image on the paper below so you would always know exactly where the stamp should be replaced after using!

The one problem with this system is having them stacked several trays high.
When I wanted stamps from the lower trays it was inconvenient to have to remove the upper trays.

When we moved and downsized about eight years ago and I was dismantling an old bookcase to throw away, I had an AHA moment!  The upright sides of the bookcase were already drilled with holes approximately two inches apart from top to bottom.  Since this was a 12-inch deep bookcase, I figured it would be the right depth for the trays.  There was only one stationary shelf, along with the top and bottom, so I had a friend cut them down to a little over 14” wide.  Once I reassembled the bookcase, I had a cabinet with an interior width of about 14.25", just enough to slide in the trays over shelf pegs inserted in the pre-drilled holes.  Not only is the bookcase much sturdier, it is perfect for 25 stamp trays!

Here is a photo of the inside without the trays.  You can see that I used every other hole so there would be space for the trays to slide in.  There's also some clearance above the trays so I can slip in clear stamp sets or the occasional extra stamps.

I hope you find this tip useful. I love having my stamps stored this way!
I hope you enjoyed our Organizing with Style Tips this Week!
You can find all the tips HERE!

 For more great organizing tips check out our Pinterest Page!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Organizing with Style Nat & Susan Liles

Nat here sharing my Organize with Style Tip!

Ikea is a great place to go to help get organize!
I found this Raskogs, a 3 shelf rolling cart there. I use this for all my go to basic supplies.
 The top shelf holds my 12" paper trimmers, my go-to smaller scissors (cutterbee), my go-to adhesives (glossy and scotch), my crop a dile, corner rounder, small hole punch, scor tape and a few boxes of adhesive roll refills (for quick grab).

The 2nd shelf holds all of my Quick Quotes ink, stamp scrubber and cleaner and my acrylic blocks.
The bottom shelf holds my heat gun, personal size paper trimmer (for photos) and a caddy for my glue gun, glue sticks and foam brushes.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the RASKOG. it holds so much and is very portable moving around a scrap space.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Susan Liles here with my Organizing with Style -Craft Space Tips!

 I don't really have a "favorite" organizational solution. 
As many of y'all know, I don't like to spend a lot of time on "organization".  To me, as long as everything has a place, gets put back into its place when I'm done using it and those things don't exceed the boundaries of the space I've set up for them, I'm organized enough.  The less time I have to spend organizing and setting up organizational methods, the more time I have to create!  That is SO NOT to say I'm unorganized, because I totally am, but by keeping my space neat and "a place for everything and everything in its place", the "organization" takes care of itself. 

My Elfa drawers and shelves from The Container Store help me do this.  I keep most of my things in the drawers and the little bins on the shelves.  My space is right when you walk into my home and there is no door to close and hide my mess, so I have to keep it looking somewhat presentable! 
Some of the drawers are messy but separated by types of products (one for inks, one for paints/adhesives, ribbon/fibers and dies). 
I know what's in them and don't mind having to move a couple things around to get to something. 
I do like this drawer where I keep my inks and blocks. 
It's the top left one under my Silhouette and I just swivel in my chair to get to it.  (I like everything that I use constantly to be within reach.)  In this drawer, my inkpads fit great, all stacked up inside these plastic open containers called "Like-it" Bricks also from The Container Store.  They easily stack, can be removed, and the smaller ones slide along the tops of each other, so that I can make the most of the space.  There's enough open space to the side of them to keep my heat tool, charger and Silhouette cords in that drawer as well.

Let us know if you'd like to see more of my space. 
Since we just moved into our new home about 7 months ago, it's a work in progress!
Now we all need to take a field trip to the Container Store and Ikea! hahaha... That would be fun! :)
Thanks for reading along today! Check back tomorrow from our last day of Organizing with Style!