Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome Passionately Artistic Blog Hoppers!

Welcome Hoppers!! Miss Tracy here and we are so excited to be taking part in the Passionately Artistic Blog Hop sponsored by Want2Scrap!  They are featuring our tutorial for the lovely embossed Star Tree Topper that we featured during our 12 days of Ornaments!
  Want2Scrap Scrapbook Manufacturer is proudly sponsoring the Passionately Artistic blog hop! Let me tell you, the line of rhinestone bling and embellishments they currently have is fabulous.  Seriously! If you just can't stop yourself from putting bling on anything that doesn't move, you need to go visit them.  Want to know the best part??  Their prices are really great too. You can visit them at

Here is the link to our Tutorial

Be sure to share with us a comment...let us know about your favorite holiday tradition and you will automatically be entered into drawings for wonderful prizes donated by Passionately Artistic and Want2Scrap!!

Happy Hopping!
Miss Tracy :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Introducing the first annual LBH Little Somethings Holiday Workshop!

Enjoy a Creative Christmas this year! Make plans to join us for the LBH Little Somethings Holiday Workshops! You will create 5+ Little Something projects and receive a very Merry Goodie Bag! Cost is $25 a person. You may want to bring your camera with you...Santa will be stopping by!
We have 5 sessions for you to choose from... Here are the dates & times:
limited seating - they are filling up fast!
Fri. 12/3 10a-1p & 2p-5p
Sat. 12/4 10a-1p & 2p-5p

Sun. 12/5 2p-5p

All you need to bring is one pair of scissors and your Christmas Spirit! We will provide everything else. Please contact the LBH to reserve your spot at (817) 431-7930...

Introducing our "Little Something"
Corporate Sponsors:
Bella Blvd
Pink Paislee
Maya Road
Crafty Secrets
P K Glitz
Crate Paper
The Little Blue House
Each person attending this magical event will receive a "Little Something" from our corporate sponsors!...Sure hope you've been nice this year (and not naughty) because Santa will be passing out these wonderful goodie bags to you! 
Come join us! I promise you will
 have a holly jolly good time!
Miss Tracy :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

and the WINNER is?!?!?!

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments and for sharing your fabulous, funny, sweet, adorable, crazy MemOriEs with us!!!  I have loved reading them all and I hope you have enjoyed sharing them with us too!   Have you been inspired by our 12 Days of Ornaments Extravaganza?!?!  If you would like to see us offer more things like this in the future...leave a comment and let us know!!!

I was so thrilled when I drew this lucky commenter's name...I think she has posted a comment every day. 
Congratulations to...
You are the winner of Day 12's ornament...the beautiful embossed metal tree topper!
Please contact the LBH to claim your ornament.

Thanks again gals for participating and from all of us here at the LBH...
We Wish YOU a Very Merry Christmas!
Miss Tracy :)
&the Blue House Gals

Thursday, November 25, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Ornaments - Day 12

Hi there..Elaine here to reveal the final ornament for the 12 Days.  Can you believe we have reached the 12th day already?!?  It is most fitting that today's ornament is a beautiful star for your tree top.  Before I begin, you must understand I am completely geometrically challenged ... ask my friend Hilary about my paper cutting attempts.  I am telling you this so you won't be afraid of this gorgeous tree topper ..because if I can pull it off, anyone can.
The supplies you will need are shown below.  I used the Snowflake embossing folder from Cuttlebug and Bronze art metal from Ten Seconds studio. (We carry it at the LBH ) You will need one 9 x 12 piece of metal.

 Cut 5 stars points using the Sizzix die Star, 5 Point 3D - we are an ordering point for Sizzix at the LBH.  Come in and check out the catalog.  You will also need to cut 5 star points in chipboard.  For this project I cut them separately because I found it was easier to fold the points on the score lines and break down the chipboard before I attached the metal.

 Emboss your metal star points in the Cuttlebug.  Designs that have a lot of negative space look really good on this project.
 After you will need to sand the star points. How much you sand is completely up to you.  Start off lightly can always sand more off - but you can't get the finish back when it's gone :)
 Aren't these snowflakes amazing!  This one is debossed - if you are not familar you will see that the body of the snowflake is recessed into the negative space.  After you sand the metal, it is always good to wipe it off with a towel to get all the sanding dust off.
 This one is not sanded yet but the snowflake body is the raised or positive portion.
 You will need 5 embossed and sanded star points and 5 chipboard star points.
Tape all edges of chipboard star points - it should be a really strong tacky tape.
 I then just folded and gave a little "peench" to the chipboard score lines.  It helps to break it down a bit so the metal once attached will be easier to bend.
 Attach the metal to the taped chipboard star point then bend on score lines
 This is the back side of star point.
Use a decorative wheel (Ten Seconds studio) to go around  the edges - it helps to burnish the metal to the chipboard.  I also used the Frayed Burlap distress ink from Ranger to ink all the edges of the chipboard.  Now if at this point of the tutorial you are saying " I have no dea what all this metal stuff is about but I want to know more" - then join us at the Little Blue House for Hot Metal Mammas - trust me...Miss Tracy will teach you everything you need to know....and more!

Put tacky tape - (Red double sided is great) on the folded back edges of the star points.

Peel tape and squeeze flaps together - check the front to make sure everything is aligning ok.

                                                               After the star is all put together - I formed it to the shape I liked and then I placed it on chipboard and cut out the chipboard.  The stars are all slightly different depending on the embossing folder you choose and how you shape your star.

 Ink only around the edge of the front part of the chipboard star and I inked the entire back.  I wanted it to have some color but I did not want to use paint (impatient for drying) and I thought it might cause it to curl.
You need about 18 inches of ribbon for the back. I used "bling" from Want 2 Scrap.  You can also dab  alcohol inks on or paint the metal and sand off.  I decided to just add the bling since I had turkey day cooking to get to. I attached strips of rhinestones and pearls on the seams where the points came together.
I also added a few pearls to the centers of some of the snowflakes.

 Attach the ribbon to the back of the star.
 It's all done..I wish you could see the crystals and pearls better..they are so pretty.

My husband loved this so much he wants me to make some more to put in the mantel garland. I love it when he likes my crafting. :)

Today's question for the chance to win the tree top star is this -"How many ornaments have you made or how many do you plan to make?"  We have had such fun creating these ornaments with and for you.  Now put down your crafting ...check on that turkey in the oven...Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving and we can't wait to see you at The Little Blue House.  Don't forget to register for the Lil' Somethings Workshop.

One more is the winner of Day 11's Ornament...

Congratulations Lizzie! Please contact the LBH to claim your ornament. Be sure to check back tomorrow...Miss Tracy will be posting the winner of this Beautiful Tree Topper!

Happy Tree Trimming!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12 days of Ornaments Extravaganza: Day 11

  Hi everybody!  My name is Trisha Conlon and I teach Soldering Workshops at The Little Blue House. I have been so excited to see all of the great hand-made ornaments being featured here on the blog and it totally inspired me to create a unique ornament .... I just had to share it with you! 
It's truly one-of-a-kind!
Supplies you will need to create this simple and fabulous ornament: Domino, test tube with a cork, ribbon, lace, TenSeconds Studio posion ivy metal, glossy accents, tacky tape, 8mm bling, holiday embossing folder and sanding block.
Start by using glossy accents to adhere your domino to the cork.  Set this aside to dry for a bit.
Next cut a piece of your metal to fit the top of the domino and a second piece to fit the circumference of your test tube.
Then sandwich both pieces of metal in your embossing folder and roll it through your cuttlebug or big shot. Finish off by sanding the top of your metal with a sanding block.
(I used the sizzix/basic grey snow globe embossing folder)

Place tacky tape on the back of both pieces and adhere the smaller one to the top of your domino and the larger piece to your test tube.

 Wrap ribbon around domino starting with your widest first then layering with the lace. I used glossy accents to adhere the ribbon to my domino.

Fill your test tube with M&M's, peppermints, or any other holiday treat you desire. Add the cork topper and finish off by tying a ribbon around it to create a hanger for hanging.
Thanks for joining me today! If you are looking for any of the items used to create this can find them at The Little Blue, test tubes, and a wide variety of art metal colors. Remember to post a comment....YOU may be selected to win this ornament!  When you comment share with me the most interesting gift you've ever wrapped!
Here is the winner for Day #9's Ornament.....drumroll please....
Congrats Kelly! Please contact the LBH to claim your Ornament!
Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

12 Days of Ornaments: Day 10

 Welcome to day 10
Rhonda Merry back to show you another ornament for our awesome
12 Days or Ornaments Extravaganza.

4x5 mini, back stapled, traditional canvas
2 paint colors
Crackle medium
2 colors of Cardstock
black wire
black upholstery nails
 red buttons

 On a 4x5 mini canvas we start with our first coat of paint. This will be the color you would like to have peeking through your crackle.  I chose Champagne for my "Under-Color".  Let that dry completely.  To speed up dry time you can use your heat gun, NOT TOO close, we don't want to burn anything.

Next, I used a product called Crackle by Behr. This give you that chipped wood look.   You can get it at most of your local hardware, paint or craft stores.  Have no fear, it's easy!! We paint on the Crackle medium using long strokes of Crackle,
no drips and not too thin of a coat. Cover your whole surface and the sides getting all the areas you would like to see that Crackle effect.
 That too will need to dry completely.  I don't recommend adding the heat to it though.  You might need a little patience here.  It takes about an hour to dry enough for your top coat of paint.  There should not be any areas tacky to the touch when adding your top coat otherwise the paint will not adhere or crackle.

(If you are not a patient person and would like to have your
 base done ASAP, then skip the Crackle and lose a paint color. 
 Choose the color your would like to have your canvas and
skip past the next 2 steps below. I won't mind at all.)

 Now for the top coat. I used Barn Red for the Top paint color. 
We again are going to use long straight strokes of paint. 
Even and steady down your little canvas. Try not to go
over the areas more than once.  This will help to get the Crackle effect we want.

Here is what you should see once the paint starts to dry. 

 Now for the Holly leaves. 
This part is fun.
I used my Jubilee Celebration Cricut cartridge for the holly.  It has 2 leaves and berries.  The Holly is set at
1-1/2" size.  For my canvas I cut 12 of the double leaf sets.
NO CARTRIDGES??? No Problem! 
Draw a holly leaf and make a template. Then cut out.

Well, then go to the computer and Google some
Holly images and print them up. There are a lot of them to choose from.

NO! on the Computer???

Then get your leaf punches and find one that
you would enjoy.
Do you have a holly or leaf stamp.  Stamp and cut out the leaves. It is totally up to you.  It will turn out great no matter what leaf you use.

 We're ready to make our wreath. Draw a circle in the middle
of your canvas as a guide for placing your leaves.
I found a 1-1/4" circle to use as a template.   
 This leaf set has two different sizes on it.  I used the larger leaves
first as the base of the wreath. I glued those down using Helmar 450 Quick Dry.
 The next layer I inked the edges with some Tim Holtz Distress Inks
using the blending foam applicator. 
Then I curled up the leaves, dolloped some more 450
on the tip of one end of each leaf, and placed.

  I placed the leaves at a different angle to fill out the wreath. 
Allow the curled end to curve away from the canvas.

 Do the same with the smaller leaves.  If your leaves are the same size, just keep layering until you have 3 rows, staggering the placement for a fuller look, not stacked.

 Add some buttonsfor the holly berries.
 The smaller the better for our purpose.

Situate your berries before gluing. That way you can
move them around to your liking.
Once they are in a spot you like then glue them down.

 Would you like to add a word??? I liked JOY for my wreath. 
I cut mine from the Limeade Cricut cartridge. 
Other options would be to use sticker letters, or you
can use Chipboard words like the ones from Maya Road.

 Next I placed a Bulldog Upholstery nail at the top corner of my ornament. Use your thumb to push it in part of the way, the wood should be soft enough. No hammering necessary.

 For our hanger, I used Back Wire by Bulldog Hardware. Cut about a 12-14" length.   Wind the wire twice around the first nail leaving about a 3" tail. Then do the same for the second nail. Now push your nails in the rest of the way to secure the wire hanger.

 Using a wire curler (or paint brush, pencil, or nail)
 curl the wire tails to form a little spring off the end.

 Give the top a twist and hang on the tree.

Oh happy, happy, joy, joy!

I want to thank you for joining me for another ornament.
  I hope you will find some inspiration from this.  I am excited to have my family all home for Thanksgiving.  It will be a relaxing weekend for the most part.  NO black Friday shopping for this girl.  Instead I will be at the Little Blue House with all the girls who will be cropping there. 

I plan on Christmas to be the same, family home and lounging for those few days.What is the craziest Christmas you've had.  Mine was moving from Little Rock, Arkansas to Lubbock, Texas, 8 months pregnant with my 3rd child... EEK! and trying to get the movers to put Christmas boxes in the living room so I can set up the tree.  Goodness, I did the move at Christmas again when we bought our home here in Fort Worth.  NO more moving at Christmas for me!  Lounging, that sounds better.

Almost forgot to post the winner....The winner of yesterday's Ornament is....

Andra V.
Congrats Andra! Please contact the LBH to claim your Ornament!

"Merry" Crafting!