Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12 days of Ornaments Extravaganza: Day 11

  Hi everybody!  My name is Trisha Conlon and I teach Soldering Workshops at The Little Blue House. I have been so excited to see all of the great hand-made ornaments being featured here on the blog and it totally inspired me to create a unique ornament .... I just had to share it with you! 
It's truly one-of-a-kind!
Supplies you will need to create this simple and fabulous ornament: Domino, test tube with a cork, ribbon, lace, TenSeconds Studio posion ivy metal, glossy accents, tacky tape, 8mm bling, holiday embossing folder and sanding block.
Start by using glossy accents to adhere your domino to the cork.  Set this aside to dry for a bit.
Next cut a piece of your metal to fit the top of the domino and a second piece to fit the circumference of your test tube.
Then sandwich both pieces of metal in your embossing folder and roll it through your cuttlebug or big shot. Finish off by sanding the top of your metal with a sanding block.
(I used the sizzix/basic grey snow globe embossing folder)

Place tacky tape on the back of both pieces and adhere the smaller one to the top of your domino and the larger piece to your test tube.

 Wrap ribbon around domino starting with your widest first then layering with the lace. I used glossy accents to adhere the ribbon to my domino.

Fill your test tube with M&M's, peppermints, or any other holiday treat you desire. Add the cork topper and finish off by tying a ribbon around it to create a hanger for hanging.
Thanks for joining me today! If you are looking for any of the items used to create this can find them at The Little Blue, test tubes, and a wide variety of art metal colors. Remember to post a comment....YOU may be selected to win this ornament!  When you comment share with me the most interesting gift you've ever wrapped!
Here is the winner for Day #9's Ornament.....drumroll please....
Congrats Kelly! Please contact the LBH to claim your Ornament!
Happy Holidays!


  1. Trisha, what a great ornament! What I love the most about it is its uniqueness. It is so different that is stands out among the others. Love It!!! The most interesting gift that I have ever unwrapped is underware. Why do we think that kids will be ok with that? My mom did that all the time. UGH!!!! Come on Mom, really?

  2. Trisha! my brain would have never thought up such a fun ornament....great job and I love it...

    The most interesting gift I have ever wrapped is my borthers Shotgun...I made it look like a mail box....oh and my daughters box or popped popcorn 2 liter bottles of soda, a movie and red hots...all to go with her new bean bag chair and tv....

    Thanks Trisha

    Happy Holidays.

  3. This is so different! LOVE it. The most interesting gift I ever wrapped was "POOP" spray that I got from Holiday Hallmark for my daughters. You spray it in the toilet BEFORE you poop and it doesn't stink when you exit the bathroom.

  4. Love ornament Trisha, so unique! Fishing lure for Hubby! Took duck tape wrapped around many times, then put in another box, did the same, did process 4 more times, took 40 min. to get to lure LLL

  5. So cute!!! I love all of the ornaments!!! This has been so fun to see what the next day brings! Please continue this with another project somehow! We had so much fun making some of the ornaments last night at hot metal mamas!! We love crafting at The Little Blue House!! Many thanks to Tracy and the gals!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. You are all so full of ideas, too cool!!!

  7. This is such a fun project, Trisha! Very clever too. I love the result - so original (and you can eat some of it - has to be a bonus!). You could even introduce Chocolate into this ornament... dragees, choc. buttons... mmmm....

    Most Interesting gift I ever wrapped? Hmmm... Can't think... We have a bit of a tradition of wrapping the batteries that go with a gift, so they are what the recipent gets first. Then we'll give them their present (eventually!).
    Does that count?

  8. As always love it Trish! Probably the dryer for Jami or the futon for the boys was most unusual in size and shape would gave to be a bicycle pump for son in law, really wierd shape!

  9. Such a unique idea!! AWESOME! Well, the gift that comes to mind wasn't unusual, but the way I wrapped a favorite CD was. I got a sandwich baggie of sand and taped it to the CD case to "weigh it down" and wrapped it in a LARGE box, marked THIS END UP! (i know, i'm bad) lol Daughter loved it!

  10. Great job Trisha! And using metal favorite. The most interesting gift I ever wrapped was a violin case.

  11. Love the project, Trisha!! As I read the directions, I could hear your voice saying them--they sounded so "YOU"!! Where did you find the test tubes? Those are really unique ornaments!!
    The strangest thing I ever wrapped was a putter for my husband---I wrapped it like Rudolph.

  12. Hi Trisha, thank you so much for the tutorial. I always try to make or buy a little something for most of my neighbors. this will be so perfect!! You are so creative and I know that first hand don't I???? I believe you said the test tubes could be ordered from this site. I'm off to look. I can't think of any strange, favorite presents I've wrapped. Although I know there has to be some good ones. LOL!!

  13. Hi Trisha, I love the tutorial! that test tube ornament is most definately one of a kind and what a cute idea! Hmmm as for the most interesting gift Ive ever wrapped...I guess the Chippendale men's calendar I wrapped and gave to my Granny one year as a little joke would be one contender. She did NOT find it amusing! LOL


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