Sunday, November 21, 2010

12 Days of Ornaments Extravaganza: Day 8

 Hello everyone!  Miss Tracy here...I hope you have been inspired by our Ornament tutorials this week.  Here is my hand-crafted ornament for Day 8! Take a look...
This ornament features a Paper Mache Circle Ornament and the beautiful papers from the Christmas Past Collection by Graphic 45...aren't they lovely? These items are all available at The Little Blue House. I will be showing you how to create this quilted paper technique today as well as a paper rosette. Here is another view... 
Miss Tracy's How To:
You will need the following items to re-create this Ornament...a paper mache circle ornament, several pieces of printed paper cut into 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 in. rectangles, ink for the edges of your ornament and papers, adhesive, pretty ribbon, a button, a trimmer, and a craft knife.
Let's get started...
 After you have cut your paper into the 1 1/2x 2 1/2 in. pieces, lay each piece in your paper trimmer, lining up each opposite corner on the cutting track like so...
 Cut your paper and this will create 2 triangles out of each piece.  After your pieces are all cut, ink the edges of each triangle with a brown chalk ink like Quick Quotes Amaretto or Mocha Mama...
Grab your liquid adhesive or your tape runner and position 4 of the triangles onto the paper mache ornament.  Be careful to have the points meet in the center of the ornament and trim the tips off ...
 Next, begin adding additional triangles again being careful to have the tips of the triangles pointing to the center of the ornment. Your triangles WILL overlap ...
 Take your scissors and snip off the tips of the triangles so that the middle of the ornament doesn't get to bulky with paper...
 Continue this process until the entire ornament is covered. Be sure to not place the same prints next to each other. It will look something like this when you are finished...
 Now, turn your ornament over and use your craft knife to cut away the excess paper. Be sure to do this step on a cutting mat...
 Turn your ornament over and take a look at your lovely quilted pretty! Ink the edges all the way around the ornament with the same ink that you used earlier. Now repeat this process to the other side of your ornament.
 Time to make the Paper Rosette. First, cut a piece of paper into a 1 x 12 in. strip. Then take a scallop border punch and punch along one edge of the strip...

 Ink the scallop edge with more chalk ink...

 Now begin making a fold at every valley of the scallop border. Fold the entire strip like so...
 Next, adhere the ends of the strip together with glue and be careful to keep the mountain, valley pattern. It will look like this when you are finished...
 Squeeze the straight edge of the papers together (kinda like a teepee) and then push down into the center and waa laa, you have a beautiful rosette. You will need to apply some glue to the center on both sides to hold the rosette in place. Use a fast grab tacky glue (like Helmar 450) or a hot glue gun for this step.
I trimmed off the gold cord that originally came on the Paper Mache Circle and ran it through a button (tie off with a knot) and adhered it to the center of my rosette. Repeat these steps to create a second rosette for the back of the ornament.
To create the ribbon hanger, simply take a piece of ribbon and create a loop in the center of it. Apply a dab of glue to hold the loop in place like so...
Apply some glue to the top of the ornament and attach the base of the loop and then glue the ribbon around the edges of the ornament. Trim off the excess where the ribbons meet at the bottom of the ornament.
Here is what it will look like when you finish this step...
Now you have another splendid ornament to hang on the tree!
Thanks for following along and if you have any questions about the items used today, please let me know. I encourage you to leave a comment...who knows?!? YOU may be the lucky winner of today's ornament!  Speaking of winners, here is the winner of Day 7's ornament...

Congratulations! Please contact the LBH to claim your ornament.

When you leave your comment today, please share with me memories of your favorite ornament you ever made as a child...For me, it would have to be making Salt Dough Ornaments with my Mom. My brother and I would make such a mess but it sure was FUN!

Enjoy a Creative Christmas this year!
Miss Tracy :)


  1. Love this one Tracy! Always love your style! Can't wait for Friday at LBH cuz I'm in need of create time!

  2. This is b-utiful! I used to love making little cinnamon stick bundles wrapped with ribbon and topped with a little sprig of greenery.

  3. Making these ornaments are just the best!! I think I will usevthe circle ornament I bought at the LBH and cover both sides:). Favorite ornament was making pinecones with peanut butter and seeds for the birds.

  4. Very Pretty Tracy! Can't wait to see what else is to come!

  5. Tracy - this is another beautiful one! I love it. My favorite childhood ornaments were the ones where we used the fronts of old Christmas cards & toothpicks to make little manger ornaments. Love them so much that my GS troops made them several times too.

  6. Love, love, love it! Wish me luck, I'm starting my own ornament. :)

  7. Very nice! I will be so sad when the 12 days are up!!!

  8. What a beautiful ornament, Tracy, and so vintage!! Thanks for a different way of making the pinwheels--I'll have to try it that way!! My favorite memory with my Mom and brother, wasn't exactly an ornament,but making a paraffin Christmas tree!! My Mother made a large cone out of manilla tagboard, melted blocks of paraffin on the stove while David and I looked for every shade of "green" crayon we could find. It was like "magic" to us when all of the "green" crayons melted into the wax. Then we stuck star and plain sequins and beads into the wax tree. We thought it was the most beautiful tree we had ever seen.It was about 10" tall with about a 6" diameter. David and I always used it as our Christmas table centerpiece for years.
    When I was helping my parents clean out things for a move to Kerrville, Texas I found the tree and laughed at what joy we derrived from that ugly, dusty blob of green parrafin.

  9. I love the ornaments that you have in the store and can't wait each day to see what you've done with them. This one is SOO cute!
    My favorite childhood ornaments were plaster of paris and individually painted.

  10. Oh so cute. My favorite ornament that I made was at Sunday chool. It was a horses head out of felt with google eyes and yarn for the mane. You slipped a candy cane into his head and it was like a stick horse. It was really cute.

  11. Tracy, you continue to amaze me with every new creation. This ornament is very special to me because I quilt. My father died a year ago and I made laps quilts for family members out of his cloths. The quilts allow everyone to keep him a little closer to our hearts. I wonder if I could make this ornament out of his plaid work shirts????? Anyways, my favorite ornament that I made was in grade school. The teacher took pics of all of us by her tree in the classroom. We cut the pics in circles then decorated them for our moms.

  12. Tracy your talent amazes me everytime I see one of your new projects! The directions are so easy to follow too. My mom saved all the handmade ornaments that my sister and I made as kids, I think my favorites were the clothes pin reindeer and the bead angels. This year when we pull out the box of them it will be bitter sweet the first christmas with out her but it will make the happy memories flood back.

  13. Love these ornaments I plan on making them all! My favorite ornament as a child were the ones that we made from pine cones. They were very simple but it was the time we spent together making them that made them so special.

  14. This is unique and just gorgeous, thanks for the great instructions! My favorite ornament was painting a plaster of paris little elf... must've been about 3 or 4. That is ALWAYS my favorite.

  15. Beautiful ornament! I love the rosette. Thanks for the great instructions.

  16. Tracy this is a little beauty....I like it alot and wish I had bought the round one when I was there the other

    my favorite ornament as a a snow flake made from pip cleaners dip in borax salt so it grows crystals....they were beautiful

    happy holidays

  17. I saw this ornament last night in person and it's completely amazing!!! I cannot wait to make one of these!

    HUGS Miss Tracy!

  18. P.S. My favorite ornament as a child was this salt dough one that I made with my mom! It was a little ghost with the word "boo" written on the front! ...and yeah it was for Christmas! hahaha I think I must have had Halloween on the brain!

  19. Tracy, you are amazing. Love this ornament. I can remember making a christmas tree out of a Readers Digest, you folded the pages into double triangles and it stood up. Then you spray painted it green and sprinkled glitter on it and added a star on top. My aunt showed me how to do them. My parents always made a candy wreath out of a coat hanger formed into a circle and tied peppermints on it, then added a ribbin to hang it on the inside of the front door so everyone could have a treat when they left.

  20. Love this! It's precious! We used to make candy cane ornaments out of red and white beads!

  21. Beautiful! Great way to cover a round ornament. Thanks for the tips!

  22. My favorite childhood ornaments that we used to make were felt shapes covered in glitter and buttons. They were simple (and sometimes ugly), but always stimulated our imagination.

  23. Beautifully done! THanks for the great tutorial!

  24. I Absolutely LOVE this! I am bookmarking this for when I have time for another project! (Maybe next year? - ha ha)



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