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LBH 12 Days of Ornaments: Day #11

Hello Everyone! 
Oh me oh my!! Can you believe we are already on Ornament #11 of the LBH 12 Days of Ornaments feature?!?! It's hard to believe...but time flies when you're having so much crafty fun!!
Miss Tracy here today to share a wonderful Paper-Crafting project with you!
If you attended our Scrapstasher Workshop last month...this will look familiar to you. Only this time you're seeing a miniature version...Take a looksie...
Falala Folded Tree Ornament
Designed by: Miss Tracy :)
Here's another look at a slight angle so you can see some of the folded dimension of the tree...
This folding technique is quite simple and I'm going to share it with you today!
To get started, you will need to gather up the following supplies:
(If you don't have everything on the list, you can find them at the LBH)
Flat Paper Mache Ornament (rectangle or oval work great!)
Music Paper for background
Ranger Acrylic Paint Dabber / Gold
Ranger Perfect Pearls Mists / Gold & Pearl
Scraps of pretty Christmas Printed Papers
(one square of each size: 3 in, 2 1/2 in, 2 in, 1 1/2in)
Ink for edges of Paper / Mocha Mama
Tacky Tape
Stickles / Diamond
Tacky Glue
One Tree Topper
(I used a snowflake jewel but this could be a star, button, etc.)
Okay gals...Let's get started!
First, you will trace your ornament onto the music paper and cut it out. Then apply your Glue-n-Seal.
(Your gonna love this stuff!...has it's own brush in the lid...goes on so easy and adheres & seals your paper...comes in glossy & matte) Apply it to the back of the music paper and lay onto your ornament. Lightly rub over the top with your fingers to smooth out the paper.  I'm using the matte finish.
Now grab your Gold Paint Dabber (Love these too! mess, no brushes to clean!) and apply paint to the back and sides of your ornament. I also applied some paint lightly around the front edges of my music paper side of the ornament. 
Now it's time to add a little shimmer & shine with your Perfect Pearls Mist...
(by the way...LoVe, LoVe, LoVe these too!)
Unlike some other brands of mist, these are meant to be shaken. Take a look at the label... 
I thought that was funny! So you're going to ShaKe, ShaKe, ShaKe! Then spritz your ornaments...I used a little Pearl first and then a little Gold. Once spritzed, set aside to dry. If you happen to Over-Spritz, just dab with a paper towel. 
Now it's time to do some Falala fabulous Folding! For this ornament you will need to cut four squares.
3in, 2 1/2 in, 2 in, 1 1/2 in
Each section of the tree is in 1/2 in. increments. Your largest square will be the bottom section of the tree. Your smallest square will be the top section of the tree.
For the folding process, follow each of these steps:
1. Fold in half (I call this the Hot Dog fold) 
Now, open the square back up like so... 
2. Turn the opposite direction and fold in half again (Hot Dog)
This will create a + sign fold on your paper
3. Open square back up again and fold opposite corner to opposite corner (I call this the Taco Fold) 
4. Open your square back up again and turn paper and fold opposite corner to opposite corner (Taco Fold) When you open your square up the fold lines will look an * asterisk.

5. Next fold paper in half (Hot Dog) with the print on the outside. Have the fold facing up and push in the sides like so...
Once pushed in, burnish the folds well with your finger. 
Repeat this step to the other side like so... 
When you are completed it will look like a triangle...(I call this part the Football Fold) 
6. Final step...Take the the top corner layer and fold to the center seam of your Football...Triangle.  
Repeat this step with the other so...and falala...
You have a completed folded section for your Tree! 
Isn't that easy! You will repeat these same steps with each square. Once folding is complete, add a little ink to the edges of your folded tree sections if you desire.
These creates great depth and a shadow effect! 
Now you have four little airplanes....oh, sorry, I mean Tree Sections! 
We are now ready to build our Falala Folded Tree! Apply small pieces of tacky tape to the back side of your folded pieces like so... 
Cut a small trunk for your tree and adhere it to the ornament first. I just used a scrap piece of brown cardstock. Peel off red film and position largest tree section...eyeball to center. 
Continue adding your sections right on top of each so.... 
Keep building and when all sections are down...You can apply your Tree Topper!
I used a Snowflake Jewel but you could use a punched star, decorative brad or even a cute little button! 
One final step ladies! Grab your stickles and lightly trace around each section of the tree. This will add some beautiful sparkle. I used Diamond Stickles on mine. 
Let it dry for a bit and then proudly hang it on your Christmas Tree!!
This would be cute to hang off of a special gift bag for a special someone too!
Here is what it looks like on an oval ornament... 
Now if you are interested in taking this to a bigger scale, consider creating larger folded tree sections and building your tree on a Canvas! Here is a look at the Falala Folded Tree Canvas that we created last month in Scrapstashers.  
This is an 11x14 canvas (we used the reverse side) and the dimensions
for your printed paper squares are as follows:
4 1/2 in, 5 in, 5 1/2in, 6 in, 6 1/2in, 7in
You will follow the exact same folding process as you did for the ornament...your just working with larger size squares...It's so easy!! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial today and will try this technique.
 I promise you won't be dissappointed!!

My Christmas Question of the Day:
Share with us your favorite gift you rec'd as a child and what you would like Santa to bring you this year! Ho Ho Ho! One lucky commenter will be drawn and win today's Falala Folded Tree Ornament. Good luck...I hope it's YOU!

Merry Folding Gals!
Miss Tracy :)

The WINNER from Day #10 is....LINDA HAHN!
Congratulations Linda!
Please contact the LBH to claim your ornament!


  1. My favorite gift I received as a child was when I was 5 or 6. It was a little wiener dog. I named her lady. This year I want LBH bucks! :)

  2. Falala-bulous! I am so glad you posted this one. I was not able to make it to scrapstashers and I SO WANTED to make one of these trees on canvas. Looks like I will be making both! I think this would be super cute on a Christmas card too.

    My favorite gift when I was young was the life size doll house (club house) I got when I was 6 years old. My Daddy built it for me and my Grandma made curtains for it. I remember me and my little sister practically LIVING in that thing for years. We had to be forced to come in go to bed, we had sooooo much fun out there. Ahhh, memories.

  3. What a beautiful ornament! I have so many memories of childhood Christmas gifts. I was probably happiest with my first bike.

    Congrats Linda!

  4. Oh I love the scaled down version of this.. so adorable Miss Tracy..

    My favorite gift as a child was a home made barbie house from my brother.. had working lights and running water... was so awesome...

    for Christmas this year I want good friends and good food and life will be good...

    Happy Holidays..

  5. Going to make several. Thanks for sharing. I got the first Barbie (dating myself) and Family Friend made me tons of clothes. Also when I was 14 I got a used 57 Chevy as my first car.

  6. I saw some ladies making the framed version at a holiday crop last Friday and loved it! Can't wait to make this and the larger version. might even use on my christmas card! yay!

  7. Love the ornament! I may have to make a zillion of these.

    Favorite childhood gift has got to be the Donnie and Marie dolls I got when I was 5 or 6. They had beautiful white smiles, little microphones they could hold, and Donnie even had purple socks. Oh, how loved him and how he was a little bit rock 'n' roll!

  8. My favorite gift as a child that I remember was my Madame Alexander doll named "Puddin". Thank goodness she was in the overflow truck from storage when we moved here, so she made it through the fire! I also remember the Christmas I came down the stairs and I had the whole gymnastics set-up for Dusty and her horse. Anyone remember Dusty? She was like Barbie but a different brand.

  9. I really loved making this tree at scrapstashers anonymous this month! My favorite Christmas gift as a child would have to be the American Girl Bitty Baby doll. I still have it, and it brings back so many memories when I was a little girl. I will cherish it forever.

  10. I got my own personal phone line. Very exciting wayyyyy back then!

  11. I have always loved that tree. I even made a few as gifts last year. I am definitely going to make some of these for my tree. I guess I better make a trip to buy some christmas paper.

    My favorite gift was my purple sparkly bike. I remember spending the night at my grandmothers and not being able to go to sleep because of the anticipation of Christmas morning. I still get a little giddy for children everywhere thinking of their excitement on Christmas Eve. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  12. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and thanks for sharing the tutorial!!! :-)

  13. Ok, we need to break the dry spell here. I need to have this ornament, it's so cool.

  14. Tracy, what a beautiful ornament!! It's just as pretty in mini size as it is in the larger size. Hope I have time to make some!!
    Have many Christmas rembrances--but on of my favorites was a beautiful blue-eyed blonde doll in a beautiful blue velvet gown with a brocade skirt with netting over it! The thing that was so special about her was that she had "high heels" and stockings. The stockings had seams in the back and a garter belt holding up her stockings--this was way before Barbie dolls!

  15. beautiful beautiful beautiful!

  16. I love this ornament and the picture!! My daughter made the picture the other night and we are going to make some ornaments on Tuesday!!TFS..It will be a nice gift for friends and relatives to add another memory to their tree.
    the best Christmas is when the families all got together - now everyone is different states but Christmas is one holiday everyone tries to make it home.


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