Friday, November 18, 2011

LBH 12 Days of Ornaments: Day #6

 Rhonda Merry again...
 I'm back with another wonderful ornament for you!
It is "snow" easy to create!!

Glistening Snowflake

 Here is what you need to gather:
  1. Vintage Wood Doilies by Maya Road
  2. Folk Art Acrylic Paint, Champagne
  3. Viva De Core Pearl Pen: Transparent or White
  4. Spray adhesive
  5. Craft Decor Diamond Sugar Dust
  6. "messy mat" or "messy box"
  7. craft mat
You can do either one side or both. Doing both will take a
little longer because you want to make sure your 
pearls are completely dry before working on the 
other side of your snowflake.
We are going to start with the decorating.
I just used dots and a few lines,
this will give some texture to our snowflakes.
set in a safe spot to dry.  It will take about
2 to 2-1/2 hours.  If you have large dots dry time 
will be a little longer. I noticed that the Transparent Pearl Pen
was milky looking when starting and dried to look clear.
 Next turn over and repeat for the second side of the snowflake.

Now paint your snowflake with the
Champagne paint and let dry completely.

Here is a little tip:
Do NOT overload  your brush.
Too much paint on the brush will clog up
the cut details of your wood doilies.  

Instead, dip your brush into the paint and swipe the
excess onto a clean spot of your paint palette. Do this
each time you need more paint and you will only have a few
if any holes to unclog. Also, paint using a circular motion which
will help to cover the raised areas evenly.

Now we are going to give our snowflake a good
spray with the spray adhesive. Do one side at a
time and spray in a well ventilated area, away from
anything that could get hit with the castoff.
(I usually take my projects outside.
I also spray over a "messy mat/box)

Move sticky snowflake to your craft mat and give 
it a generous coating of Diamond Sugar Dust.
By using our craft mat we can later make a funnel
to put the excess glitter back into the bottle.

Tap off excess Sugar Dust. 

 Add an ornament hanger using one of the 
many holes already on your snowflake and...

 hang on your tree.

See how easy that was...and the result is
a beautiful Glistening Snowflake.

With all of these new ornaments you might need an extra tree.  Remember
to become a follower and leave me a comment for your chance to win this Glistening Snowflake by
telling me what's your favorite snow day activity?

Mine is when the school day has been canceled and the kids and I
sit down to watch a marathon of movies with hot chocolate
and our heavy quilts.

 Merry Crafting!
The WINNER from Day #5 is.......SARAH!
Congratulations Sarah! Please contact the LBH to claim your Ornament!


  1. "Snow" pretty is right! Love this ornament.

    My favorite snow day activity is sledding and making snow angels.

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!! What a lovely snowflake! I also love movie marathons on a snow day - after we go build a crazy snowman and have a snowball fight (that is if there is enough Texas snow!)

  3. Love the snowflake! Snow Days are spent making soup or chili and being lazy.

  4. Love the ornament. My favorite snow days were when school was cancelled and I could craft!!

  5. I seen these in the store and was so hoping someone would craft with them.... love it Rhonda...

    my favorote snow day activity from the up north.. Snow day means Craft day.... :D

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  7. Gorgeous! I'll be making these for sure Rhonda.

  8. Thanks for sharing Rhonda. Love the dimensional effect.

    Snow, what is that?

  9. Rhonda ... that is 'snow' pretty!! Beautiful! My favorite snow activity is cuddled by a fire!!

  10. Loving all these ideas! It's making me want to get out all the supplies I bought LAST year for Christmas and get a move on! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Gorgeous, Rhonda! My favorite snow day activities are eating comfort foods and reading a good book near the fireplace.

  12. My favorite snow day activity was putting colored water in spray bottles and "painting" the snow

    Thanks for the cute ornament idea

  13. I love snowflakes. Very cute.

    I used to love going to the neighborhood hill and sledding. We always tried to see who culd go the farthest.

  14. Rhonda, it's beautiful! What great tips.


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