Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LBH 12 Days of Ornaments: Day #3

Hi...Elaine here with Day #3.  My ornament is a classic origami flower but I added a little twist...well not actually a twist but some pearls.  This will appear to be a little challenging so grab your favorite holiday beverage - as you can see I have my "white grape juice" (wink wink) in a Christmas glass to get me in the spirit.

Here's a picture of what we will be making....
Origami Christmas Flower Ornament
Designed by: Elaine Howell

Okay now to get started...your supply list:
5 squares of paper - mine are 4x4 that way each ornament only takes one sheet of paper (your ornament will be approximately 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 when finished)
Tacky glue - I like Helmar 450 - it grabs quickly
(available at the LBH)
Ranger Distress inks to coordinate with your paper
(available at the LBH)
Stickles - Diamond is great on any color
(available at the LBH)
Pearl Pens from Viva Decor - I used Gold - Red - Green
(Available at the LBH)
Craft mat or Parchment paper
Scotch Tape
Either fine fishing line or Metallic embroidery filament - I used gold
First, I am going to show you how to make your own pearl garland from Viva Decor Pearl Pens.  To make this size ornament you will need about 24-26 inches of filament or fishing line.  Stretch across craft mat or parchment paper and tape the ends down.  

Now squeeze the Pearl Pen into small droplets about every 1/2 inch.  The secret is to keep the tip on the surface, in the droplet and pull up after you get the size you want.

If you are someone who needs each pearl to be perfectly the same, this technique may not be for you.  The pearls are similar to fresh water pearls since they are not perfectly symmetrical.  I only did one side of the filament because I was attaching to paper- If you want them to be be more 3D - let them dry then turn over and place drop on back side - and WOW you have a custom pearl garland! 
They set in about 15 minutes but take about an hour
to completely dry.

Now take a sip of that beverage.....and let the folding begin...I promise once you start you won't be able to stop!
You will fold all five pieces of paper the same way...
First Ink the edges of your paper..I did front and back.

Next fold paper in half creating a triangle.
 Take left and right corner and fold up to the middle

 Fold the same pieces down to the right and left outside edge of the square.  They will line up with the edges.

 Open up the pockets you just created..they look like ice cream cones

 Fold the top down on each side - you can leave this way or tuck this into the pocket - I tucked it in..

 Ink the top edge...
 Fold the small triangles towards you on each side so they are level with the edges of the paper

 Press triangles up so now you have a diamond shape...
 This is how it should look...now roll both sides to the  middle forming a cone shape
 Place glue in the center and hold until it is secure
After you have five made you will start to assemble...Place glue on the side and attach the next cone..
Then add the third etc..

When you get to the last one ..kind of "squish" them together---they should form a cone shape

Here's the finished flower

Now the really fun part..decorating..On this one I touched the edges with Diamond Stickles and placed a blingy button in the middle. 

This flower is made from Little Yellow Bicycle
Wonders and Wishes Collection - Plaid Paper.
On this one I added the pearl garland I made using the Viva Decor Pearl pens and with the remaining garland I wound a coil to form the decorative center...

The last one is made from music paper...made the pearl garland from gold Viva Decor pearl pen and added a blingy brad to the middle....

These beautiful flowers are great to tuck in your tree and they can be used on all kinds of paper crafting projects too.
Stop by the Little Blue House to see the ornaments and check the blog each day to see the next one...
Ok good luck...remember one lucky commenter will get to pick their favorite flower to take home..Here's your question of the day...As you could tell, I enjoyed one of my favorite Christmas beverages while making this ornament...
Share with us what your favorite
holiday beverage is??

Stay tuned...more fabulous Ornaments are on the way!
Merry Folding & Merry Christmas!
WINNER from DAY #2:
Congratulations Karen G!!!
Please contact the LBH to claim your Ornament.


  1. Elain, these are just FABULOUS! I love flowers on my tree! My favorite holiday drink is hot apple cider with a splash of Cpt. Morgan! YUM! Thanks for sharing your beautiful ornament!

  2. Looks amazing Elaine,and Congrats to Karen G!

    My favorite holiday beverage is Whasel. It is so delicious and WARM and makes the house smell mmmmmm.....wonderful.

  3. I'm going to make a ton of these babies! LOVE them...thanks for the tut Elaine! My favorite holiday beverage is ... a Sonic DP w/ XX Ice!!!!
    Bet that surprises some of you huh?!?! :)

  4. Love these flowers! Leaving Boston for TX today and can't wait to get home to make some ornaments. Thanks Elaine!

    My favorite holiday drink is the gingerbread latte at Starbucks:-)

  5. Tracy ... you crack me up!! My favorite holiday drink ... hot apple cider and agree with Rhonda on how good it makes the house smell. Elaine, your ornaments are beautiful!!

  6. Wonderful! Can't wait to try these myself! Congrats to Elaine, they are beautiful!

  7. Oh - those poinsettias are just fabulous! My favorite holiday drink is hot spiced cider, or gingerbread latte, or big girl grape juice, or peppermint mocha latte...hmmm, choices (I better get busy sipping!)

  8. You know I love the flowers... I am surely trying this one out.... my favorite beverage is Hot Spiced Apple Cider... brings me into the holiday spirit....

    great Ornament Elaine.... love love love the pearl garland..

  9. Elaine, I love the flowers. They are really cute. My favorite holiday drink would be spiced tea and of course maybe a Coke:)

  10. I Love this flower ornament!! The string of pearls is such a cool idea!! My favorite holiday drink is... peppermint latte from starbucks :)

  11. I love that you made your own pearls! And thank you for picking me to get the beautiful tree that Kristyn made yesterday! My favorite holiday drink is cranberry sierra mist. It is the best. :)

  12. Completely beautiful! I'm pretty sure that these would take me awhile and I might go thru a LOT of my favorite holiday beverage. So, the next day would that be a craft hangover or just a plain old hangover?

  13. Can't wait to try all this folding. My favorite holiday beverage is Eggnog. It should be available all year long

  14. Love these flowers, Elaine! They are so cute!!! My favorite holiday beverage is that punch people make that is green and has ice cream in it. I need that recipe if anyone has it!

  15. Absolutely love this! And I love egg nog during the holidays, except I don't think it's on the WW plan (don't even want to know how many points).

  16. Elaine, Love the flowers. Can't wait to start folding.Looks like lots of fun.Favorite Holiday Beverage. Hot Mulled Wine or Hot Spiced Tea ( have a great recipe).

  17. Wow! Those flowers are beautiful, Elaine! My favorite holiday drink is Wassail, especially when it is chilly outside.

  18. Did you fold any flowers today???

  19. The flowers are fabulous! My favorite holiday drink is spiced cider. And I agree, it makes the house smell so good!


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