Saturday, November 19, 2011

LBH 12 Days of Ornaments: Day #7

Hey Everyone! Its Kristyn :)
It's Time to Glam up your Holiday Season with...
Glitzy Glamour Ornaments
Designed by: Kristyn Curry

Time to get your Glam on!!
Main Supply List:
Cropadile,Glue Gun, Scissors, Coffee Filter, Paint Brush
 Metallic Blue Paint, Ribbon or Baker's Twine, Diamond Glaze,
PKGlitz Tropical Rain Glitter, Paper Mache Ornament,
& Maya Road Mini Bottle Caps, Helmar 450 
 Paint your Paper Mache Ornament
 After your Ornament is dry,apply your Diamond Glaze
on to your paint brush and brush it on to the ornament
(one section at a time)

Immediately after you apply the Diamond Glaze, have your glitter ready and a coffee filter. Pour your Glitter onto your glazed section of the ornament and use your coffee filter as a tidy tray. They are great for this because they minimize static and make it easy to put back remaining glitter into the jar.
To make sure your glitter doesn't shed use a clear
 Acrylic Sealer and spray it on to the ornament.
(Go outside for this step...or be in a well ventilated area)
Now its Time to Show off your Style!
You can choose a bling flourish to add to embellish your ornament.
You can create a very elegant look or a whimsical look depending on what colors you choose.
 You might need to add a little bit of Helmar 450 if your bling doesn't want to stick completely on to the ornament.

Pick out your Ribbon and have your Maya Road
Mini Bottle Cap ready for our next step
Tie a knot in the middle of your ribbon like so
Apply Hot Glue on the top of your Ornament
and stick your ribbon down
Then take some more Hot Glue and glue your
Bottle Cap done on top of the ribbon knot

Now you have your Glitzy Glamour Ornament ready to be put on display!

Here is another Glitzy Glam Ornament that I created. I used Hot Pink bling, Doodlebug Baker's Twine and added a stamped tag ... I think it would be cute hanging off a gift bag!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial today!
You can find all the items used to make my Glitzy Glamour Ornaments at The Little Blue House! Come see us and we will help you get your Glam On!! 

My Christmas Question for you today is:

How Far do you go to Glam up
your house for the Holidays?

Leave us a Comment and
You could be the Winner of my Ornament Today!! :)
Have a Great Weekend!
Kristyn :)

Day 6 Lucky Winner of  Ornament is..
Rhonda Wilson!!!
Congratulations Rhonda! Please contact the LBH to claim your ornament!

Be sure to stay tuned in....become a follower today! 5 more Ornaments are headed your way!!!


  1. Oooh pretty!!! To glam up my house, I put out all of the Christmas projects I've made. (mostly with your Mom's help, of course!) But, the glitziest part of my decorations are the Great Gatsby ornaments I put on my tree....It's black glitter, feathers, flappers, and silver sequins galore!

  2. Glamorous it right!!! Lovely Kristyn. great job. To glam up we put ;lights on the house. Glitz isn't my first choice when decorating but there are a few "POPS" of glitter amoung the ornaments.

  3. Sparkle, sparkle. Love the glitz! I decorate every room of my house. I have many collections of ornaments. I use to decorate many trees, but now I choose one collection every year to decorate the tree with.

  4. So adorable Krysten! I have some sparkle on my tree... Lots of stars! And this would be a cute addition!

  5. Glitz is my friend, and your ornament is perfect. Love to see how great you are designing. Don't decorate so much anymore, but sparkle and shine just make me happy.

  6. I love this glamourous ornament! You ladies have inspired me once again with your creativity and the joy you spread. These are all new products to me and I am really wanting to try them all. I love sparkle and glamour! **This is my first ever blog comment and I'm using my husband's ID --- this is Patrice

  7. Glammerific Kristyn!

    I love all things that sparkle so my holiday decor is pretty much a glam-fest!

    Keep up the good work gals, your creative ideas give me inspiration daily!

  8. Very pretty Kristyn - just like you! I like to put trees up in every room. My favorite glam is to light lots of candles and plug in those trees with the rest of the lights off in the house. Ahhhh, mood lighting!

  9. Love it. Glitter AND bling...have you been hanging out with Elaine???

    I have multiple Christmas trees to glam up my house...I have the main tree, a partridge in a pear tree, an all rocking horse tree, and even a tree in my bathroom that has clear glittery ornaments that look like soap bubble:). I love my trees. I need another one for all of the new ornaments !

  10. so beautiful Kristyn!! I love it! It's so fun to watch you grow!!!

    It's so fun to get the Christmas decorations out and it just depends on the year!!


  11. Kristyn.... this is so glittery beautiful.. I love it.. and what a great tutorial too...

    When I acutally decorate my house.. it is all the way.. even lights all the way around and not just on the front... Love how it looks all decorated in Christmas...

    Happy Holidays

  12. So, so pretty! I have to put up the Barbie tree to glam up my house!

  13. I love the glitter and bling Kristyn. I love to decorate for Christmas at my house. I especially love to decorate in the theme of gingerbread men and women. I also love to put festive dishes out for display.


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