Thursday, November 24, 2011

LBH 12 Days of Ornaments: Day #12

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Elaine here today to present...The GRAND FINALE!!

Ta Daaa...The final day is here..we hope you have had fun creating all these beautiful ornaments...and yes we have a tree topper for you!!!  A beautiful Christmas angel made of metal and beautiful tulle ribbon.

Angel Topper
Designed by: Elaine Howell
I created two angels, one will be given away to a lucky winner.  I used two different color schemes to show you how versatile they can be.  I will share all the details on how you too can create these pretty ladies. Here are the supplies you will need.
All available at The Little Blue House
One sheet of Cardstock
One sheet of art metal - any color because we will use the silver side
2 yards of Maya Road Tulle Ribbon
Maya Road Pearl Embellishments
Helmar 450 Tacky glue
Ranger Rock Candy Distress Stickles
Tiny Attacher
Metal Sander
Ranger Gold Paint DAbber(White Angel)
Expresso Metallic Paint (Taupe Angel)
Craft Mat
Other supplies
2 inches of gold tinsel
Paint Brush
Antique White Craft Paint
Paper towel
Scissors& Pen
Okay lets get started.. First you will trace the angel template and wings onto the cardstock and art metal..(we will have copies of the template available at the LBH)  it is hard to see the tracing on the metal but both pieces will fit.
Now cut out the cardstock and the art metal.

We are now going to emboss the metal.  The angel wings will be done one side at a time.  Most folders will fit half the wings and then you can run the second side through.

Now for the angel body...she can be a little tricky.  Fold her head down and the you can fit her in the Cuttelbug or Big Shot, again you will have to do this in three parts.

You now have two beautifiul pieces of metal.

Now we are going to paint the metal. Dab the paint on the metal and before it dries take the paper towel and blot off the paint.  This will make it easier to sand later.

Let the paint dry or use a heat gun to speed up the careful the metal will get hot.
Using your Helmar glue attach the cardstock to the metal pieces.  This will stabilize them and make them easier to handle.

We are going to sand off the paint to expose the silver metal on the embossing.

You will not notice a huge difference but it does brighten the piece  The angel below is sanded the wings are not.

Take your paint brush and lightly dry brush either the Expresso or gold paint over each of the metal pieces.  A really light hand is best.

Let dry or use heat gun to speed it up...I am impatient can you tell.  Now to Glitz and Glam her up.  Squirt (technical term) a blob of the Rock Candy Distress Stickles on each metal piece.  Smooth out with your finger.  Use heat gun and watch the SPARKLE happen.  I did the angel body even though it will be covered by the tulle ribbon because it peeks out and is really pretty when the lights hit it.

To form the angel bend the body into a cone and use your Tiny Attacher and place a staple at the bottom and then again at the top of the body.

This is how she looks when she is done

Ready for the is really easy.  Place a line of glue around the bottom of her dress and add ribbon.  Start and finish in the back- snip ribbon off.  Now place another line of glue about pinky finger width higher and do another row of the tulle ribbon.

Continue until you get up to her neck.

Attach beautil Maya Road pearl embellishment with Helmar 450.

Attach her wings by placing a line of the Helmar down the middle of the wings and press to her back. Give them a little bend so they are not so flat.

I then painted the back side of her wings in the color I used to dry brush-in this picture it was the Expresso Metallic.

Take the tinsel and form a small halo and glue to her head...sorry forgot this picture but you can see the finished ornament.

I am really happy with how they turned out.  Make sure you stop by the LBH for Black Friday..
a little elf told me there will be some great specials going on. 
The template for the angel will be available for you as well.

Now for your final Christmas Question ...
Since we are creating a tree topper..Share with us what tops your tree?!?!

I am so fortunate my dear husband Dan is the most amazing tree decorator ever..seriously he could do it professionally.  In fact he decorates several friends tree tops each year and they often ask for his help if they are chaging there overall look.  We put up several Texas tree has beutiful metal stars on top with branches and berries shooting out around it.  The family room tree has a huge amount of red berries and sparkly things coming out the top.  For several years we had little packages exploding out the top, but they started to fall apart.  I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and also hope your decorating is a happy time for you and your family.
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas
The WINNER from Day #11 is............PATTI K!
Congratulations Patti!
Please contact the LBH to claim your ornament!


  1. Ooh, this is so beautiful! A great one to end the fabulous 12 days as well. My tree topper is an Angel that we have had for years. But it is nothing like this. Thanks to all you ladies for the great ideas this year. And I finally won, yeah!

  2. Well she is just too cute! I wish I had gotten in on that swap..... maybe next year....... Have a Happy Thanksgiving......

  3. She is beautiful! I usually top my tree with a star, but now you have given me an idea to update my star! Thanks!

  4. Very pretty!!

    Happy Thanksgivng!!

  5. OMG! Please tell me I win her... she is so lovely... I love it Elaine.. she would fit my little tree perfectly.... :D

    I have always had an angel to top my tree and the very first angel ornament I made for my daughter when she was born.. from beads and pipe cleaners.. we were poor military kids.... she always keeps me humble.

    Happy Holidays to all my LBH family...

  6. Congrats to Patti....
    She is lovely Elaine. A very chic little Angel.

    I have a bright star for the tree I have all my glass ornaments on and a Santa topper on my primitive tree. But we may have a new topper soon. I love this one.

  7. What a pretty angel. We have topped our tree for years with an angel that came from Hallmark in the 70's Now that we have a smaller tree it won't hold the angel. Makes me sad. I also have a peacock that I nestle near the top. Thanks to all the LBH girls for sharing their creativity Every morning I have looked forward to looking at the blog. What am I going to do in the morning. Sleep in maybe.

  8. That angel is so beautiful! I usually have a star on the top of mine, but i got another small tree this year that that angel would look great on!

  9. There have been some lovely ideas here....have shared this project today on my blog :-)

  10. What gorgeous angels! I have topped my tree with many things over the years...bows, stars, angels. I love them all

  11. I love the angel!! We have a huge bow at the top of our tree! :)

  12. Such a fitting end to a fabulous blog series. I loved all the ornaments and memories. I even attempted a few on my own!

  13. Elaine, The angel is so pretty. I really do need that:) I doubt I could make it! Great job..

  14. I am sure it is too late, but it is so cute, I will go ahead and post just in case. Cat and I signed up for the little somethings class and I can't wait. I am also very happy to only have to pack scissors this time! Yay!

  15. Elaine great job, she is beautiful love her! I hope this posts all others have not. Angel is adorable!

  16. This is stunning!!
    I have a big sparkly gold bow that tops my tree.


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