Sunday, February 13, 2011

Get It Together: "Organizing with Style" Week 5

Good Morning! Welcome to Week #5 of our "Get it Together" Orgnization Feature.  Rhonda Merry here, and I will be sharing with you some great storage solutions for your
Lotions & Potions.

Lotions and potions is what we at the LBH call all of those 
fun additions to our supplies that
add color, sparkle, and texture to our projects!

This includes products like Alcohol Inks, pens, glitters, embossing powders, stickles, paints, mists, adhesives
and so much more!

Now I must confess that my storage is lacking
in style but oozes with practicality.  

But while working on this post the LBH Gals
and I have found some great ideas to pass on to you. 

Check out this link to and see
 her storage method.  She has a craft room full of fun and she uses Spice Racks as an awesome storage solution...
Here is a  Stylish idea using a Kaiser Craft Organizer.
It comes plain are ready to decorate.
Make it your own by using papers and paints to
match your craft space.
 It can hold all sorts of L&P's

I would love a room with usable wall space like the one here.
Everything where you can see it.

Velcro is a crafters friend!

This home made pen holder keeps things close and visible. It stores the pens on their side, is made of PVC pipe and they used some Tule to dress it up.

I love this idea. Keep your Stickles or Liquid Pearls close to the top and ready to use by burrowing them in to a styrofoam block.
And of course our pal Tim Holtz has a line of
storage items that can be altered or decorated too.

Follow these simple steps to get your L&P's in order:
  • First collect ALL of the Lotions & Potions that you have and bring them into one area for sorting.
  • Second, check each bottle to make sure it is still usable. 
If it is dried up or leaking,
smells tainted rather then its normal chemical self
('cause yes, some adhesives do go bad), the pump sticks or falls off,
or the lid is clogged beyond reason,
(you know its frustrating and then... do you really use it? No.)

 Now, throw it away
Clear it out and make the space so that you can easily
find the product that you will actually use. 
(Make sure that you dispose of these properly.
L&P's usually need to be sent to an Environmental
Collection Center rathan then to the dump.)

  • Third, decide if there are any L&P's that you just don't use anymore.  Consider giving them  to a crafty friend or place them in your Blessing (donation) Box. 
  • Next, let's sort.
Separate the L&P's into groups with like items.
Glittler Glues, Stickles
Alcohol Inks and their tools
Embossing Powders
and so on...

Once you have sorted, ask yourself a few questions.

  • What do I use the most?
Having those items close by will help you decide how to store them for easy access.

  • How much room will it take to store my L&P's?
Very small selections can use a small storage system.

And of course larger collections will require
a larger system of storage.

Here is a link to Creations by Christie
Scroll down and watch here video on how she stores
her Alcohol Inks.

If you stack things on shelves or in closests
then containers with lids may be the thing to use.

Susan has her paints in a Crop in Style type stacking cube
(This one is from Michael's - the one with a deeper
drawer and one open shelf).

If you have lots of a like item, choose a container
that will hold them all in one spot.

If there are too many for one container, then it may be better for you to store them in color families.

 I hope these ideas have inspired you to organize your L&P's in a unique creative style that suits your needs. 
Scrappy Do list for this week:
Sort and Organize your Lotions & Potions
 Please share with us what's working well for you when it comes to your L&P storage. All commenters will be entered into a chance to win a goodie bag from Ranger Ink!  I also want to congratulate the winner from Week #4.....
Dettao aka Detta Owens
Thanks for leaving your comment Detta! Please contact the LBH to claim your prize. 
Merry Organizing!


  1. Congrats to Detta for winning the drawing. I will admit this week's post looks a little "wow" I guess that is a good word for it. Lots of creative choices. Now, I just need to see what works best for me in my space. Thanks Rhonda for all the pics they are very helpful.

  2. Congrats Detta

    I am gonna be working on this too...I am close to having mine all in order I think... great ideas from The Little Blue House....Thanks Ladies. Happy Valentines Day

  3. I use velcro to hang my stickles underneath my storage drawers that hold my embellishments that hangs on the wall a little above eye level. That's a run on sentence for sure, but describes it exactly.

  4. I have all the crop in style/Store in style furniture, so I have mine in drawers. I do need to go through them and see if I have anything that is dried up and not usable. I would love to have things out and visible so I would use it more, but limited wall space prevents that! LOVE all the ideas! Keep them coming!

  5. Wow, such great ideas!! Thanks for sharing them, I never would have thought of the velcro!! :)

  6. OMG!! The velcro idea is absolutely awesome!!!

  7. I love that velcro to pieces! What amazing ideas you gals have shared today!

    Valentine HUGS!

  8. Rhonda, what great ideas for all our Lotions and Potions!! The pictures are great, too!! And Lolly, thank you for your ideas, too!!
    Congratulations to Detta for winning the goodie bag from Ranger Ink!!! I bet there are a few new Lotions and Potions in that bag that you're going to have to organize!!!

  9. Yay for me! That is two drawings I've won today. I need to go buy a lottery ticket! I'll definitely come see you one day this week.


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