Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Get it Together" Organizing your Inks

Welcome back to the second part of this week's "Get it Together" Organizing with Style feature.  Today we are discussing how to organize your stamping inks.  The system you decide upon will depend on how many ink pads you have and if you like to have them "put away" or out where you can see them.

Since I am primarily a stamper, I use my inks often so I like to have them out on my workspace.  Some of my inks are stored in an old wooden cassette case (remember those?). It has 100 slots but you can remove some of the dividers if the ink pads are too tall.

On my workspace I also have this wooden organizer that swivels.  I believe this was from  I like that it holds different sizes of ink pads and you can also store ink refills in the smaller compartments.

This is a "parts" case from a home improvement store, made by Workforce.  It is perfect for my large size chalk ink pads.  It's also portable.

Distress Inks are smaller than regular ink pads.  This is the Tim Holtz aluminum case made specifically to hold 24 Distress Inks.  This worked great until I bought the 12 new colors!

Now I store all 36 in this 3-tiered plastic storage box (available at craft stores).  I like that they are all together and, with the labels facing out, it is easy to find the colors needed.  And it, too, is very portable.

Each of the two upper compartments holds 18 pads; the bottom, thinner compartment holds the refills.

 For smaller Cat's Eyes ink pads or "ink spots", I use a partitioned plastic Art Bin case.

Other possible ideas would be to store inks in old cigar boxes, Iris cart drawers, plastic project boxes, baskets or boxes.

We would love to hear how you store your ink pads! Comment on this post and you will be entered into the prize drawing!  

Happy Organizing!


  1. I do not have quite the extensive collection you have, Susan but I do have my inks in a project case similar to the one you have your cat eyes in. It is not partititioned, though. I have my paper trey ink spots and my cat eyes in one and my Tim Holtz and versamarks in the other.

  2. This is a high anxiety day for me...I'm taking the plunge and resorting ALL of my stamps into categories instead of by "set". When it's finished I'm going to LOVE the new system:) I have to find a better way to locate the stamp I want, when I want to use it. Thanks, Susan, for the great ideas. I'm still working on which way I'm going to store them but the first step is I go...all 300 sets (it is an addiction I know).

  3. I store my ink pads in the velvetta box we made at scrapstashers last month. They fit perfectly. And by the way, if anyone has velvetta boxes they do not want, please save them for me. I want to make some more for storage of other supplies. Thanks!!!!!

  4. wow... I love the casstte tape holder..older enough to remember ..yes...

    and the carry case for the distress inks too..thanks so much...still working on it all....

    I so needed this

  5. Wow! So many inks to go with your many stamps!

  6. Surviving:) One 60" tall cabinet done and one to go. I added extra shelves and bought cookie sheets at Big Lots to fit on the shelf! Works great. I used the photo storage boxes for "seasonal" stamps such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. I know I have too many flowers (or is there such a thing?). This project may go into week anxiety today, lol.

  7. My room is in the attic (think A-frame type walls). I keep my supplies stored in wire drawers & the systems from "Containers store". My inks pads are stored on their sides and I just thumb thru to find what I need. The cat's eye pads are corraled in the drawer in a clear plastic box. If I need everything, I just pull out the whole drawer & take to my work table.

  8. Don't have time to organize my inks yet--but they're one of the few things I do have semi-control over!!
    I slowly bought SU inks and bought their "ink stacker" and that has been a "lifesaver" for me!!
    I wish I had your CD case, Susan---love it!!Your idea for storing Tim's inks is a GREAT idea because my TH tin case is full!!

  9. Wow, I just wish I had that many inks to organize!!


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