Thursday, November 17, 2011

LBH 12 Days of Ornaments: Day #5

Welcome back to Day #5 of our ornament-making extravaganza!

 This is Susan and today I will be showing you how to make this adorable Sugared Tart Tin Tree.

Tart Tin Tree
Designed by: Susan Tidwell
Supplies you will need (available at the LBH)
Items are available at the LBH...
1 pkg Round Tart Tins - Jenni Bowlin
Viva Inka Gold paint - Lava Green
small piece of Cut-n-Dry foam
three wooden spools - approx. 1"
(unfinished craft spools or vintage wooden thread spool)
tiny jingle bell
Ranger Distress Stain - Walnut Stain
Craft Decor Sugar Dust
Doodle Twine - Christmas mix - approx. 1 yd.
Glossy Accents
small piece of vintage music paper or patterned paper of choice
two 1 1/4" cardstock stars (if using vintage music paper)

Other items not shown: ruler and bone folder, scissors, paintbrush, hammer and large nail, hot glue gun and glue stick, a pop dot, silver Krylon leafing pen

Let's get started!

  First hammer a hole in the center of the flat bottom of each tin with a nail. Protect your work surface with a scrap piece of wood or an old eyelet setting mat.  (Note - I tried using the Crop-a-dile and it wouldn't work for this.)

  Paint the outside of each tin with the green Inka Gold.  This is a waxy paint that you need to rub in much like shoe polish.  I used a small piece of foam but you could also use your finger.  I also used a small paintbrush to force the paint into the recesses.  This dries very quickly to a soft, beautiful sheen and the best part is it cleans up easily with soap and water!

  When dry, lightly coat each tin with Glossy Accents, using your finger to wipe across the raised ridges.  Sprinkle with the Sugar Dust over a coffee filter so you can easily return the excess to the jar when finished.  This is a new product which is like Diamond Dust but much finer. Looks like glistening snow.

  Now prepare the thread spools by painting them with the Distress Stain.  Since the dabber top was too large for painting the spools, I used a small paintbrush, tapping it on the top to soak in the stain.  You could also dispense some of the stain on a craft sheet as a palette or take the top off the stain bottle and dip in your paintbrush.  I did not paint the tops and bottoms as they will not show once the ornament is assembled.

 For the treetop stars, I used vintage music paper. Because this is thinner than most papers, I cut two 1 1/4" cardstock stars with the Cricut (you could also use a star punch but I didn't have one the right size),  glued them to the back of the music paper and cut out.

  Turn the stars to the cardstock side and score from one outer point to the inner point directly across from it. Repeat for all five outer points on each star.  In the photo below I have marked these score lines with pencil so they can be seen.  You will just score them.

 Next fold each star in half along each score line and then open up.  Pinch each outer point along score line to make a "mountain" - when you do this the score lines on either side will fold in to make a "valley."  Continue until both stars are dimensional.

  Lightly coat stars with Glossy Accents and sprinkle with Sugar Dust.

  We are now ready to assemble the tree.  Take a piece of Doodle Twine approximately 24" and put a drop of Glossy Accents on each end, pinching between your fingers to make a point.  This will help thread your twine - or you could also use a needle.

  Thread the small bell on the twine, placing it in the center of the length,  and tie a knot to secure.

  Thread both ends of the twine through the first spool (I used a vintage thread spool for the bottom one).

 Now thread both ends of the twine through the hole in the largest tin, making sure the tin is "upside down."  Repeat with the next two spools and the remaining two tins, medium size first and finishing with the smallest tin.  These photos show the pieces separated but you will thread them together closely on the  twine.

  Pull on twine firmly so everything is tightly together, tie a knot close to the top tin and add a drop of glue to secure.

 Add a pop dot on the back of one star and lay both pieces of twine over the pop dot.

  Use a big dollop of hot glue to glue second star over the first one (wrong sides together).  You will now have both ends of the twine protruding from the top of the 3d star.

 Tie a knot close to the star, then leave several inches for a hanging loop, knot again and cut off excess ends. Tie more twine in a pretty bow at the base of the star.

For the final touch, edge the star on both sides with the silver Krylon pen.

 Congratulations, you have finished!
Now hang your Sugared Tart Tin Tree on your Christmas tree and enjoy!

Would you like a chance to win this little tart tree?  Just comment on this post and tell us about your favorite Christmas carol and why you chose that one.  Mine is "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas."   I grew up in New England and we always had white Christmases.  Once I got married and moved away, we've had many Christmases that weren't so white so I'm always "dreaming of a white Christmas."

Looking forward to all your responses!
Happy Crafting!

The WINNER from Day #4 is ... SHANNON!
Congratulations Shannon! Please contact the LBH to claim your ornament!


  1. Sugary Sweetness! Love your ornament Susan! ...gonna have to pick me up some tart tins today before there all gone :)

    I have too many favorite carols...I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite...and YES, I'm one of those annoying people that could listen to Christmas Music all year long :)

  2. I LOVE this ornament!! Thank you for the awesome tutorial!

  3. This is so what I would expect from you Susan.. somethign altered and so darned cute... I love it

    My favorite Christmas song to sing is little drummer boy... not sure why thou.. just always has been...

  4. Love it! You gals are so crafty ;)

    My fave carol is ALL OF THEM! HAHAHA.

    I think I have as many Christmas songs on my iPod as I have regular music. If I had to narrow it down though, I could get it to two faves.

    First, for sentimental reasons, I love I'll Be Home For Christmas. And my fave to sing along to is I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. Don't judge, LOL.

  5. So vintage! Love it. Silent Night is my favorite Christian hymn and anything from Alabama Christmas is my favorite popular carol. Can't wait to see more.

  6. How 'sweet' Susan!! Love it. I'd have to say 'Silent Night' ...

  7. Susan, guess I will have to come get some tins and other items! This tree is too good not to make. I have always loved We Three Kings.I am like Tracy could listen to Christmas music all year!

  8. I love your ornament, Susan! One of my favorite Christmas songs is All I Want for Christmas Is You.

  9. Oh, Susan, I love this ornament with all of its vintage charm. If I only get to pick one Christmas song, it would be The Holly and the Ivy.

  10. Susan, this is adorable. Getting my supplies today!

    My favorite song is Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses. Chet and I listen for it every year.

    And Congrats to Shannon for winning the Santa Star ornament. woohoo!!!

  11. Hmm having trouble posting today. I love the ornaments of the day. They make me happy. This one is so cute, Susan. Makes me want to eat sugar cookies for some reason. Favorite Christmas song(s) O Holy Night, Rockin Round the Christmas Tree, Santa Baby....

  12. This s a cool idea, love it!

    My favorite carol would be Silent Night.

  13. So vintage. Love it. Silent Night. Can't wait for more.

  14. Adorable little tree ornament! I would have to say Jingle Bell Rock because it is upbeat and fun to sing...
    My verification word is 'butpol' lol! The little things that entertain me!

  15. Love the ornament.

    My favorite is "It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas". In CA we don't have snow, just a bit of cooler weather so I decorate and try to remind myself. I absolutely love pulling out all the homemae ornaments each year and remember who made them and why.

  16. My favorite Christmas Carol has been "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" for as long as I can remember. I lived with my grandmother when I was a little girl and every year we watched the Christmas specials on TV...Bing Crosby, Perry Como, etc. Every time that song was played, she told me about her son, my uncle, being away in the army when the song first came out and how much she missed him and wanted him back home. It's been my favorite since then. She's gone now, but she's the one I think about whenever I hear it.


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