Monday, November 14, 2011

LBH 12 Days of Ornaments: Day #2

Welcome to Day #2 of the LBH 12 Days of Ornaments Feature!
It's Kristyn! :)
I'm here to bring you Day 2 of our 12 Days of Ornaments!!
Are ya'll ready to see my Ornament!?!

 It's a Ruffled Ribbon Tree!
 Ruffled Ribbon Tree Ornament
Designed by: Kristyn Curry
  First you will want to gather all your supplies!
-Festive Green Metallic Paint
-Espesso Brown Metallic Paint
-Paint Brush
-Paper Mache Tree Ornament
-1 yard Maya Road Satin Pleat Green Ribbon
- 1 Red Jewel
-Blendy Buddie (tool) & Felt Applicator
-Alchol Ink Gold Mixative
-Scrap of Craft Metal
-Tacky Tape Sheet
- A Pen or Pencil
-Embossing Folder of your choice 
-Big Shot or Cuttlebug machine 
-And don't forget your Scissors, like I did ;)

Let's get Started!

Paint your Paper Mache Tree using the green metallic paint
and the trunk of the tree using the brown metalic paint.
Now Get your Tacky Tape sheet and trace around your tree so you have two triangle shaped pieces of tape and cut them out.
You will also what to cut 2 long strips for the sides of your tree.
 Apply the pieces on to the tree portions of your ornament.
Ribbon Time! 
Grab your ribbon and position it in the middle at the bottom of the tree just like the picture.  
Wrap the ribbon around the tree till you meet in the middle. 
Cut your ribbon where it meets the starting point but do not cut the pleat, overlap a little if you need to and cut in between the pleats so your ribbon doesn't fray. 

Keep on wrapping and wrapping till you tree is full of Ribbon!
Once you have finished wrapping your tree from bottom to top,
set it aside for a moment while we begin on the star topper!
Grab your scrap of metal and use a star template,punch, or die cut to cut out two stars for your topper.
Then take your metal stars and emboss them with a pretty embossing folder using your Big Shot or Cuttlebug machine.
This a how mine turned out after embossing them.
Now it doesn't matter what metal color you use because we are using the silver side of the metal to alchol ink using the Gold Mixative, your Blendy Buddie, and a felt applicator.
Apply your Alchol Ink onto the Felt and use your Blending Buddie to pounce the ink onto the metal.
Take your two metal stars and tape them together with your ornament hanger running in between them. You can add a pretty jewel in the middle of the star to give it that finishing touch!
That's the Ribbon Ruffled Tree Ornament!
I had so much fun making this ornament and I hope you do to!
You can find all the supplies to recreate this ornament
at The Little Blue House!

Want the chance to Win this Ruffle Tree Ornament??
 Leave a Comment and answer my Christmas Question on this Blog Post and You might just be the Lucky Winner!!!

My Christmas Question is:
What Makes your Christmas Tree Special to You?

One of my Favorite things about Christmas is getting the Christmas Tree and decorating it with all of our handmade ornaments we have created over the years. We turn on Christmas music, start opening up all the boxes of ornaments, and find that perfect branch for that special ornament on the Christmas Tree. Its a fun time with the family remembering all the stories that each ornaments brings back. Then turning the lights off and plugging in the tree to see all of our ornaments glow! :)

I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and Keep watching the Blog everyday to see all the handmade ornaments that the
 LBH Gals have in store for the next 10 days!!

Merry Christmas,
Kristyn :)
Day #1 Lucky Winner of  The Little Blue House Ornament is.... Donna T. Congratulations Donna!
Please contact the LBH to claim your ornament.


  1. Cute ornament and so easy! This is one I'm going to try.

  2. This is just too stinking cute. You did a great job on the tutorial too. I love decorating the tree and recalling the special memories of the ornaments. It can be a special trip when we bought it,or one the kids made or my favorite the very first one Dan and I bought 32 years ago. I am also blessed because my mom has made about 100 felt embroidered and sequined ornaments for my tree. Better stop now I have to get mine done!!

  3. This is just adorable and seems so easy peasy! Will definitely have to try this one out!

  4. Cute ornament! Several things make our tree special to me. The first is that we have every ornament the kids have made over the past 15 years that goes on the tree. Second, my mother-in-law gives a special ornament from Hallmark every year that represents something notable in our lives from the past year - each of the kids gets one and then she gives a family one too. The thought of it is so special! Finally, my mother gave me several special ornaments from her tree that I loved growing up. We proudly display all of these special ornaments every year! My collection just keeps growing!

  5. Kristyn I love your little tree ornament... so cute ... and fun to see what you create

    What makes my tree special every year is adding to my ornament collection...I collected hallmarks for my daughter since she was born.. when that collection went to her it left my tree kinda bare.. so I create and collect a few new ones a year for my very victorian tree...

    Cannot wait to see more ladies... :D

  6. Love the ornament Kristen! What makes my tree special is the ornaments. My tree is not themed, it is just a big collection of ornaments that have a speacial meaning. My husband and I pick an ornament from each place we travel together, my niece and I make a few each year and we buy some to honor special events. I love unwrapping them each year to hang on the tree and remembering the story behind each one.

  7. Darling tree, Kristyn! Well-done.

  8. So Cute Kristyn! Crafty like your mom. Most of the ornaments on our tree are from someone special in our lives or represent something special about one of us. I have lots of golf ornaments for my DH and many different types for our sons like sports,cars, and favorite movie characters.

  9. Love this ornament! Almost all the ornaments on our tree are special ones. We have hand crocheted snowflakes my grandmother made over 100 years ago. We have ones from nearly all our vacations. We have a nativity ornament made from olive wood from the Holy Land my brother brought me. We have ornaments we gave our daughter each year of some activity she was involved in - scouts, scuba diving, dance... I have some pages in a scrapbook I am making for Kelsey of all these special ornaments.

  10. Very cute, Kristyn!! Cute pic with Santa, too! I love to get the ornaments out from collecting them from all the years!!

  11. My Christmas tree is special to me because it is decorated with Texas themed ornaments that I myself created.

  12. Cute, Cute, Cute ornament Kristyn!

    My favorite part of the decorationg is lighting the tree. I love the "old" style lights (C5 and C9 bulbs). It reminds me of when I was a kid at Christmas time. and the Oooooo that everyone lets out when all of our family ornaments are lit up. It makes me smile every year.

  13. So cute! My tree is special because it is decorated with ornaments received or made over the years. It's fun to decorate and pull each one out and remember where it came from or from who

  14. How cute is that tree.

    My tree is special because my grandson helps me decorate it every year.

  15. This ornament is very cute! My favorite part of christmas is decorating the tree with my family and looking over the ornaments we have collected over the years. It always brings back so many memories :)

  16. Love your tree, Kristyn! What makes my tree special to me is that I have the antique clip on bird ornaments that my late grandparents used to put on their tree when I was a kid. It reminds me of many happy Christmases past, and makes me think of them!

  17. Kristyn you did a great job on this ornament. I love the ruffles. Love it!

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  19. Great job, Kristyn! I love the star :) Our tree is special because of all the keepsake ornaments we have and that we add each year. We have a tradition to add a crystal ornament, 2 snowmen ornaments, and a special character ornament for each kiddo. I love getting them all out each year and looking at them, it brings back wonderful memories!

  20. I put up two trees each in our great room and one in our family room. The one in our family room is called our "Memory Tree". It's my favorite to decorate because it is filled with nothing but the ornaments and things that my kids have made over the years...5 kiddos makes for a whole lotta ornaments! ...and I treasure each and every one of them! There are even a few that I made as a child on our Memory Tree. I just love decorating the tree and the stories we share as we decorate it!

  21. How clever,Kristyn. Love the ruffles. For many years, my husband would leave Thanksgiving afternoon to go hunting. He would put the tree up in it's place before he left. The kids and I would put Alabama Christmas on to play and start decorating. We have collected ornaments all over the world. So much fun to see them every tear. Last year I put a tree in my Art Room and decorated it with the Lbh ornaments I had made plus all the others I have made. Macrame, needlepoint, Knitting, cross stitch, ceramics, quilting, and paper crafts. Love to look at all of them.

  22. Kristyn, your little tree is just too did a great job and had a GREAT teacher:)

  23. Kristyn, what a great tree, I can see them in all colors of the gathered ribbon. My tree is now small and decorated differently every year. But I have some antique snowballs that have nearly lost their glitter that I always put on the tree for the memories.

    Thanks to the LBH for picking my name for Day 1.

  24. Well done, Kristyn! I love your ornament and I can't wait to make it. I put up several trees, and each one is special because it is full of memories of Christmas Past. And it's fun to hide the pickles and have the grandkids try to find them to win a prize.

  25. Awesome job Krysten! I love putting up ornaments from Christmas' past as well as a new ornament or two each new year. Last year I put up an ornament to celebrate Humberto and I. This year I'm excited to put up ornaments to celebrate the LBH and I :0)

  26. I started making ornaments for our Christmas tree when my first son was born. the next year he helped me paint wooden ornaments. the next year it was pine cones covered with glitter. The next year my daughter was born and my grandmother contributed to the ornament collection with quilted ornaments. When Cari was 2, she painted wooden ornaments like Jason had years earlier. By this time Jason is going to school and making ornaments with school pictures. So I decided to give me kids ornaments in their Christmas stockings. The ornaments were personal to each of them and something special from that year. Like, Jason was into lego space, so he got a lego rocket and Cari liked Care Bears so she got her favorite care bear. When my parents opened the Christmas tree farm, the ornaments became tractors, glass trees, etc. I continued the tradition with Stephen. Now there are so many ornaments and each has a story of it's very own. Cari's boys like the lego rocket and tractors. Now that my granddaughters are living here, I'm sure their favorite this year will be Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake. My favorites are the priceless ones made by my kids with their school pictures. thanks for letting me share my special story even though it's lengthy. Jean Atturio


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