Monday, September 13, 2010

Live with Lolly (one of the Little Blue House Gals)!

Hi everyone! Are you kinda curious about who this Lolly girl is?

Come join me tonight for a fun Sizzix demonstration on UStream! I'll be sharing tips and tricks using the Sizzix BigShot Express and the Sizzix BigKick! Ever wonder what the sammich combination is for cutting a PaperTrey Ink die??? What about those CuttleBug Quilling folders... ??? Wondering what in the heck I am doing talking about sammiches and crafts in the same paragraph??? hehe

You'll get to know me in the coming months as an instructor at The Little Blue House... but if you'd like a peek into my craft room... drop on by! I'd love to get a head start in meeting you all now!

You can check out the show tonight at 7:30CST at this like HERE! It's totally free! The show will last about an hour (maybe a little longer if the banjo music gets out of hand)!

...and if you can't make it tonight I'll see you at The Little Blue House for sure!


P.S. Make sure to let me know if you are one of The Little Blue House gals so we can share the secret LBH handshake!!!


  1. Counting the minutes..can't wait for your show Lolly! and how cute is that little spider web and spider! That is one of the specialty products we will be selling when the LBH opens and soon you will be able to purchase and order any and all Sizzix products through the LBH as well!

    Enjoy the Lollychops show!

    Miss Tracy :)

  2. fun stuff...I'm looking forward to watching too!

  3. Hey Lolly, You are amazing. I remember the first time I saw the tree cutouts that you framed and I thought you were a talented girl then, but WOW!! you are so gifted. I am very excited to be working with you at the LBH. loved Bearchops and Nutchops...keep the names they are LOL perfect. It was a pliviledge to take a break from my beautiful view here to watch your webshow. I did take a snapshot of the sunset first. Can't wait to see everyone next week. Bye from Breckenridge, CO

  4. If you missed the worries. She taped it so you can watch it anytime!

  5. I can't wait to meet Lolly. If she is as wonderful as Tracy, she is a treasure for sure.


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