Friday, April 1, 2011

No Foolin' Spring Sale!

 Friday, April 1st & Saturday, April 2nd

Stop by the Little Blue House this Friday and Saturday and you will enjoy a 20% discount off your total product purchase and 60% off of the products located on our Blue House Bargain Wall! 
(this sale does not include Class purchases)

While you're here, be sure to sit a spell on our new Porch Swing and take a looksie out back at the beautiful Bluebonnets!

Creative Opportunities
...this weekend at the LBH...

Fri. 4/1 Day Crop 10a-5p Evening Crop 6p-12a
Sat. 4/2 Photoshop 101 10a-1p & 2p-5p

Sat. 4/2 LBH Creative Buffet 10a-2p
Sat. 4/2 Evening Crop 6p-12a week at the LBH...

Tues. 4/5 LBH Creative Buffet 10a-2p & 5p-9p
Wed. 4/6 Day Crop 10a-5p
Wed. 4/6 LBH Art Group 6p-9p
Thurs. 4/7 Page Builders 10a-Noon & 6:30p-8:30p
Fri. 4/8 Day Crop 10a-5p & Evening Crop 6p-12a
Sat. 4/9 LBH Creative Buffet 10a-2p
Sat. 4/9 Evening Crop 6p-12a

If you are interested in joining us or would like more info, please give us a call (817) 431-7930 or come by the LBH and we'll be happy to talk with you!

Keep Creating and have a FaBulOuS weekend!
Miss Tracy :)
& the LBH Gals


  1. Is this an April Fools Day joke??? hehehe... j/k! I'll be there to shop tomorrow for sure! Save something for me!

  2. bummer, I just dropped a bunch of money at the camera store and am can't spend on any more fun stuff. :(

  3. Hello, The sale was great, I love sales and spending money. Got lots of glitter so I can spread sunshine all over the house, car, dogs etc.

    Can't wait for Tuesday.

    love u guys


  4. I just saw some really cool stuff on
    7Gypsies blog ~ Do you carry their products ?

    I need to get my hiney in your shop soon!!



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