Thursday, March 31, 2011

The vanishing squirrel class!...otherwise known as my Photoshop 101 Workshop!

Hi everyone... this is Lolly and I'm hijacking the LBH blog to let you know about a fun class I'll be teaching this weekend!

Have you ever wanted to make squirrels vanish?!?!?! Our dogs daydream about such things on a daily basis. We have a squirrel family in the backyard
+ two gigantic pecan trees + 3 squirrel lovin hatin' dogs = which equals a whole lotta barking and running around during pecan season!

Our dog Harriet's favorite stuffed toys are squirrels (DogChops prefers ducks and geese - which is endless entertainment when the real ones land in the pool for a swim). Harriet carries her squirrels around with her all over the house and has been known to take little nose to nose naps with them (I think she's practicing the squirrel stare down while she sleeps)!

So where is all of this going you might be wondering (cause I know I am starting to wonder that myself)... this weekend I'll be teaching an intro to PhotoShop class (AKA PhotoShop 101) at the LBH!

We'll be covering PhotoShop basics and even getting into some fun stuff... like squirrel vanishing!

When you leave class, not only will you know how to prep pictures for printing, and resize, crop and color correct them... you'll even learn how to remove pesky elements from you pictures (like gray hairs for instance... not that any of you gals have them, but I seem to have a little garden of them growing all of a sudden and Clairol and I don't get along too well)!

Class details:
Date: Saturday April 2, 2011
Time: 10AM - 1PM
Cost: $25

What you'll need for class:
A laptop computer (Mac or PC) + PhotoShop (Elements 4 or higher OR any version of regular PhotoShop).

I'll supply you with an arsenal of photos (mostly of my dogs and a few craft projects) that we'll be playing with as we learn fun and exciting techniques during class!

Call the LBH today to sign up! I hope to see you there!


P.S. ...and I promise to teach you how to make Harriet's squirrel disappear just like I did!


  1. Wish I could take this class, but alas I do not live in Texas :( Anyways, I couldn't resist commenting because I think HarrietChops keeps the squirrel close to her while she's sleeping for a reason. I think it's because when she's dreaming about chasing squirrels, she will have a squirrel to grab right next to know, so the dream is more real. HUGS!

  2. HUGS Emily and thanks for your sweet comment! I couldn't agree with you more! I think HarrietChops is def keeping herself at orange alert for squirrel readiness!


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