Thursday, March 24, 2011

LIVE with PRIMA tonight at the LBH!

Live with Prima (and Lolly and Daniela too)!!!

MTRB_04 Hi everyone!  Tonight is the night I've been waiting for!  Daniela Dobson and I are going to be doing Live with Prima online live from The Little Blue House in Kellex, TX!  I am so excited about the show that I doubt I'll be able to sleep!
I have such a big surprise planned, I can hardly wait for you to see!  I'm not announcing anything, it's just typical Lolly fun and silliness!  I have props and stickers and color coordinated folks and the whole 9 yards!
We'll start at 8:30CST and will be making 10 totally awesome cards!  Daniela designed 6 of them and I designed 4 of them (cause I'm slow like that when it comes to cards)!
It's all about the TEAL!
Tonight before the show, if you're really feeling tealish, I highly recommend that you print up a set of these here labels for yourself and hand them out to everyone in your family.  If you want to have a watch party and really get things kicked up... wear matching teal outfits too!  Nothing says fun like teal right?
You can get your very own download and print freebie HERE (it's a PDF so right click on that link and save it to your desktop)!  As I type this, I am sitting here in my jammies wearing TWO of these stickers (I couldn't let the misprints go to waste and I figured I should have an extra one in case I forgot my name and favorite color in the middle of the night)!
MTRB_07Food for thought...
I'm thinking about starting a teal lovers anonymous fan club...  if you think you might want to join, let me know.  We can have a secret handshake and everything (involving teal of course)!  We could have teal t-shirts, and teal mugs, and even a teal pasta dish (being Italian mandates a pasta dish)!
MomChops will be at the show tonight too so you can wish her luck before her second knee replacement surgery TOMORROW (or you can leave her some HUGS here to read throughout the day today)!  I bet she would really love that!
I'll see you guys tonight (in teal)!
The DETAILS:  You can watch Daniela and I on Live with Prima tonight - March 24, 2011 -  by clicking on this link HERE!  We'll be starting at 8:30CST but I highly recommend that you tune in about 15 - 20 minutes early!  You won't want to miss the beginning...  trust me!  XOS you guys and thanks for your friendship and support!!!!
P.S.S.T.  I love teal.  The end.


  1. Hi Lolly and Daniela

    I am teally excited to see y'all tonight... I got me a little bit of teal... but my color is really pink...I rounded up what I could... :( cannot wait to craft with you and see the surprise in person... and I am excited to meet MomChops too...

    P.S. MomChops will be keeping you in my prayers for a fast and speedy recovery...sending a small little hug too... :D

  2. sending Mom CHops some prayers and hugs...CST time is sometimes hard on us EST folks tonite only because I had to spend too much time with the folks at Johns Hopkins today...have a massive headache but will catch ya'll on the nextone!


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