Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Blue House Happenings....this week!

Hello Everyone!  I want to thank everyone for their Front Porch orders and for joining us this past Friday on our first live webcast! It was so much fun and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

For those of you who did place orders for "A Little Birdie told Me..." you'll be happy to know that massive kitting is underway and we will begin shipping later this week.

We made one mistake with this kit...We didn't MAKE up enough of them! We never dreamed that they would sell out so quickly. Next month we will plan for more so that hopefully no one will miss out.

Also, a quick reminder....the Front Porch Inspiration Gallery is up and running!  Please check it out at ! The FP Designers did such a fabulous job on their projects...
they're sure to inspire you!

Other Creative Happenings at the LBH this week!

Our new line-up of Easter & Spring Creative Buffet projects are beginning this week:
Tues. 3/22 10a-2p & 5p-9p
Sat. 3/26 10a-2p
Peep! Book
I am in the process of editing the Buffet Project photos and will try to have them added to the blog very soon! Thank you for your patience. Please give us a call or better yet,
stop by and see the projects in person.
We'll be happy to sign you up for class!

Photoshop 101
Taught by Lolly Chessie
We. 3/23 6:30p-9p
Cost: $25

Want to better your Photosop skills??  Let Lolly show you how! There are 5 seats left in this class. Please let us know
if you would like to attend.

Prima Card Workshop & Prima LIVE!

Prima Card Workshop & Prima LIVE
w/ Lolly Chessie & Daniela Dobson
Thurs. 3/24  (sold out)
Workshop 6:30p-8:30p
Due to the PoPuLaRitY of this workshop, we have
added a second class. It will be held on:
 Wed. 4/20
Workshop 6:30p-8:30p
There is still seating available. Please contact the
 LBH to reserve your spot.
(817) 431-7930

For those of you who will be attending,
 please bring the following items with you to class:
Paper trimmer
Rolling adhesive
 Helmar 450 (or quick dry glue)
Water sprayer/mister (with water)
Hand towel (like a small terry cloth towel)
Your singing voice
Cowgirl clothes
HUGS (optional)
Something teal

Prizes will be awarded for the girl decked out in the most teal
(shirts, pants, earrings, necklaces, etc...)!  Shades of aqua count too!
I hope you will make plans to plug yourself in and create with us this week!  I also have one more thing to is a huge THANK YOU to my sweet freinds and the LBH gals for surprising me with a very special birthday present on Friday...It is a wonderful, white porch swing for the LBH front porch!! 
 It will soon be hanging and you are welcome to come and
SwiNg with Miss TrAcY on the Front Porch!!! 
I was so surprised and your kindness has touched my heart in such a special way!  You gals mean so much to me...Thank you again for making me feel so loved!

Much love and hugs to YOU!
Miss Tracy :)

P.S.  I forgot to give away the Helmar Goodie Bag filled with Helmar Products during our webcast! If you would like a chance to win them, post a comment here about one of your favorite birthday gifts!  I'll post the winner tomorrow! Good Luck!


  1. I will have to think about that one, I can't think of a single Birthday gift at the moment. Lots of fun Christmas gifts though!

  2. Happy Birthday Tracy! My favorite birthday gift was a trip to Vegas...well, the trip was actually for my husband's conference, but I got to go! We left on my birthday and stayed at Caesar's. We got to see Jerry Seinfeld and Blue Man Group while we were there :) Best birthday ever!

  3. Me! I'd LOVE to win some additional Helmar adhesives!! They are THE best!

  4. Ooops! I forgot to share my favorite birthday gift! I'd have to say it was the month after I had my son and my husband purchased a sweet charm for my bracelet for me. He's NOT a jewelry or sentimental gifts at all - so it means a lot to me that he remember that one time!

  5. One of my favorite gifts was when my husband and I first started dating. He bought me an Abercrombie & Fitch belt for Valentine's Day. The buckle said
    "A&F" surrounded by rhinestones. My husband said it instead of Aber...& Fitch, it stood for our names...Amy & sweet! Oh those were the days... :)

  6. Happy Belated Tracy!!!
    My favorite gift was a Hawaiian bracelet from my parents!

  7. My favorite Birthday gift was a trip to New York. I love that city!
    It was the best birthday gift so far.

  8. My favorite birthday gift would be the Neil Diamond concert tickets. It was 1997 and we did not have the money in the budget for extras as we were saving for our 17 year old daughter's college fund. Unbeknownst to me, that same daughter, knowing how badly I wanted to go, kept trying and actually "won" tickets on a radio call-in. It was a total surprise. Spending the evening with her was even better than the concert and it was a fantastic show with great seats.

  9. Hope that every second of your birthday was filled with love, laughter, and creativity! You and the blue house girls are such a sweet source of inspiration and kindness! Sad that I missed out on the 1st kit, but so happy about the success of it!
    Anyway, one of my favorite birthday presents is my pink schwinn bike that my hubby gave me for my birthday this year! It's so stinkin' cute!

  10. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday, everyone needs a porch swing, especially Little Blue House, have fun! Oh almost forgot my favorite Birthday present, on 16th birthday, grandparents gave me a dainty gold charm bracelet, 2 charms, heart with dangling pearl in middle & round charm with initials. Even though that has been many many many years ago!

  11. My favorite birthday gift ... a cake Pam made me ... yum and so beautiful!


  12. My favorite birthday gift was my 2nd daughter, Soleil. She was due on my birthday but decided to surprise me 12 days early.

  13. my fave b-day was my was so special! one of the best gifts though...getting to meet Sam Elliott & taking a photo w/him! i had been crushing on that man for 20+ years & could barely talk, but thank God for good friends who got my silly self through! LOL!

  14. Happy Birthday Tracy!

    My favorite present was a surprise party my sweet hubby organized with lots of my friends! Totally and completely surprised!!

  15. Happy Birthday Tracy! My favorite gift was when I turned "Sweet 16". My parents bought my first car for me. It had a big bow on it when I went outside to see it for the first time. Such a long time ago!!!!!

  16. My favorite BD gift was when I got my RED laptop!!!! I LOVE it SO much and use it all the time!!!! Hy Hubby is the bestest!!!!

  17. My favorite birthday gift..was my first handmade birthday cake from my son!!! He was so proud of it and so was I!

  18. Happy Birthday Tracy!!! I have had 48 birthdays so it is hard to choose just one favorite gift. The best is to spend the day with my family and friends!

  19. on of my favorite birthday gifts wasn't actually a wrapped present; my parents came down from NY when I turned 42, bought a bushel of crabs and pounds of shrimp, cold beer and we had a bbq throwdown with family and friends. It was a gift cause I only see them once a year!

  20. Ah! you look so cute. I will come swing with you Miss Tracy... lol..Happy Birthday... the webcast was so fun and I cannot wit till the card class with Lolly...

    my most favorite birthday was this year... I felt like I celebrated the whole month thats to all my Texas Friends... Love them all lots...

  21. my fave bd gift was my 50th surprise party

  22. Brass Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock -- When my son was 6, he took my hubby shopping and insisted on buying me this clock. I was "surprised" he would think I needed an alarm clock, and even more surprised when I saw the $$$ price tag (my husband is very thrifty). Twenty years later, that clock still sits on my bedside table and is one of the first things I see each day.

  23. My favorite birthday gift - and my mom can attest to it - was having to hide my eyes and open them, only to see my very own CABBAGE PATCH doll! The picture is priceless, and I'm so glad my mom braved the madness to get him for me! I still have him, too!

    Happy Birthday, Tracy! Hope to see you all at the LBH again soon!

  24. My favorite birthday gift was the quilt my mom made me for my 30th. It is a Mickey Mouse icon head quilt, and has 30 Mickey icon heads on it. After receiving that, I decided to turn my normal "fru-fru" guest room into a Mickey guest room. Truly my most treasured birthday present ever.

  25. My favorite gift was just last year, my childhood best friend whom I lost contact with for 20+ years sent me flowers.
    Happiest of Birthdays to you!

  26. Happy Late Birthday Miss Tracy!! My favorite birthday present was a Mother's ring from my Hubby and Daughters with all of our birthstones on it.

  27. My favorite birthday gift was a trip to San Francisco with my husband. Is was so romantic!

    A belated Happy Birthday to you, Tracy!!! May you have a year filled with health, happiness and love!

  28. Favorite birthday gift... Yarn!! lol I always need more yarn. Other crafts too but yarn is gone through the most.

  29. My favorite BD gift was a self portrait drawn by my son in 4th grade.

  30. happy bday!!!! faviorite gift was a charm bracelet from my kids, with their charms they picked out for me.

  31. Just watched the March reveal of the Front Porch Kit. What fun! I had planned on watching (my husband was out of town) but he called right when it started and wanted to "chat". Bummer. I got so excited all over again - winning the kit is the highlight of my year so far! Thanks so much.


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