Friday, March 18, 2011

Front Porch Friday is here!!!!

Please join us in celebrating our BIG REVEAL day at ! Our March Kit is appropriately named "A Little Birdie told Me..." and it's filled with feathered fun and tweeting with texture and has piles of paper and some fabulous glitter to glam up your nest...I could go on and on...LOL!!!
With the purchase of your Front Porch kit you will also receive an Instructional CD. It will have full "How To's" and pictures for 5 Feature Projects that have been designed just for YOU! You can see them on the Front Porch website...Click on the March Kit and scroll down the page...they are shown after the Kit Content List. 

The Front Porch Inspiration Gallery will be making it's debut on Monday, 3/21. I can't wait for you to see all of the
fabulous FP Design Team creations!  

Please join us tonight!!!
It's our first episode of Friday Night Live
 from the LBH!

Click here to get to the U-Stream

If you would like to log into the chat,
you will have to open a U-stream account if you don't already have one. (No Account needed to just watch.)
You will meet the Front Porch Team and we will show off the FP March Kit and Feature Projects...and have a little creative FUN! You will learn our famous "Mush & Skwush" technique. Create right along with us are the items you will need:
Spray bottle / Mister (water)
Hot Glue Gun or Helmar 450
1 1/2 x 12 in. strip of cardstock
1 x 6 in. strip of chipboard
We will have lots of give-aways tonight, including two "A Little Birdie told Me..." give-aways! One will go to a lucky chatter and one will go to a lucky commenter! 

I sure hope every"birdie" will be there to join on the fun!

Happy Friday!
Miss Tracy :)


  1. OH my anticipation is so high.... I cannot wait for the fun to begin... see ya on UStream.. :D

  2. Beautiful kit!! Love the contents of it!

  3. Yeah!!! It is Friday...sure do love the FPK (just saw contents...thanks to Teal Tessa). TTTT (tweet tweet til tonight)....

  4. A little Birdie told me I would probably love this kit! Very cute!

  5. I wish I could be there! I'll have to watch the recorded (there will be a recording, right?) version. Have fun everyone!

  6. I will be watching tonight. Can't wait to see what you have done.

  7. You gals have put together a really sTweet kit! Can hardly wait chirp in on tonight's live broadcast.

  8. So cute with so many options!,

  9. Just joined the new cute and the kit looks so exciting!

  10. I am so excited about tonight's fun!!!!!!!!

  11. How exciting!!! I will be watching

  12. This is an absolutely amazing kit! Thanks for sharing your nest with us!!!

  13. super cute! Can't wait to see what else you ladies come up with.

  14. that was really neat seeing you guys live!

  15. I got in late and did not see you,ll, But I watch the Front Porch Kit Video. IT WAS GREAT. GOOD JOB YOU,LL..
    Christian We Love You.......

  16. I just watched the video and it was so inspiring! I wanted to buy one of the kits and they are already sold out! Congrats on selling out so all are definitely off to an amazingly successful start! :)

  17. Hi Miss Tracy,

    I just saw the re-run of your launch of the Front Porch Kits and Loved you and Lolly!!!
    You don't look it at all so Congratulations on your 44th birthday!!!! (comming monday)...
    And loved you on the show and no to worry about your accent, that's the charm of you gals!!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday!


  18. well...I just stumbled on your kit club and am excited to see what's to come!!

  19. I love the kit! I can't believe I forgot about my class on Thrusday- my spring break did it to me..... I apologize but will be coming to make it up
    ~alysa Aelvoet~


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