Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Announcing LBH Art Group Napkin Swap

Everyone had fun at last week's Art Group, continuing to work on their "junky" journals.  We had almost a full house!  Next month we will learn more techniques to add to the books and anyone is welcome to join us.  It is easy to jump right in and play with the techniques each month and we can catch you up on making the base of your book.

We are having a napkin swap!  If you've recently looked in the napkin aisle of your favorite store, there are amazing designs out there! Anyone who wants to participate should bring a minimum of twenty (20) to twenty-four (24) cocktail size napkins to the August meeting. Also bring a paper lunch sack or ziploc baggie with your name on it.  You will receive the same number of assorted napkins back (one from each swapper) and have a fabulous variety to use in future projects!  (Note, the napkins don't have to be all one pattern. If you have assorted ones around the house and don't want to buy a package, feel free to bring those.)

If you're unable to come to the meeting and want to participate, please drop off your napkins at the LBH BEFORE the meetings.

Now keep your eyes open for some beautiful napkins. Can't wait to see them!


  1. how fun.. cannot wait... I will find some cute ones.... :D

    Thanks Susan. I so love Art Group.

  2. I'm really excited about this swap! I love creating with will love it too! The LBH Art Group RoCkS!!

  3. I hope I can make it next month!!! I have already started my book and can not wait to add more!

  4. Art group is such a great way to inspire your creativity....and Susan is just so darn smart 


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