Saturday, May 17, 2014

Front Porch Kits: Sneak Peek Day #1

Happy Saturday!
It's a Happy day at the LBH because we have a NEW Front Porch Kit that will soon be revealed!

Our NEW Front Porch Kit is called 
Weekend Adventure....and it's packed with some fabulous finds perfect for celebrating one of my favorite things...WEEKENDS!!! Whether you are packing up for a weekend trip, or taking your kiddos to the "big game", trips to the Park, your Stay-Cation Destinations, or simply enjoying time with family and friends!!! This kit is perfect for the EveryDay Moments that bring you JoY !!!

Our Front Porch Design Team has had such FuN designing with this Kit! You will be so inspired by their creations...I was blown away!!!! Awesome layouts, cards, tags, home decor, minibooks, and more!!!

Beginning today, I will be posting a Sneak Peek every day and on Tuesday, 5/20, Weekend Adventure will be fully revealed! It's gonna be a wild ride...Follow along with us and prepare yourself for some Incredible Inspiration!!! 


 Our FPK Designers are also posting some fab Sneaks of their Weekend Adventure projects be sure to check out their personal blogs...
Super-Cuteness awaits!!!! 

Pre-orders of Weekend Adventure begin TODAY!
The kit is $45 and you may purchase at the 
Little Blue House or on the LBH website at:

Come back tomorrow for another great Sneak!

Have a great weekend!
Keep Creating,
Miss Tracy :)

P.S. Tell me what one of your favorite Weekend activities is, become an LBH Blog Follower, and you will be entered into a drawing for a 
Weekend Adventure Kit!!!! 


  1. My favorite weekend adventure is spending time with my grown children doing almost anything! I just love being in their company so much.

  2. And my favorite weekend activity is getting to spend time with my husband!
    (as long as there is no Create-a-thon that weekend!)

  3. The sneak peeks look great! My favorite weekend activity is sleeping in!

  4. My favorite weekend activity is soccer with my kiddos. Love all the kit pieces and colors! :)

  5. Loving the look of this kit! I am a follower, and my favorite weekend activity is grilling out with the hubs and scrapping the day away!

  6. Enjoyed all the sneaks on the blog hop. Can't wait for more.

  7. Loving the sneak peeks...can already visualize the pictures that capture our weekends and how they will look with goodies from front porch kit.

  8. One of my absolute favorite things to do on the weekend is to go to the Dallas Arboretum. The flowers are gorgeous and the gardens incredible. I can go through some batteries. LOL!!

  9. Sitting by the pool after spending the day working in the yard :)

  10. My fav. Is playing outside with the kids!

  11. I guess I got distracted this weekend and missed this..good thing I never go more than a couple days not visiting the little blue house! This kit is super adorable and looks like lots of fun to play with!
    My favorite weekend activity is making our special family dinner on Sundays with my sweet MIL Lorience, niece Celina and her son Johnny coming over. My hubby is wanting to take over on the grill now that the evenings are getting warmer. I'm happy to oblige him, but I still make the dessert!

  12. I am so excited to see all the seek peeks.

  13. Spending time with my family, unless there is scrapping to be done. :;-)


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