Sunday, January 30, 2011

CHA Day 2 for the LBH Gals

Here we go...

Heading to the Convention Center! 
My oh my...wonder what we're gonna buy!!

Susan heads straight to a M&T... 
She's working on a Make-n-Take at Maya Road.
You are going to LoVe, LoVe, LoVe the NEW goodies from Maya Road. Yummy stuff girlz!!

Studying the samples before deciding what to order...hmmm...decisions, decisions!

A little smooch before moving on to the next vendor.

 Miss Tracy pumping some iron before gathering more catalogs.

 Kaiser Craft has some beautiful wood craft samples and some awesome paper collections too!

 This was made out of the boxes in the Configurables by TH.

Hold on to your hats, we have some celebrity sightings:

Claudine Helmuth giving us a demo.

Tim Holtz, that's right... up close and personal.
Listen to this!

Post a woo hoo comment if you would like to see Tim come make an appearance at the LBH!  He said that if enough people email him with a request to teach...He will come!! Email him ladies about how much you've learned about his products at the Little Blue House!

Just wait til you see his new products...
FaBuLouS is a huge understatement! 

I am also thrilled to tell you that there are a TON
of great paper collections this season!
Will post more sneak peeks for you tomorrow night!

Luv ya and miss ya!
Miss Tracy :)
& the LBH Gals


  1. would love to see more of TH products/samples, & Margie's stuff as well plse - thankyou

  2. Everything looks so great! I will email Tim. That would be awesome for him to come to LBH!

  3. OMG. I would love to take another one of Tim's classes.
    Love all the sneak peeks. Keep them coming. Off to email Tim. :)

  4. Oh my stars! It would be wonderful for TH to come to the LBH. Love it!

  5. OMG! you guys are sending in some fun stuff... I wil make sure to email Tim I haven't got to meet him yet... I have been where he was two times now and nothing..I would love to se ehima t the LBH....keep pumping Iron Miss Tracy ... and bring lots back....see ya in tomorrows post..

  6. Oh my!!! Love, love, love Tim Holtz!! Anything new from 7 Gypsies??

  7. Love all the home dec and ephemera, but can't wait to see PAPER LINES! Post pics when you can! :-)

  8. Woohoo! Melissa Frances...wasn't aware of her before but am now a fan!!! Love that sample. And can you not love those flowers??? And they are in my colors:). Tim, Tim Tim. We have to get him to teach a class!!! I have a picture of him from Convention:). Maybe if I print the picture and frame it...then send him a copy he will realize that we are super fans of his:).

  9. Thanks for your posts, the next best thing to being there! Can't wait to talk to you when you get back, but in the mean time keep up the posts.

  10. OMG!!! A possibility of Tim Holtz @ the LBH!!! I'm e-mailing him right now!!! Keep the pictures coming!! And keeping having FUN!!!

  11. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - off to email T!m right now! Totally want to meet him and have him teach a class :O)

  12. HMMMMMMM YES....He needs to come to the LBH!!! Come TIM Come...

  13. Have already e-mailed Tim. Love all the paper lines and totally trust your judgement. I know you have to draw the line somewhere and can't get it all. Just as I do.Hope you all are having a blast. Know you will come back exhausted but very excited. Probably on overload.You might get another day off. Weather is suppose to be yucky!!!!


  15. It would be a wonderful experience for Tim to come to LBH and give us live classes! Sending my em today.

  16. OMG--- so jealous of a make&take from Maya Road! Theirs is amazing!!!! Tim please come to LBH!!!!

  17. Would LOVE to see Tim at LBH! Would you post his email address either on the blog or the facebook page....thanks!

  18. Love it! Love everything I'm seeing! WooHoo Timster!

  19. Woohoo! We need Tim @ LBH! Your trip to CHA=danger for my bank account! But it's only $$$, right? ;)


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