Monday, January 24, 2011

"Get It Together" Organizing with Style: Week 3

Welcome to Week #3 of the LB
"Get it Together" Organizational Feature!

Are you ready for the next round of organization???
Week #3: Large Embellishments

Large embellishments is a HUGE category...these type of embellishments are typically difficult to organize because they are all so different...different in type,shape, size, packaging, etc. I will be sharing with you today a few tips on how to sort these items and share a few ways that I have chosen to store mine.

Miss Tracy's Tips:
First of all...I generally keep my embellishments that specifically coordinate with a paper collection WITH that collection. As a designer, this aids me when it comes to writing up submissions,posts, guides, etc. but when I have completed my projects, then those embellies get transferred back into my "General Population" which is what I will be sharing with you today.

Miss Tracy's Tips:

1. First, sort out all of your themed or seasonal embellishments. Place all of your Halloween Embellishments together, all of your Birthday Embellishments together, and so forth... Here is a look at how I store my themed embellishments...

I keep all of my themed embellishments in these clear Iris Cases and have them labeled so that if I am working on a specific themed project, it is easy for me to just go and grab that box. I have them stacked on shelves in my Scrap Shack like so...
This system works really well for me. If I am going on retreat or to a crop and I know I am working on Christmas Projects, LO's and such...I just grab my Christmas Embellishment box to bring along. You can find these boxes at Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn's. They go on sale quite often.

2. Next, you will sort everything that is left by type.  For example, put all of your Thickers/Alphas in one pile, put all of your chipboard together in another pile, etc. Here are a couple of organizational solutions that have worked great for me when it comes to sorting by type...

 Yep...that's storage boxes again!  These work great for storing your embellishments by type. Here are a few examples of the types of items that I store in these labeled boxes...Grungeboard, Charms/Jewelry, Tags/Journal, Felt, Flowers, Ephemera, Metal, etc. I currently have these labeled with paper but will soon be changing them out to Chalkcloth :)
Here is another way that I LOVE to store my large embellishments...especially the tall stuff.
These corrugate organizers are fabulous and very sturdy. I use them for my alphas, masks, basically any of my tall embellishment packages and they work great for all of my Magazines too!

And they look so cute when you adorn them with your favorite papers, trim and my new favorite thing...chalkcoth labels! I love the chalkcloth because with the new Chalk Ink Markers, they wipe off easily and I can re-label them when I move things around.

We are selling the organizers at the LBH for .79 each (you can also find these at Ikea) and we are selling the Chalk Cloth and Chalk Ink Markers...stop by to find out more about these awesome goodies!

I want to share one more organizational solution with you today. Through the years, I have really struggled with how to store my chipboard embellishments. I have finally found a solution that works wonderfully for me. I save all of my tins from Maya Road and have re-purposed them...

 This is how I store ALL of my Chipboard Alpha's ...I have them all together (I don't seperate the fonts because I like to mix them up when I'm creating). I used my label maker to label each box and place those letters in the box like so...

 As for my other chipboard pieces, I have them sorted by type and placed in their own box. For example, I have all my numbers in one box, birds & branches in another, frames in another, and so forth...
 I can find everything easily and they look great on my shelves!

Your Scrappy-Do List this week:
Seperate and sort your Large Embellishments

Don't forget about your Blessings Box...toss the embellishments that you will no longer use so that they can become a blessing to someone else.  Your Blessings Box you should be growing...I will be posting info on where to donate these items in the next couple of weeks. Please post a comment on your favorite ways to store your Large Embellishments! One lucky commenter will win some wonderful products from Maya Road! If you haven't realized by now...I am a HUGE Maya Road FAN!

Now, I have the great privilege of announcing the WINNER from Week #2...drum roll please........the winner is

Congratulations ! Please contact the LBH to claim your goodies from WeRMemory Keepers!

Happy Organizing and let's keep our commitment to
"Get it Together" in 2011!
Miss Tracy :)


  1. I am all over this, Tracy. I really like the idea of mixing the chipboard and keeping them by letter not font. Also, I would love to get tips about submissions and getting published!

  2. Congrats to Casey for winning last week's drawing. My large embellishments have been stored on hooka that are attached to my scrapbook desk's doors. But they are getting heavy and seem to be multiplying. I will be purchasing some clear boxes and trying that system out. My problem is I REALLY like to try and see as many as I can when I am scrapbooking.

  3. I love love love your your ideas for storing your embellishments. I have just started collecting my goodies as I do a project. I was looking for ways to store themthat also looks like great in my room.

    Thank you again!!

  4. I have them on some hooks - but not in good order at all so I appreciate all the tips! Especially for the tall ones!

  5. I also use photo storage boxes for my large embellies. I think I'll start using those taller boxes for my tall sticker sheets too!

  6. I am so excited about winning!!! I store my large embellies in the plastic rolling carts. I label the drawers spring,winter,fall,summer, love /family,baby and boys/girls, and birthday/back to school. Ribbon and scrap paperalso have a drawer. This system works great for me.

  7. Congrats to the Big Winner....

    Miss Tracy...I love this idea...of sorting by holiday and such...I need lots of work in this area.... I tell you... this has been a chore keeping up with you ladies....but I soooo needed this... Thanks so much...

  8. Ahhh, the struggle of large embellishments! I have a scrap rack and keep things together by theme in there, but I do tend to find other things just floating around. I have a clip it up but I am not crazy about it and so I really like your ideas Tracy! I might just givie it a try! Thanks for all your great ideas!!!

  9. i am loving your organizational posts this year! they are so awesome & helpful! thank you so much for these ideas...i love them! thanks for inspiring me to get my stash organized! hugs!

  10. Love the ideas for the chipboard letters , I am going to be working on that this week, thanks Tracy!

  11. Fabulous ideas, i'll have to put some of these into practise thanks:)

  12. Thanks for great help you are, to getting us organized! I started putting Christmas & Thanksgiving like this not very long ago, I have lots. I will now group all other stuff like this too!!! Thanks for tips!!! TFS

  13. I've been waiting for the chipboard alphas storage. I don't have any of those boxes but I'm sure I can find something similar. Thanks for the info. I am still working on my ribbon. But did finish my embellishments. It feels good to get organized once again. It's alwYs an on going process.

  14. i have been struggling with the way i need to organize mine so this post is much appreciated!

  15. I have a 2-tier Clip-It from Simply Renee that I keep rub-ons, sticker sheets, Jolee's, etc. on - they're sorted by theme - flowers, travel, etc. I too have the Maya Road tins w/chipboard in them but will be re-organizing those because I like your idea for the chipboard letters, etc.

  16. How funny. I just started separting my embellies in the Iris boxes too! I have two for Christmas and one for Valentines. I really like this idea.
    Still struggling a bit with the chipboard though.

  17. So many GREAT ideas, Tracy!! Love the chipboard alpha storage one! I'm going to try that!!! Do you store Halloween embellishments with Halloween paper, yada,yada,yada???

  18. Great ideas! I guess I need to buy more photo boxes. I really like the suggestion about the chipboard letters.

  19. What good ideas. I really struggle trying to organize my scrapbooking stuff. I know I would use more of my embellies if I could put my hands on them easily. I love your idea to use the corrugate organizers for your thickers--so easy to see them. I definitely will pick up several of the organizers next time I'm in the LBH--great price

  20. Great idea for my large embellishments. I'm almost finished...except I have a lot of leftovers that don't fit into any category. I guess I'll still have a miscellaneous drawer:).


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