Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blue Crew Product Review: NEW Luminarte products & Silks

This week's Blue Crew Product Review is all about some of the NEW products from Creative Imaginations!!!
Not only are we excited to have Cheryl Mezzetti, First
Lady of Luminarte teaching at the LBH this Thursday,
We are also so excited to be carrying Luminarte products and the NEW Silks and Paint It papers and embellies at
The Little Blue House!! 
In this Review, we are going to share with you some fun new Luminarte products and how you can learn more about these cool, creative products!

What is Luminarte???
Luminarte consists of a variety of top quality pigment and shimmer painting products. They are known for Vibrant and Gorgeous paints that add Brilliance to all of your Art Projects!
Twinkling H20s Shimmering Watercolors
Twinkling H20's enhance all styles of painting!!!!
It is a watercolor paint with just the right amount of sparkle.
Your creations will come to life with vibrancy!
 This unique paint incorporates a proprietary blend of mica and other minerals that transmit refractive light and color, similar to light rays in a crystal. Other pearl watercolors use less expensive grade pigment and mica, their colors produce a dull outcome when mixed and blended because their paint absorbs light. The sparkle and shimmer of Twinkling H2Os add depth and dimension, even when used in washes. Realistic images such as butterflies, birds, fish, water, and flowers come alive. They come in a rainbow of colors!
TIP: Before you start painting, you want to simply spritz down your watercolor with water from spray bottle or mister.  Spritz your watercolors with water...wait a minute to allow the water to penetrate and spritz again... Then you’re ready to play with Twinkling H20s Shimmering Watercolors!!

Radiant Rain Shimmering Mists!!
Radiant Rain Shimmering Mists are unique Watercolor-Acrylic Hybrid paint. These Mists consists of brilliant finely dispersed pigments, micas, proprietary crystalline elements and acrylic resin binder. When misted it produces gorgeous shimmering color adding brilliance to your art. A premier quality spray tops, with proper maintenance, eliminate clogging, while delivering an even spray of shimmer mist. The new formulation allows the shimmer and medium to mix easily and emulsify evenly. The removable top allows you to use the paint directly with a paint brush, calligraphy pen, eye dropper, sponge, etc. They come in a several different colors.

Silks Acrylic Glaze Paints 

Introducing...New Silks Acrylic Glaze Paints from Luminarte by Dreaming in Color. These paints are brand new on the market and are a translucent, acrylic glaze version of Twilking H20s but cover lots of surfaces like wood, paper, chipboard, acrylic and more!   "I simply LOVE these products, and more importantly, the feedback I get on my work when I use them is amazing. The colors are vibrant, the quality is excellent, and the shimmer and sparkle is breathtaking (even if they are not always easy to photograph)"-Luminarte Artist Dion Dior

Want to learn more and have the opportunity to play with these new goodies??  
Cheryl Mezzetti, First Lady of Luminarte will be Teaching 2 Specialty Workshops and  at the LBH this Thursday May 3rd!!!
You have a chance to be a student in Cheryl's class, learn lots of great tips and tricks about Luminarte products, play with all the beautiful colors of paints, and go home with a fabulous finished project!! :) If you are interested in being a part of these great creative opportunities then click here to get all the info about her workshops... 

Don't delay... spots are filling up so call the LBH to reserve your seat in the workshops of your choice :) 

Cheryl will also be doing product demonstrations on Thursday make plans to stop by and see her and the Luminarte /Silks goodies in action!  You will also love learning about the NEW Paint It papers, Paint It shapes, Real Wood,  and more NEW products from Creative Imaginations...and for even more FUN...We will have some fun prize give-aways for you to enjoy!
For more online information:

Happy National Scrapbook Week!!
Stop by and celebrate with us!!!
The Blue Crew :)


  1. wow! that's a lot of fun stuff. Can't wait for the Songbird Shadowbox class. I'm excited!

  2. UGH! I need to marry a rich man.. these all look so very fun to work with.... and what fun talent coming in to craft with you all... have fun


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