Friday, June 22, 2012

Blue Crew Product Review: Stone Art by Viva Decor

Stone Art Effects by Viva Decor
Its Summer Time! The Blue Crew whats to show you a cool new product to add to your Summer Projects!
Our Blue Crew Product Review is
all about Stone Art by Viva Decor!!

Viva Decor Stone Art is a True Stone made from Natural Minerals!
A stone effect product to imitate natural granite or marble.
 Also perfect to fill or apply with a pallet knife.
Viva Decor Stone Effect Paint contains natural ground stone, marble and granite. Color variations may occur due to color changes in the mined stone.
Unique effects can easily be achieved.
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor
- Water based acrylic
- Contains only ground natural stone

-Sand, White, Sand Gold, and Black
The Little Blue House takes it to the TEST!

Check out the Sand Gold on the corrugated flowers on the
"To the Beach" Layout designed by Tracy Pounds (Miss Tracy ). 

       -I enjoyed using Stone Art on my Layout! It went on very easily...I just spread it with a plastic knife and it didn't flake off once it was dry :) like some other products I've used in the past. I was also able to use my heat gun on it to speed up the it! Really looks authentic... I look forward to crafting with it more! It will be great to use with my Stencils!
  -Miss Tracy

For the Full Effect come by the LBH to check it out!
We would be happy to show it to you! :)

Keep Creating,
The Blue Crew
P.S. Leave a comment for a chance to WIN a bottle of Stone Art compliments of the Blue Crew :)


  1. Love the demintion that this product can bring to my layouts. I am really interested in trying out this cool technique.

    Kelly Bailey

  2. I really like the effect on the flowers. I'm thinking of a way to use it on my ornaments.

  3. Awesome, I have been wanting to get some "sand" stuff for beach layouts. I can't wait to get some and play with it!!!!

  4. I'm headed to Florida in July and would love to have some of this product to play with when we get back to go with our beach pics. I know that Tracy will have some Great ideas!!

  5. That looks like fun! Can't wait to try it! I imagine you have some in the shop! :)

  6. Love the flowers. And Stone Art sounds easy to work with.

  7. love the stone art texture..wanting to use on canvas

  8. Can't wait to try out my stone texture stuff! I will have to try it with a stencil, if I have any.

  9. I would love it for my sandy beaches or pathways on my layouts.


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