Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Stars and Stripes Project by Susan Liles

Hi, it's me, Susan Liles here with something new to show y'all!  I'm so happy I got to play with this STARS and STRIPES paper and stickers from ECHO PARK.  It's a fun mini collection and I LOVE anything patriotic.  It was hard to keep from buying all of our red, white and blue collections up at the store!
Anyway, today I wanted to share what I made with that collection and my quick design process (sort of a tutorial) of how I created this very quickly and easily using just a couple of basic ideas for the pages.  Also, I may not show all the pages here (it's 5 decorated pages front and back!), but the sample is up at the store for all of you "touchy feel-y" types.

I started with one of those cute .99 frame stands from Ikea and 2 binder rings.  Then I started designing ONLY TWO page "types".  The first page is one of them and the second page is another.

Now I don't mean page SHAPE, although I did alternate those with 4x6's and a banner shape just for fun.  What I mean is, I stuck with just 2 general layouts and simply changed them up a bit for each page.  Look close and y'all can see that

"Layout 1" has a layered piece going across the bottom, a wonky rectangle, a circle element in the corner, and some other element along the left side.

"Layout 2" has a layered piece going across the top, a wonky rectangle for a picture and large elements in one or two corners only.  Once that general concept was prepared, all I had to do was embellish!

Y'all may think at first by just keeping the format simple like this, your book would be boring or repetitive.  The embellishments are what makes each page striking and different.  By using this method, this book came together fairly easy, and all I used were the papers, stickers, some ribbon and a few other "extras" that I had at my fingertips!  You could easily establish this concept with any mini book or album.  Let us know what you think, or come by and check out the "real thing" today!

Is this Layout 1 or Layout 2?  Wink!!!!

All supplies can be found either in-house at The Little Blue House or on our website:


  1. So Cute, Susan Liles!! Love it!!

  2. Very festive designs Susan.

    Hugs Diane

  3. Very festive designs Susan.

    Hugs Diane

  4. I have been waiting for this project!I even bought the papers for it and then my computer had issues. So happy to get to see it now! Susan, I love, love love this 4th of July project and plan to make more like this for the other holidays or special days! Thanks so much for the tutorial!


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