Friday, July 10, 2015

Authentique: Classique Beauty Assemblage

Authentique:  Classique Beauty

Have you been seeing assemblage pieces everywhere?.... I have.  It's left me inspired to try my own.  This was a fun project using Authentique : Classique Beauty and a few odds and ends from around the house.  

This project requires....

Authentique : Classique Beauty :Beauty One, Beauty Eleven, Beauty Six
24 gauge wire, or something close to
Glass Jar (this one was purchased from Dollar Tree because it did not have writing)
Peat Moss
Yellow and Black marker
Wink of Stella in Gold
Queen and Co. Trendy Tape : Vintage Ephemera 
Yellow tulle trim
Rhinestone Trim
White Doily
Glue Gun
Buttons, flowers, paperclips in coordinating colors

The first step was cutting out the image and coloring a few places to tie in the yellow...

Go over the marker/pencil with a touch of the Gold, Wink of Stella pen and attach the other parts of the image.  I let the size of the jar dictate how large to make it.  Cut out a triangle to make a party hat.  I just kept trimming until the proportion seemed right.  Add some embellishments to her hat.  

So nothing holds this portion in place but the jar itself, I used glue dots so I could adjust this until it stayed where I wanted.  

Put some Styrofoam in the lid, doesn't need to be pretty.  It will not be seen.

Add some peat moss to cover the foam, don't worry about fit now-  it gets a haircut when everything is in place. 

Make some stick pins with a pencil and wire.  Wrap around the pencil about 3 times and bend at a 90 degree angle.  Just slide the paper through the loops and it should hold nicely.  

Add wire to the large paper clip to make it stand up tall.

Assemble a flower with buttons, sequins and rhinestone with some wire between the button and flower. Butterflies and arrows were done the same way.  

Now stick things these things to the foam, trimming and adjusting heights.

Slip the jar on top of it all and trim the pieces poking out so that you can get the lid to stay on.  

Add some washi tape to the jars rim, finish off with yellow tulle trim, some rhinestones and a doily.  

Cut an approximate circle to cover the top, distress the edges slightly.

Stack some buttons and glue together with hot glue to make a faux finial.

Attach to the top.

After making a few projects do you find yourself with some great scraps?  Between vetoed ideas and paper remnants... there's always a few projects to whip together. 

This was pulled together with scraps, stamps and some black and yellow ink.  Stamped some butterflies, inked them up, trimmed them out and glued it all together.  

Use your scraps, use the paper!  Paper hoarding gets us nowhere!  ha,  my excuse is I get to buy more if I use it all.  

Thanks for checking out my projects!

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  1. Lindsey as usual, my has jaw dropped. You are soo talented!

  2. Such a beautiful piece! I have seen a lot of these on the web recently. Thanks for showing us how to make it!


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