Tuesday, November 24, 2015

12 Days of Ornaments: Day #11

Hello Friends!

Miss Tracy here...Welcome back to another great hand-made Ornament Tutorial! It is Day #11 of our 12 Days of Ornaments Blog Feature....can't believe how fast the days have flown by! 

Today I have a special Ornie to share with you! Most of you know that I L-O-V-E to repurpose things and one of my recent projects inspired the ornament I am sharing with you today. On Sun. 12/6 and on Wed. 12/9, I will be holding a Shutter Snowman Workshop at the Little Blue House. Look how adorable these Frosty Friends are....

I had "snow" much fun making these cuties that I decided to replicate them in a miniature size! Introducing my Miniature Snowman Shutter Ornaments!!! 

I have always been fond of Snowmen so these will be the perfect addition to my Christmas Tree! 

Here are the items you will need to create your own Snowman Ornaments: 

1 Miniature Shutter
Small Popsicle Stick
White and Black Paint
small piece of Orange Cardstock
Ribbon or Fabric for Scarf
Twine & Pom
Black dots or jewels for eyes
Hot Glue
Diamond Stickles
Glossy Accents
Black Chalk Ink or Distress Ink

**We are selling this Ornament as a KIT at the Little Blue House ...AND...this Saturday 11/28 is Small Business Saturday...We will be offering Mini "Make It" Sessions where you can come to the LBH and create one in class with me! We are scheduling 30 minute sessions beginning at 10:30am and running through 1:30pm. Cost is $5 and that covers everything you need to make your Snowman Ornament. You can call ahead to the LBH to reserve your time slot. Available only while supplies last. Hope you can come join in the fun!!!

Miss Tracy's "How To":

1. Paint your miniature shutter with white paint. Set aside to dry or speed up the process by using your heat tool to dry the paint. 

2. Cut the rounded edges off of your popsicle stick. Paint Black (back and front). Paint black onto the top portion of your shutter. This portion will be your hat.  Set aside to dry or dry with your heat tool.

3. Using hot glue, attach the hat brim to the shutter as shown. 
4. Lightly apply Diamond Stickles over the white part of the Snowman Shutter. Swipe across with your finger. 

5. Cut a Carrot Nose from your Orange Cardstock. Ink the edges with black ink. Glue as desired onto shutter. I used a dot of hot glue to attach. 
6. Attach his Eyes of Coal using a drop of Glossy Accents. 

7. Cut a piece of ribbon (about 10 inches). This could be fabric if you desire. Wrap ribbon around the Snowman Shutter and tie off...don't actually knot it, just kind of overlap it and secure it in place with a dot of hot glue. Trim the tails at desired lengths. 
8. Embellish his hat with some twine and a pom or whatever else you would like to use. 

9. Attach the ornament hanger to the back of the Snowman's head using hot glue. 

10. Add some glossy accents over his nose and set aside to dry. 

11. Hang on your tree....and enjoy! 

Don't these little guys just melt your heart??!??!! If you would like to WIN one of my Snowman Shutter Ornaments, please post a comment here. One lucky commenter will be chosen to WIN and announced on tomorrow's post.  

Share with me one of your favorite activities to do in the Winter. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and will stop by and see us on Small Business Saturday, 11/28. Thanks for reading!!!
Come back and see us tomorrow for our final Ornament!

Keep Creating!
Miss Tracy :) 

Congratulations to AshleyH !!! You are the WINNER of Day #10's Ornament. Please call or stop by the LBH to claim your prize. 


  1. This is my most favorite one... :D I love to play in the snow with my grandies during the winter months.. and snuglle and watch movies with them too.

  2. so adorable!!! I love drinking hot chocolate by the fire in the winter time! :)

  3. These are absolutely adorable! I collect snopwmen ornaments, and I'd be thrilled to win one! Love the big ones too... very clever! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!
    My favorite winter activity... a walk in the fresh fallen snow followed by a nice hot cocoa when I get back to the house!

  4. I love these little guys!! Can't wait to make them for gifts next year. One of my favorite wintertime things is to make ornaments in January that I will be giving away as presents the next Christmas. I like getting it out of the way early.

  5. Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.

  6. These are SO so cute. I love the mini shutters

  7. This is such an adorable ornament, Tracy! I love anything with shutters!
    My favorite winter activity is to bundle up in the car, look at all the Christmas lights, and then come home for hot cocoa!

  8. Can you reserve a couple of these for me? They are just adorable.

  9. This is so cute! I have a shutter die-cut so I am going to try and create the ornament with some adjustments.

    In the winter, I enjoy crafting and quilting. Great time to be indoors doing what you love.

  10. I love snowmen!!!!! Especially if I'm inside, sitting by a fire!!!


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