Wednesday, November 18, 2015

LBH 12 Days of Ornaments- Day #5

Good Morning Friends!
It's Day #5 of the LBH 12 Days of Ornaments Blog Feature! I hope you are enjoying all the Hand-Made Ornament Tutorials and I'm super-excited to share one of my Ornaments today!

Introducing my ColorBurst Ornaments...

Aren't they beautiful?!?!? I love how they turned out....they remind me of colorful, stained glass. And the best part about these beauties---They are SO easy and fun to create!! 

Some of you may be asking yourself..."What in the world is Colorburst??"... Colorburst is an amazing watercolor powder medium that lets you create beautiful watercolor techniques like you've never seen before. It's as easy as "Sprinkle & Spritz" and the results are fabulous!!! Colorbursts are brought to us by Ken Oliver Crafts and come in 12 unique colors including brights and earth tones. 

So let's get started...Here are the following items I used to create these unique Colorburst Ornaments:

**available at the Little Blue House***
Paper Mache Round Ornaments
Metallic Paint (gold or red) 
Colorburst Watercolor Powders (Ken Oliver Crafts)
Best Ever Craft Mat (Ken Oliver Crafts)
Water Mister Bottle & Paper Towels
Stencil (The Crafter's Workshop)
Watercolor Paper (Ranger)
Gold Signo Uniball Pen
Fast Grab Tacky Glue (Scotch)
Ribbon for bow toppers & Glue Gun

Miss Tracy's How To:
Begin by painting your Paper Mache Ornaments...I chose to paint mine with a metallic paint. The Gold is a Paint Dabber by Ranger and the Red is a Paint by DecoArt.

Because Colorbursts are watercolor powders, it's best to use a watercolor paper. I am using Watercolor Paper by Ranger. I used my Silhouette to cut out circles to top my ornaments. You could simply trace and hand cut if you don't have an electronic cutter. You could also cut scalloped circles for another fun look.

Now for the fun part....Lay the stencil over the watercolor paper circle. Sprinkle the Colorburst powder into specific areas of the stencil openings...You will do this by lightly tapping the bottom of the bottle over the spot you want that color to go...

When you finish....It will look something like this...I used these specific Watercolor Powders pictured below...

Next, we Spritz! You will want a Spray Bottle that has a fine mist setting. Then spray it like you mean it....Nice strong- fine spray...No dribbles of water

Lift the stencil straight up and then turn it over onto another piece piece of paper...Why?? Because I never let this good watercolor go to waste...I will use these other pieces for another project later on...I lay the stencil over onto the paper, roll over it with a roll of paper towels, then lift it off....I l-o-v-e the result...

You will need to let it dry completely...I use my Heat Gun to speed up the drying process. It may curl up a bit but then it will flatten back out. I really wanted my ornament to have a unique look so I took my Uniball Signo Pen (metallic gold) and traced/doodled around each section. This is what adds to the Stained Glass effect that I was wanting....I love it!!! It also helps define the design.

I attached to the Paper Mache Ornament with Scotch Tacky Glue. I put a Colorburst Circle on both sides of each ornament. 

The final touch was the bow topping the ornament. I created two ribbon bows and glued them to the ornament, back to back, with the gold string ornament hanger sandwiched in the center. I used hot glue to attach the bows. 

They look so beautiful hanging on the Tree! 
I can't wait to create more of these and I hope that you will create some of your own. Also...for those of you who want to craft with your kiddos or grandies for the holidays...Colorbursts are extremely kid-friendly! They will love creating with you using this simple "Spritz & Sprinkle" technique! 

I hope you enjoyed my Colorburst Ornament Tutorial and I'm so excited to give away one of them to a lucky commenter! Share with me what colors you typically decorate with for Christmas. Tomorrow we will post the WINNER of today's Ornament!

Stay tuned for more great Ornament Tutorials....and if you are just joining us, please scroll through the posts so that you can see our first 4 Ornies! Thanks for reading my post!

Keep Creating!
Miss Tracy :)


  1. Gorgeous! I am on a kick of bright red, lime or bright green and white.

  2. This is sooo cute. I think I have everything to make it except a stencil. I decorate with mostly red and green and some gold and silver. I even have a red tinsel skinny tree for my kitchen.

  3. I have a pink tree and am partial to flamingo ornaments but my sister is trying to make her own decorations this year. These would be great.

  4. These are really neat. I like the stained glass look.

  5. I love this Tracy!!!! You are so talented. Can't wait to try this. I haven't used the color burst stuff yet.

  6. My Colors for Christmas are red, gold and white.. all Santa and Angels on my tree.... love this fun festive ornament Miss Tracy

  7. I decorate with nativity scenes and angels, a Christmas village I made several years ago, and snowmen. I like blue and silver. I like red and green and gold. These are beautiful ornaments.

  8. Gorgeous colors and design!
    I use traditional red and green!

  9. Love the stained glass look! I do different themed trees so the Santa tree is red, snowman tree is white and silver, and have done different colored trees to match kids rooms. My all time favorite was a natural tree with brown, like nests, birds, cinnamon sticks with amber lights

  10. What a beautiful stained glass look you achieved with the Ken Oliver paints! I had no idea they worked that way. I can see you filling a whole tree with these ornaments!
    I'm nearly always using the traditional colors of red, white, and green.

  11. These are some absolutely beautiful ornaments. I saw them on Ken Oliver's blog. I love using colorburst. You just never know what will come from that little bottle. ♥

    1. So true Shari! It's like magic everytime...I love Colorburst❤️

  12. Miss Tracy, these ornaments are stunning! My family likes the mid-century modern look with lots of bright colors - pink, aqua, red, blue, green, and gold. We use Grandma's old glass Shiny Brite ornaments! Love Christmas!!

  13. Love more than words can say. I can't wait to come to come to your store

    1. I can't wait either Lisa!!! Hope you can come soon!

  14. Beautiful!!! Thank you, Miss Tracy!

  15. I love stencils and I love this ornament.


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