Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh me...Oh my...So Many Comments!!

Thanks friends for your many comments!  I tried my best to choose my favorites...Guess what?!?!  My list is too long to post!!  I LOVE them ALL!  I couldn't even pick the colors to give away so I decided that our Lucky Commenter will get to choose their own!  That Lucky Commenter is.........

Dee Dee Johnson

Congratulations Dee Dee!  Next time you visit the LBH, you will be taking home one bottle of Shimmerz Spritz, one jar of Shimmerz Blingz, and one jar of Shimmerz Pearlz! 
You get to choose the colors!


  1. Congratulations Dee Dee! You will LOVE this stuff! And I'm not sure how you will choose your colors as they are all beautiful.

  2. Woo Hoo DeeDee!!! Enjoy your free Shimmerz!!!

  3. lucky girl - Congrats DeeDee!!

  4. woohoo congrats. one of these days I am going to try some of that yummy stuff

  5. congrats Dee Dee! I bought some of the new stuff and LOVE IT!!!

  6. certainly know how to make a girls day...I cannot wait to try these..I was so teased by them when I first seen them...

    thanks so much...see ya soon...

  7. Yea! DeeDee, now which one to choose????


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