Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Little Blue House 12 Days of Ornaments: Day #3

Good Morning...Elaine here to share my Glitzy Washi Tape ornaments with you! Here is a picture of the two ornaments I created. I used a paper mache ornament and fabulous Washi Paper. Both are available to purchase at the Little Blue House.

 I love Washi Tape and I think it's awesome that now they are available in a full-size sheet...makes it easy to craft a larger surface...and because it's a paper tape, you can cut these sheets in the Cricut or use your die cuts with ease. Look at all the wonderful colors and patterns the sheets come in...

 Supplies you will need to create this ornament:
Paper Mache Ornament
Washi Paper
Glossy Accents or Diamond Glaze
Glitter - I used Halo Glitter (available at LBH)
Bling for center
Ribbon -about a yard of two colors
Hot Glue or Tacky Glue
Copy Paper
 First, paint the ornament and after it is dry pull out the hanger.  It is best to use white paint as the Washi paper is translucent and if the paint color is too dark the pattern is muted.
Next, take a about a 4" square of copy paper and press it onto one of the sections of the ornament. I outlined the fold marks so it would be easier for you to see. Cut out the section- you will use this as a template.
This is what your template should look like.
Trace the template twelve times onto the back of the Washi paper. If you place them like the picture below it takes less time to cut them out and you will maximize your Washi paper.
Cut out the pieces. Oops I am missing one - there should be twelve.
 Peel the backing off the Washi paper and place onto the ornament. 
Start from the center and work out. 
Cut a small slit as shown below and press onto ornament.  The paper tape is so flexible you don't have to worry about it creasing and if it does it flattens out great. Try not to have the paper tape overlap too much as it clouds the pattern. Also these ornaments are not perfectly symmetrical so you may have to trim a little off some of the pieces.
Cover the entire ornament on both sides.
Now for the GLITZY FUN - Apply Glossy Accents or Diamond Glaze on the edges of the ornament and apply Halo Glitter.  I wish the pictures could show how GLITTERY GORGEOUS it is .Let the first side dry and then apply to the back. Tap off excess glitter.  I went into the garage and blew off additional excess.  You can also use a paint brush to brush away excess once the glossy is dry.  

I used hot glue to add center embellishment. Make a bow and hanger out of the ribbon and attach with glue gun. On this one I used a felt Flower with a gem in the center.
   On this ornament I used one of the metal flowers from Momenta (available at LBH).
I hope I've inspired you to create some of my Glitzy Washi Tape Ornaments! You will really love the sparkle that they will add to your Tree!  To win one one of these ornaments, post a comment and tell me what is the first ornament you put on your tree each year and why it is so special.  The first one I put on is the very first ornament we bought as a couple.  We bought it at The Christmas Place in Ft. Lauderdale. The store was owned by Lynn Howell and she had a parking place that was labeled "Mrs. Howell" - when I went to the store if she wasn't there I would park in the spot - Figured, Hey it has my name on it!! 

 I hope you have a Blessed Holiday Season.
Stop by soon and see all the beautiful ornaments and Christmas projects we have created at the LBH and be sure to join us again tomorrow for another great hand-made Ornament tutorial!

The Winner for Day #2's Artsy Mini Canvas Ornament is...LADY BRIGHT

 Lady Bright said...
These are darling! Even my son who does not like paper ornaments decided "yeah, these would be okay, mom" !!

I'm always looking for non-breakables now that there are little ones wandering around the tree again.
Congratulations! Please stop by or contact the LBH to claim
 your ornament and Thanks for commenting!


  1. What a great tutorial! I always start with my antique glass bead garland. And the 1st ornament up is never the same - it's whatever I grab out of the box first!

  2. I love how you used the glitter.. I would never have thought of that.. darling ornament...

  3. Very sweet and easy!! I'll have to find some sheets while I'm out tomorrow.

    Our first ornament on the tree is a very old, faded elf. (He's older than I am) He sits inside next to the trunk, just to keep an eye on everything.

    My mother was tossing the 'ugly' ornaments and decos, as she had far too many for her smaller house. I could NOT let the poor little elf find his way into the trash.

    My kids look for him first thing every year.

  4. They are so cute!!! I love them!!!!

  5. What a great tutorial! Now I know how to work with the washi paper! You made it look as easy as the washi tape strips!
    The first ornaments I put on the tree are photos of my daughter, Stephanie. We have them from her first Christmas through 12th grade. I love looking at all of her pictures!!


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