Monday, November 19, 2012

The Little Blue House 12 Days of Ornaments: Day #9

Happy Monday Everyone!
Kristyn here today to share my Handmade Ornament for Day #9...Thanks so much for following along! 

I have created  yummy ornaments for you to enjoy! Take a look at my cute little Gingerbread Couple...

These ornaments are really easy to create and I think it would be a great Kids Craft crafting can be so much fun!

Here are the supplies that you will need:
Paper Mache Ornament
(these could be gingerbread men, trees, bells, really any shape would be cute as a cookie ornament)
Self-adhesive Cork
Stickles - Diamond, Red, Black
Paint - Metallic Espresso
Chalk Ink - Mocha Mama
Helmar 450 Tacky Glue
Snow Writer
Diamond Dust
Ribbon (about 24 in.)

Okay...time to get cooking!!!
Begin by painting your ornament...set aside to dry or use your heat gun to dry it quickly. Then trace the ornament on the back of the self-adhesive cork and cut it out. Apply the cork gingerbread cut out to the ornament.

Now to make our Gingerbread Man looked golden brown on the edges, add a little brown chalk ink.

Add a little holiday sparkle to your gingerbread by pouncing some Diamond Stickles over the cork with your finger.

Time to ice our Cookie...I used a product called Snow Writer and drew on the icing accents on my Gingerbread Man. Immediately after, I sprinkled over the icing with Diamond Stickles. Looks just like sugar crystals!

Tap off the excess "sugar" and then add his eyes (black stickles) and his cherry buttons (red stickles).

While the stickles is still wet, add some bling to the center of each cherry button. I used twinkle cute!

Allow your stickles and icing to dry...
To finish off your yummy ornament, take your ribbon and glue around the edge of the ornament. Attach the ribbon with Helmar 450 tacky glue. Go around the entire ornament. Slightly overlap the ribbon when it meets and trim off the excess.

Take excess piece and create a loop for the hanger. Use Tacky Glue or Hot Glue and attach to the back of the ornament.

Your Gingerbread Man is now complete...

I created my second Gingerbread Ornament and decided my guy needed a I adorned her with pink bling and a cute little red bow! I love my cute little Gingerbread Couple!!!

Thank you for reading my tutorial today and I hope you will create a whole batch of these fun, yummy Gingerbread Ornaments! 

My Mom especially loves these cuties because she decorates our entire kitchen every Christmas with Gingerbread Guys and Gals that she has collected over the years. Do you decorate your kitchen at Christmas??? Share your answer with me by leaving a comment and YoU will be entered into a chance to WiN one of my Gingerbread Ornaments!

Have a Crafty Christmas!

The WINNER of Day #8's Ornament is...
shanna said...
Beautiful ornaments. Such a great idea!! Looks pretty easy to make. I will have to try it. I only put up 1 tree. Thanks for all of the great ideas!!

Congratulations Shanna! Please stop by or contact the LBH to claim your ornament!


  1. Oh, they are so cute. I have to make one or two for my tree.

  2. I love the ornament! I have gingerbread decorations in my kitchen also. Now, go study! We are proud of you! :)

  3. Kristyn, you are definitely your mama's daughter; you little crafty devil!!! Love this little couple. I do decortate some in my kitchen but do not have one gingerbread man:( I need one of these to start up gingerbreads in my kitchen.

  4. Just Darling Kristyn.. I know your mom will treasure these.. I don't decorate my kitchen for holidays anymore.. sure do love decorating thou...

  5. These are adorable! The sandpaper is very clever.

  6. This has to be the "Sweetest" ornament of the season! Don't decorate my kitchen Since I'm not a good cook, I try to stay out of the kitchen as much as possible! Kristyn, I think your Mr. Ginger would like it very much at my house--but he'd like it even better if Ms. Spice came along, too.

  7. Oh Miss Kristyn, they are adorable!! You should name them Kristyn & Wes ;) I decorate my kitchen with pretty platters on the bar, a snowman rug and some festive dish towels. Nothing over the top, just a few things to make it a little cheery.

  8. Such adorable ornaments, Kristyn! Love the idea of the cork and the polka dot ribbon around the sides is a great finishing touch. Avery and Isaac would love these!
    I have a whole tree of gingerbreadmen that I haven't put up in 2 years. In the kitchen I have a Mrs. Santa with gingerbread in her pocket and hands, as well as a Mr. & Mrs, Santa cooking with g-bread in their bowls. I hang GBM on the knobs of cabinets as well.

  9. They look great. I decorate my kitchen with s
    Snowmen. Last year mrs snowman got too close to the burner and got her bottom toasted.

  10. I'm not decorating this year, but when I do I have gingerbread men in my kitchen too! I have a Christmas tree covered with gingerbread men and candy ornaments and Gingerbread men wine holders and everything else that go with candy and cookies and gingerbread men!

  11. Kristyn, these are cute,cute,cute!

    I don't decorate my kitchen too much. I have a bay window over the sink link your moms, and I like to display a bottle brush tree forest on it.

  12. So cute, Kristyn. They look darling on the LBH Christmas tree. I display part of my Santa collection above the cabinets in our kitchen. I also decorate a small table top Christmas tree with food ornaments--mostly chocolate items.


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