Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Little Blue House 12 Days of Ornaments: Day #7

Welcome to Day #7 of our
LBH 12 Days of Ornaments feature!
At the Little Blue House we love working with the latest and greatest but today I'm going to show you an adorable ornament created with a repurposed material...rolled corrugate which is commonly used as a packing material. 

Meet Corrugate Snowman Ornament!
 By: Rhonda Merry 
Supplies needed:
1"x18" corrugate strip-head
1"x36" corrugate strip-body
Hot Glue gun/sticks
Snow Tex
Fabric Ribbon
2 small buttons
orange cardstock
silver pipe cleaner
black pipe cleaner
Stampendous - Shaved Ice

The corrugate strips that I used come in 3"x 36" rolls
and are available for purchase at the LBH.
I cut the strips into 1" widths, so out of the
 roll I was able to make two little snowmen.

Snowman Body:Start by rolling each strip with
the corrugated side facing out.
Continue rolling until the whole length is wound...
then secure with some hot glue.

 Repeat for each strip.

Attach the smaller roll to the larger one at
the seams using hot glue.This will secure
the rolls and conceal the seams.
Using a Popsicle stick, frost the rolls with the
Snow Tex, sprinkle with the Shaved Ice and allow to dry.
You can speed up dry time using a heat gun
being careful not to scorch the snowman
or melt the Shaved Ice.
The first coat should be enough to give him a good
covering but not to conceal the corrugate.
Nose: Clip a small corner off of a scrap piece
of orange card stock. Using the skewer, place the tip of
skewer pointing toward the top of the triangle and roll.
Seal with hot glue to form the nose. The little tips formed
after rolling will allow the nose to be placed securely
into the ridges of the corrugate.

Adhere with hot glue in the center of the head.

Add the black buttons for eyes.

Scarf: I used a torn strip of fabric and fringed
the ends for the scarf. Ribbon will work too.
Tie scarf around neck and secure under fold with
a dot of hot glue.
Earmuffs: Bend the 4" piece of silver pipe cleaner
to the shape of the snowman head.
Roll the two 6" black pipe cleaners into little
bun shapes for the muffs.
Glue muffs to silver pipe cleaner and
adhere to the snowman's head.
If you want to add arms, I had found a few small
twigs in the yard and using the hot glue,
I attached arms to one of my snowmen,
but not the other. I couldn't decide which I liked best.
Either way they are Cool!

And ready for winter!!

What is your favorite part of winter?
I love the hot drinks: Hot Chocolate, hot tea,
Wassail, (but not coffee so much) served in big
mugs to keep my hands warm...

Tell me your favorite part of winter in the comment
section below and we'll put your name in to win
one of my Frosty Corrugate Snowmen!

As always, I appreciate you joining me today,
and I hope you will make some of these frosty
guys for your tree too. Check back with us tomorrow for another great handmade ornament tutorial.
Merry Crafting,

The WINNER of Day #6's ornament is.....

 cowboycentral said...
I didn't know neat and crafter could be in the same sentence. Lovely ornament. And your space made me feel right at home.
Congratulations Cowboy Central! Please stop by or contact the
LBH to claim your ornament.


  1. I love snowmen! My favorite part of winter is snuggling under a blanket while reading a book or watching TV!!!

  2. Here over the last few years I have become a snowman lover. I guess because I long for snow. I love this little guy and want him on my tree.

  3. I forgot to answer the winter question. My favorite part of winter is a fire and s'mores. Love it

  4. So excited to win Day #6 ornament. Thank you LBH. Great snowmen ornaments today. My favorite part of winter is "snow day" dreams.

  5. Such cute ornaments, Rhonda! Will have to make these for Avery and Isaac!!
    I love to make chili for supper when it's cold!

  6. Not a fan of winter, but I don't mind winter's in TX so much. Mine would be snuggling under the covers by the fire!

  7. Love the snowman..gonna make some this week!
    We love to watch those old animated Christmas shows together with a fire going in the fireplace and some pumpkin spice latte in my hand.

  8. my favorite hot drink.. Lemon aid with honey.. soothes a sore throat well....this little snow man is darling...

  9. Ohhhhh, snowmen are my fave Christmas decoration!! Love it Rhonda. The best part about winter for me, is cuddling under blankets and watching movies :)


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