Friday, October 24, 2014

Front Porch Friday- My Design Process

It's Front Porch Friday!!! 

Hi, it's DeeDee Roe! :) Today I wanted to share with you how I approach my Front Porch Kit box the moment it arrives at my house.

The first thing I do when I open a Front Porch Kit is, of course, squeal. Then I get down to business. :)

1. I lay the entire kit out onto my kitchen table so I can really get a feel for what's inside and how it can work together. One of these times I am going to alter the kit box itself.

2. Patterned Paper - I love love love to use the FPK to do layouts because I am EONS behind in scrapping about myself and my family's life. My favorite supply is patterned paper so I pick my favorite papers to feature on the layouts and then I assign papers to the special surfaces that are always in the kits and then I usually try to save one stand out paper for a great card.

3. Stacks - Then I make stacks based on projects. The kits come with a ton of supplies so I usually go for a couple double layouts, the special surface, a card, and then wherever the paper leads me. Once I have the projects in mind I plan to make I divide the different embellishments into the stacks. For this last kit I knew I wanted my layouts to have tons of embellishments and texture.
 You can see I used ribbon, chipboard, straws, sequins, cardstock and patterned paper building up.
 At this point I usually start wondering if I have pictures to flow with my design. lol I should probably get them out sooner, but I seriously start planning my projects within three minutes of the postal lady dropping the box at my door.

I love layering embellishments and mixing colors to give them just that extra bit of depth. If you look back at the first picture, you can see where I've stitched down the side of the layout. EVERY time, every time I forget to add stitching and end up trying to add that detail after it's super inconvenient so if you like stitching on your layout - pro tip: don't wait until the end to add it.

So that's my process once I get the FPK in my hands. It's such a treat to get happy mail and I just let myself indulge in the fun of touching all the textures and patterns.

What's the first thing you do when you open a kit box?

Dee Dee 

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  1. I generally plan out my surface project first...So many goodies...Sometimes it's hard to cut into anything...but once I do -- watch out!!!


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