Monday, November 25, 2013

LBH 12 Days of Ornaments: Day #9

!2 Days of Ornaments - Day 9

This is Lynette bringing you a tutorial for the 12 Days of Ornaments. I hope that you have enjoyed following along and have made each and every one to hang on your tree. This ornament is a tassel that is made with vintage music paper.

Supplies Needed:
Six - 6 X 6 pieces of music paper ( or text )
Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearls Mist
Tacky Glue
Wine Cork
4' Lace or Trim
4" Small Trim
7" Baker's Twine
Beads or Charms
Score Tape

To begin: Spray the 6- 6 X 6 pieces of music paper with Perfect Pearls Mist. After they are dry fringe by cutting every 1/8" up to 1/2" from the top. Put tacky glue on wine cork 1/2" from top to attach fringed paper. Use a small amount of glue to start and finish each 6 X 6 piece of paper.
Attach lace or trim around fringed paper with score tape or tacky glue.
Attach one end of baker's twine to cork with tacky glue right above fringed paper. Let dry. String beads or charms onto baker's twine hanger.
Attach other end to other side above fringed paper. Let dry.  Wrap a small piece of trim above fringed paper to hide baker's twine ends and to secure the hanger.

I hope you enjoy making tassels to hang on your tree. These are quick to make and would be nice to dangle from a package also.All of the LBH Gals are thankful for your friendship , support, and creativity. Since this is made from music paper - leave us a comment on your favorite Christmas song - if we select your comment you will win one of these beautiful tassels. Keep checking back for the rest of the 12 Days of Ornaments.

WINNER for Day #8: Karen Ellis
Congrats Karen! Contact the LBH to claim your ornament and Thank you for commenting!


  1. I love tassels! This is such a wonderful ornament, and it does look very easy to create. Imagine all of the different variations - oh, this will be fun!
    I can not think of a favorite song to give you - just too many in my head. Thanks for sharing another fabulous ornament!

  2. Love your tassel, Lynette! I really like that it's made out of paper! I love vintage and you could trim it in red and green or silver and/or gold.
    My favorite song this year is "All I Want for Christmas is You".

  3. so so pretty... I love all Christmas songs... :D

  4. love anything made with music paper!

  5. Love the tassel because my tree is vintage. Very creative and beautiful!!!


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