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LBH 12 Days of Ornaments: Day #7 and another Sneaker!

Happy Saturday!
  Kristyn has an adorable ornament to share with you today...
but first, a few final sneak peeks from our
"Pass the EggNog" Front Porch Kit...

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NOW...on to our Ornament #6

 I hope everyone is enjoying our 12 Days of Ornaments Blog Special! Kristyn here...and I have a super-cute ornament to share with you today! Meet Mr.T Snowman...He is a Tea Light Ornament and it's so cute when his nose lights up and it's perfectly safe for your tree!

These Snowman Ornaments would be a great Kids Craft!

Lets get Started!
Supplies you will need for this Ornament are... 
-Score Tape (1/4)
-Glossy Accents
-Stickles- Holly & Candy Cane
-Queen & Co Twinkle Flowers & Enamel Dots
-Ribbon of your Choice
-Tea Light
-Black Cardstock
-Embossing Folder/ Machine (Big Shot)

First you want to emboss your black card stock with a pattern of your choice. I like to use the Sizzix Big Shot  machine to emboss with. Now you will trace out a hat with your piece of chipboard and then use that piece as a template to cut out your hat from your cardstock. Use scor-tape to attach together. 

Now take a scrap of your black cardstock (not embossed) cut a strip that will fit in the middle of our hat. Then add the Stickles- I used a mixture of the Holly & Candy Cane Stickle Colors on my hat. Set that aside, now grab your Glossy Accents and glossy the entire hat than while its still wet lay your Stickle strip in the middle of our hat and let it dry. 

Now you can embellish using Queen&Co Twinkle Flowers. I used Green Flowers but you can used Red, Blue or whatever color you like! After you adhere the flower add a little dot of Candy Cane Stickles to the middle of the flower. 

Now your hat is complete, let it dry and move on to your tea light. We are now going to add the ribbon already your light using Scor-Tape. Leave some ribbon at the top to create your loop. 

We are almost done! Now that your hat has had time to dry... use scor-tape on the back on the hat and place on the top of your tea light. 

 Now its time to add some character to Mr. T 
 Using Glossy Accents, glue your enamel dots or googly eyes to your snowman's face 

Then add enamel dots for the mouth of your snowman and you should be Finished! 
              I hope you enjoyed this fun, super easy & cute little Snowman Ornament we created today! 
If you want to Win one of these super cute Snowman....
Comment!!! Comment!!! Comment!!!
Tell me about your most memorable Snow Day
that you have experienced! 

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 
Kristyn & Santa 

WINNER for Day #6: Laura Johnson
Congrats Laura! Contact the LBH to claim your ornament and Thank you for commenting!


  1. Love the little snowman!!!! The most memorable snow day was the last snow we had. Luke was little and it was his first time to see it. He was in awe. I will always remember his sweet little face when he saw it.

  2. Well, you certainly rocked this snowman, Kristyn!!!

    Congratulations, Lauren - you got the best of the best!

  3. love the snowman, I love using hand made crafts to decorate my house for the holidays.

  4. Another fantastic ornament that I can't wait to try. I love that all the instructions and supplies are included each day. Thanks so much.

  5. super cute.. I just made these this past week..I love them... mine have cowboy hats on.. lol..

    So cute ,...

  6. Very cool ornaments.great ideas.

  7. Very cute! I must make one of these for my grandson to put on his tree :) Thanks for the ideas.

  8. I just love this one! How clever to use a tea light! Imagine these all over the could incorporate this into all different kinds or ornaments too!
    My favorite snow memory is having my grandson, Jacob visiting with my son & daughter in law - from Guam! Jacob had told his family on Guam that he was going to build a snowman in Texas, and on the very last day of their visit we got snow! He built the very best snowman ever!!!

  9. He is solo cute! So love the instructions come with each one. My favorite snow memory is when I got my first bike as a kid in S. Dakota. I rode down the sidewalk in snow. Nothing was going to stop me!!

  10. What a great the cute snowman

  11. I love this one. The Snowman is very cute and the pic of Kristyn & Santa is great!!!

  12. Kristyn, these are so cute and clever. I would love to hang these on my tree. I really don't have a good snow memory because I am not a big fan of it or the cold. That is why I live in Texas. LOL

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  14. I love snowmen !!! I so miss the snow I'm Montana! What a cute idea!

  15. What a super cute idea! Great timing with this one given the weather... beginning to feel like the Holidays :)

  16. I will be making this one as well!!! He is so cute. We don't get to make snowmen much here in TX but one year we had a little bit of snow. My son and I went out and made the cutest little snowman. Great memories. Now he is 19 and leaving for bootcamp early Monday morning. :-/

  17. Love Mr. T. He is adorable. My most memorable snow day was when we lived across the street from an elementary school playground. It snowed about 8-10" and the city was shut down. However lots of kids, neighbors and dogs went to the playground. We were all frolicking around building snowmen, snow forts, and snow angels. Very fun!

  18. So cute! Perfect ornament for a cold day!

  19. love love love the snowman!!!
    I need this kit :)
    Amy Hooten
    Paris texas

  20. AWWWW, this is way too cute! What a clever idea!


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