Saturday, October 4, 2014

News from the Front Porch: Sneak Peek Day #1

Good Morning!
It's a "boo"tiful day for a Sneak Peek from our
NEW Front Porch Kit....Boo in a Box!

Boxes are being packed with Spooktacular Goodies perfect for preserving your favorite Halloween Photos and we have some fun unique goodies to create the perfect treats and some bewitching Home Decor projects too!

You will also enjoy our custom designed Stamp Set by Reverse Confetti...It's too cute to Spook!!!

Beginning today, we will feature a fun sneak peek of 
Boo in a Box and you can see even more thrilling & chilling project peeks on our Design Team members blogs. 

Beware of Cuteness... Here are your first Peeks:

Here are the links to our FPK gals blogs:
Be sure to visit them to see their Project Peeks!

Pre-orders begin today and we will reveal the full kit and all of our Boo in a Box Projects on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014.

Would you like to WIN a FREE Boo in a Box Kit?!?!?
Become a follower and leave us a comment about your favorite costume you had as a kid...or your favorite candy that you loved to find in your Trick or Treat Bag.

Stop back by tomorrow for another spooky Sneak Peak!
Keep Creating,
Miss Tracy :)


  1. I loved the carmel apple suckers that you cant find much anymore! Very excited about this Boo Box!!

  2. My favorite costume was probably when I was a little older and just about time to stop Trick or Treating. I dressed up as Ace Frehley a member of Kiss. My favorite thing to find in my candy bag was homemade popcorn balls made by a little old lady down the road. They were the best. All the kids dug those out first and ate them.

  3. Since patience is not one of my virtues I find Sneak Peaks events to be exciting and exasperating. LOL.

    Every year my sister and I dressed up as a witch. I just grew into her costumes and I guess she got new ones. Although I remember the costumes well, there is not one picutre of me growing up in a halloween costume. I think that is why there are so many picutes of my kids. The picutres I have of my child hood could all fit into an envelope.

    My favotire candy as a child and still to this day is a tootsie roll. Not the big ones, just the small minis. They taste so wonderful and it is amazing how manhy of them you can put in your mouth at one time.

  4. I believe my favorite costume was a 50's style one with poodle skirt and all! Also one fave is a pumpkin costume in college! Good times!

  5. My favorite costume growing up was Raggedy Anne. Mom made it for me and I just loved it. And my favorite candy was Reese's

  6. My favorite costume was a clear trash bag filled with little bright balloons to make me look like a bag full of gum drops. Of course, I wore a leotard with balloons all around me. My favorite candy was milky ways.

  7. Ooh can't wait to see the whole box.

    My fav treat was those wonderful homemade popcorn balls! I can only imagine the older widow that lived down the street from us spending the whole day making all those and wrapping each one. Each year the wrapping would be different and slowly graduated into ziploc baggies lol.

    My favorite costume was when my mom and dad put us all in his little league football uniforms and we were a whole football team. I have 8 brothers and sisters so we were a WHOLE team!

  8. Can't wait to see the reveal of the whole kit, since I love Halloween so much!
    It seems like every Halloween I was a witch! Mom always made my costumes. Don't remember the costumes very much, but I do remember one year when my Mom made a witch wig for me from a new mop head.I thought I was so COOL!
    My favorite candy was and still is candy corn!

  9. I am so excited about the new kit. My favorite costume was probably casper the ghost and I always loved the Reeses peanut butter cups.

  10. My favourite costume as a kid was a witch costume that my big sister sewed for me. I can still picture it! Well we are still onto trick or treating--definitely Reese Cups! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Luv luv Halloween!
    Favorite candy is almond joy mini bars
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. I've always loved Kit Kats. I still raid my kids' bags for them!

  13. I remember the neighborhood girls and me all getting together and making beauty queen costumes. I have a picture of me with a crown made of aluminum foil. So funny! Pageant winners always eat chocolate. : )

  14. The only costume I remember is the Bride of Frankenstein. The best part was the bouquet made out of parsley with a plastic spider on top.

    My favorite treat was the gooey red candy apples made by one of the neighbors.

  15. My favorite costume as a kid was a pumpkin that my mother made me.

  16. My favorite candy was always the chocolate!

  17. My fave costume was a 50s poodle skirt. Who doesn't love candy corn. I can't wait to see more peeks.

  18. My mom made me an elf costume once. It was hideous. But I will never forget it!


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