Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Organize with Style: Tips Day 2 with Angi & Valerie

Hi it's Angi here sharing with you a great tip on how to organize your small embellishment leftover pieces :)
When I craft I often have loose embellishments all over the place.
Instead of placing them in my stash pile, I put them in mini 3 ring albums. The 3 x 3 albums are the perfect size for me.I use the Instagram albums from We R Memory Keepers. You can use any size or brand for this type of organizing.
You can find the 4x4 Insta Albums at The Little Blue House
or on our LBH Online Shop
The photo sleeves are just the right size to hold fabric letters, flair, buttons, bows, and any small sized embellishment. When working on a project I just flip through the pages and find the perfect little embellishment to finish off a project. You can even take this a step further and organized by color, size, or type. 
I hope you all like my fun little way to organize my embellies. 

Hi it's Valerie here to share my favorite organizing tool from my craft space! One of my favorite storage solutions (I actually have 2 of them!) is a revolving storage bin that I purchased at Harbor Freight Tools. (Melissa Frances also have a similar product)
 Here's the before photo of what it looks like after it's put together from the store
And here's mine after it's been painted, washi-ed and filled.
They are only 12" tall but I can get lots on each of them!
I spray painted them both and then I decorated around each bin with washi tape. On the yellow bin, I actually attached magnets to hold my flair buttons around the bin.
Here are a few close ups of some of my stored goodies
 I filled a couple of small vintage bowls with roving wool and stuck all of my stickpins in them and keep them on the top of the bin
This is a small amount of my sprays...  
this is a bin of paper flowers and you can see the twine in the bin above it!

I have each stored with my most used goodies and I keep them at either end of my work table so that I can see and grab whatever I might need from them! If I can see it I will use it!
Thanks Angi and Valerie for showing these great organizing tips!  
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  1. Great ideas! I have one of those revolving storage bins but I've never gotten around to painting mine, however seeing how happy yours are I just might need to do that soon!

  2. I really loved your ideas today, ladies! I have to get one of those little albums for my embellishments at LBH and Harbor Freight, here I come!

  3. LOVE this idea! I'm always jealous of people who can keep their embellies out and about... I currently "rent" my office/craft room from our three kitties. However, I HAVE developed some ways to organize some things.... hmmmm... may have to share some photos on instagram... ;-) (btw, sorry if this posted twice)


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