Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Organizing with Style: Tips Day 1

The Little Blue House Organizing with Style Tips

Lindsey here with some Organizational Tips from a good friends studio - I recently went to meet my crafty friend I met via Instagram in Baltimore.  Her studio is so amazing and her organization ideas were too great not to share.  My "studio" is my dining room table and not exactly an organizational dream.  At my house, you'll find a lot of vintage tins and boxes stacked a different way every day- my friend Patti's studio, is a dream.  It's amazing.  I'm a very sentimental person, so my favorite idea she has is using her mothers spice rack to hold spray inks.  What a great way to reuse something that reminds you of a loved one.
Her collection of salt and pepper shakers includes her mothers, vintage and some new.  I love this idea, not only is it a great way to dispense glitter.  It sure looks pretty all together.  You may also notice she has tons of little plastic jars from Ikea to organize brads, flowers, buttons, etc.  They are grouped by color so when you are looking for an embellishment, it makes it way easier to find.   
My dear friend Patti is as sweet as they get. Her studio is magnificent.  She permenantely has 4 workstations set up so friends can come and create with her easily. Such a warm, welcoming space filled with beautiful things.  Thanks for checking out her great ideas, and thanks for letting me share them Patti!
Hi friends, Vicki here to share one of my favorite organizational tips with you today. Stickles is a common glitter glue that everyone loves. You might have several colors like I do of this product...

 I saw this somewhere years ago, and knew as soon as I saw it, it was happening in my room.  I think it’s amazing!  Here is how I did mine.  I just picked up a metal tray at the dollar store, and screwed the tray to the underneath of the shelf right above my desk.  Once that was done I glued the little round magnets you can find at the craft or hardware store to the bottom of each of my bottles of stickles. I used a cool temp glue gun.   I added all of them to the tray, and now when I go to use one, there is no waiting for it to reach the tip, or trying to shake it down, because it’s always right there, ready to go.  Of course it doesn’t just have to be Stickles, I have my small bottle of clear wet adhesive , my Glossy Accents and a number of other things done this way also.
Another little tip I thought I’d share, since you can see it in the photo is about my bulletin board in front of my desk.  I have a HUGE bulletin board above my desk under that shelf, which comes in handy for many things. But  I have a few digital image CD’s that I use very often, so instead of always putting them away and having to get them out  again constantly,  I keep them hanging right there.  I find I use everything much more if it’s out and in view.
I hope these two organizational tips help you in your craft space! Thanks for reading and make sure and follow along all week as we share more great tips!! :)
Lindsey & Vicki


  1. Love all of the awesome tips! Very creative!

  2. Some excellent ideas! I want to be clever.......

  3. Great tips - I like the spice rack for storage.

  4. Great tips, ladies! I learned a lot!

  5. I love the flower pot for holding colored pencils! I used to use one of those metal pails from Target's dollar spot and hang it from a hook.... um, yeah... didn't work very well because it had to be perfectly balanced or else the entire bucket would swing to one side and all the pencils would fall out. Ooops! I like your idea better ;-)

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