Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A WINNER and a NEW question for YOU!

I have truly enjoyed reading all of your responses to the question of the day! It has been so much fun for Susan, Elaine and I to create the tags! We can't wait to show off another NEW tag set at our upcoming Happy Fallidays Open House this weekend!
 Hope you can join us!
So I know you're all waiting to find out who won!!!
Our LBH winner of the day is.....
Congratulations Jenny! Your prize is waiting for you at the LBH :)
Dont forget we will be giving away prizes every day this week in honor of our 1st anniversary so make sure you answer today's LBH Question of the Day!
Today's Question is...
How many new friends have you made at
The Little Blue House
this past year??
Can you name a few??
Leave a comment with your response and you may be our next WINNER!

Keep Creating!
Miss Tracy :)


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  2. I met paula and Cristy and Kathy and Carolyn, and Miss Tracy and Rhonda and Susan and Elaine.. oh yeah and Lolly, ofcourse then comes Momchops and so many more.. I love to visit the little blue house as often as I can...and I hope to continue to do so as often as I can... :D

    Happy Birthday Little Blue House and please keep the friends coming my way... :D

  3. I love new friends!! Nearest and dearest is Kathy :0) and DeeDee and Sandy, and newest is Kimberly--my Oki friend! And cropping with Corby and now her mom. And dont forget Ann-Marie and Natalie and Debbie. Most of all you girls who make it happen! Ms Tracy, Rhonda, Susan, Krysten and Rachel :0)

  4. Only been there a couple of times so far, therefore haven't really made any quite yet! :) But, I definitely remember Ms. Tracy and Kathy. :)

  5. Sadly not many as I have been MIA from the blog, but I am going to get busy collecting friends!

    Have a great rest of the week......(Great tag)

  6. I'm so bad with names, but I remember faces! So, all of my Tuesday morning Scrapstasher friends (actually, aren't we supposed to be anonymous??!) and of course all of you LBH Gals! Thank you so much for making a house our home!!

  7. I have not met many new friends but I did enjoy some bonding time with my soon to be Mother (Roberta Giefer) and Sister-In-Law (Rhonda Wilson). Rhonda and I have gotten so close in the past few months. I will always remember our times together at the LBH!

  8. I am terrible with names also, but of course I remember Kathy and finally remember Corby's name. There are probably about 10 or so other new people in the last year but names are not coming to me and everyone is blending together and I'm not sure if I actually met them in the last year or before at the different places that you taught at.

  9. Thanks for the tip Tracy, I can post now!! Yay! I enjoyed my first class tonight and enjoyed working with Elaine and Rhonda. See you all at the open house this weekend!


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