Monday, November 17, 2014

LBH 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments: Day #3

        Welcome to Day 3 of the LBH Twelve Days of Ornaments ! I hope you have enjoyed the ornaments so far.  My name is Elaine Howell and I am a designer and teacher at the LBH.      

Test Tube Ornament and Treat Holder
Designed by Elaine Howell

The ornament I created is using the plastic test tubes that are so popular today.  I have created a couple of ornaments using the tubes,vinyl and my favorite crafting tool - the Silhouette. Don't worry if you don't have a Silhouette or you don't want to use vinyl, these ornaments can definitely be made with paper.  Make sure you go all the way to the end of the post because I will show you a cute treat option for the ornament as well as a way to use the tubes for organizing. Remember a new tutorial will appear each day through Thanksgiving. Let's get started.

Supply List
Plastic Test Tubes (available at LBH)
Thin Clear Acrylic Sheet (available at LBH)
Shapes Cut from Vinyl or paper
Contact paper – I buy the clear from Dollar Tree
Washi Tape
Dryer Sheet
- Snowman Decorations - 
5mm pompom for hat –you could use sequin or bead
2 Gold Beads for Scarf
10” of Red & White Bakers Twine
12” of Eyelash yarn or tinsel trim
2 Coordinating buttons for top
Styrofoam mini snow balls
Clear glitter
Black Sharpie
Diamond Stickles
- Decorations for Christmas Tree -
12” of Gold Cord
Green Jingle Bell
Gold Stickles
Gold pipe Cleaner or tinsel trim
Green Glitter Button for top
2 Gold & 2 Red Glitter balls

General directions if you are using Silhouette Software. In a new file create a rectangle that is .675” wide by 5.375” tall. Your design will need to fit within these parameters to fit in the test tube.  I purchased two files from the Silhouette Store the “Skinny Tree” and the “Tall Snowman”. They worked really well. Make sure you keep the items grouped together as you size. Then you can Ungroup to cut different colors of vinyl.

 On the Snowman I only used the back layer of the snowman not the front layer that has the holes in the side. I also used the hat, scarf, nose and hat brim. Here is a picture of the items on my screen and a picture of how I loaded the colors all at one time.

Here is a picture of the items after they are cut and the vinyl has been weeded.

Using contact paper lift the cut items from the backing.  In order to make it easier to line the items up on the clear acrylic I traced the .675” x 5.375” piece on a piece of white paper. I then used a small piece of Washi tape on the acrylic and attached it to the paper.

Attach snowman to acrylic. Add hat, scarf and nose.I used a regular black Sharpie to make the eyes and mouth.

Decorate the scarf with beads, add pompom to hat and add Stickles to hat and scarf.  Let dry completely before you add to the test tube.

You will need to wrap a skewer with a dryer sheet (unused) and swipe around the inside of the tube – this will remove the static.Here is a picture of the tiny Styrofoam snowballs not using dryer sheet and using dryer sheet.

Slide the acrylic piece into the tube. Place the cap from the tube in the center of  a 4" piece of Washi tape. Wrap around the cap and fold edges over the top and tuck in around the inside edge. Gives it a clean finish.Glue buttons of your choice to the top of the cap

Place cap on tube. Wrap eyelash yarn around base of cap and tie. Slide bakers twine under eyelash yarn and tie and then do the same on the other side.  This makes the hanger.

Follow the same steps for the Christmas tree tube.

I also made a candy treat ornament.

 I used the Sizzlet candies – you can purchase a bag of about 18 sleeves of candy for $1 at Dollar Tree. 

 I used a cap on the top and the bottom (will tell you at the end of post what to do with capless tubes).
I also wrapped a glitter pipe cleaner around the tube for decoration.  The tag for the tube is cut using the Silhouette with a piece of acrylic in the center with a vinyl  letter attached. The ornament topper is also vinyl. 

Paper can definitely be used if you don’t want to use vinyl.
Now for those tubes with no tops.  Group them together in whatever number you choose, Wrap with Washi tape – I used a variety of colors. You can now slide this in your craft bag to hold markers, paintbrushes, pens or pencils upright. A great little treat container and organizational item.

We hope that you will craft along with us and trim your tree in hand-made style!!! We will have items in stock at the Little Blue House for you to re-create your favorite ornaments each day!

You will also have a chance to WIN an ornament each day! Simply leave a comment on each daily post and one lucky commenter will be chosen each day to take home that specific ornament!

Join us and let's make it the best Hand-made Holiday ever! All the featured ornaments will be on display on our Christmas Tree at the Little Blue House!

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Leave a comment on the blog, share with us your favorite Christmas Movie and you just might win an ornament.

Wishing you the Merriest Christmas

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  1. I love the snowman. These are so cute, Elaine. My favorite as of recent years is ELF. But I could leave Hallmark channel on and be happy with all the sappy Christmas movies they play too. hehe.

  2. Adorable. I have some test tubes and have pondered what to do with I know! A Christmas Story and The Holiday are favorites. I can't chose just one.

  3. That's a great snowman--so much detail. And thanks for the tutorial. My fave Christmas movie is Christmas Vacation.

  4. Fabulous job! I love using these test tubes for sweet treats. They are so cute!

  5. I love the idea of the test tubes! I can think of lots of little things to put in these now. Thanks!

  6. These are great Elaine!! So fun and unique and completely adorable!!

  7. Adorable!! My favorite Christmas movie is "Wgite Christmas".

  8. Elaine, these are adorable. The snowman is my favorite. My favorite Christmas movie has always been the original cartoon Rudolph. Watched it every single year when I was a little girl.

  9. These are so cute and with a treat! Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. I've been waiting for your ornament, Elaine ... just knew it would be outstanding. You didn't disappoint!

  11. This is so cute. I love it. I have some of those tubes that have been rolling around in a drawer for ever. Maybe I can use them, finally.


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