Sunday, November 23, 2014

12 Days of Ornaments:Day#9

 Welcome to Day # 9 , Lynette Chiles here today sharing another handmade ornament. Miss Tracy designed this amazing "Junk Tree" for her latest Picker's Retreat. I assisted her on the retreat and made one of my own too. These beauties inspired my ornament creation featured today!

Designed by: Tracy Pounds

Designed by: Lynette Chiles

I love miniature things! After Miss Tracy created the Shutter Angels last year it came to mind that you could use a miniature shutter from a dollhouse and create miniature Shutter Angels....So we did. Again, I thought we could miniaturize the Junk Trees. Smaller surface and smaller junk.

Here are my Miniature Tree Ornaments...

Now for a surface...Small wooden plaque, paper mache rectangular ornament (available at LBH) or even a small canvas. We have recently gotten in small "junk" little trinkets and treasures at The Little Blue House. These trinkets are perfect to create this ornament!

Don.t you just love them? Let's get started.

Surface - small wooden plaque, paper mache' rectangular ornament, or small canvas.
Acrylic Paint - The metallic paints such as Espresso and Champagne look great.
Printed paper, text, music paper, etc. if you choose to add paper to your surface
Mod Podge if you are using paper
Eye Screw if using wooden plaque Paper Mache' Ornament already has a hanger
AND Junk ---- Lots of Junk
E6000 for attaching metal
Scotch Quick Dry Glue for attaching wood.
Changing the color of your metal pieces. : metallic acrylic paint, Distress Paint, or alcohol inks.

Paint your surface the color of your choice. Add paper with mod podge if you choose. Lay all of your "junk" pieces out. Start at the bottom with a piece that resembles a tree trunk. Then start with your longest piece and graduate to shorter pieces until you reach the top. Top your tree with a star, gears, flowers, etc.
Note : E6000 needs to dry 24 hours. Also it tends to slide, so keep a check on it for the first few hours.

 Hope you have fun creating your own

 Be sure to comment so you can be entereed into our drawing to WIN one of my JUNK TREE Ornaments. Share with us today what you top your tree with? I have an angel that came from Hallmark many, many years ago.

Thanks for reading!


Ashley Hansen

Please contact the LBH to claim your ornament


  1. Another favorite! Love this junk tree.
    We top our family room tree with an angel that holds a lighted candle. I can't remember ever using anything else. She is the last item we place on the tree.

  2. I LOVE junk! Cute idea. I top my Christmas tree with large star!

  3. These are such cute minis of the original, which I still want to make someday! I love the mini junquey treasures. An angel I bought when my eldest was a baby!!

  4. EXCELLENT idea ... love "miniaturizing" because good things come in small packages. Great job, Lynette!


  5. Love this!! Have a to make a few of these. :-)

  6. You are so clever, Lynette! Making a miniature "junk tree" with all the cute little trinkets at LBH is priceless!
    We used to use an angel my daughter made in preschool on the top of our tree. Now she won't allow us to use it so we use a beautiful angel that we've had for many years.

  7. So clever! We use an angel with wax face and hands that I bought in Germany about 25 years ago.

  8. Gathering my trinkets to make one of my own. These are amazing! I have a star and a Santa since I usually decorate two trees.

  9. Oh Tannenbaum!!! I have a beautiful bow made from ribbon that changes color depending where you view it for out tree topper!

  10. I love this ornament. It ls so pretty. I would love it on my tree!!!! It would go great with the rustic metal and wood star that I put on top of my tree!!!!

  11. What a great ornament. We have a star on top of our tree.

  12. Very cute!! I love the piles of trinkets y'all put to great use!

  13. I'm loving the mini ornaments based on other projects. They are just so darn cute! We have an angel on the top of our tree. It was made by a friend of mine who just turned 90 a couple of months ago. The angel has been adorning our main tree for years.


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