Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Little Blue House 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments: Day #6

Hi there! Valerie Bishop here with ornament #6 of the LBH 12 Days of Ornaments! I am one of the Front Porch Kit Designers and I'm excited to be joining in on this feature! For me, this year is all about clean and simple and my ornament reflects that! We got rid of our huge tree that we've had for several years and we decided to go with a small (white!) tree this year and I can't wait to hang my new ornaments on it - they will look awesome!! I collect and display bottlebrush Christmas trees so I wanted to make an ornament that has a tiny bottlebrush tree inside of it. I got my inspiration from Pinterest and love the way these came together!!

Here is a list of products and tools you will need

Small bottlebrush trees (I used Fancy Pants brand - just make sure the base will fit into the ornament)
Old Fashioned Lightbulb fillable Ornament
Chunky Glass Glitter
Tinsel Twine (I used Tim Holtz)
Silver Tinsel
Red and White Twine
Hot Glue Gun
Long Tweezers

Take the top off the ornament and test to make sure the base will fit inside of it - don't worry if the tree is larger - the brush will bend up easily.
Get your tree ready on your tweezers (It stays on the tweezers easily)
Then add just a little dab of hot glue to the bottom of the base of the tree - make sure to get it right on the bottom so it's not oozing over as it will scrape against the inside of the ornament and you will get the glue all over the inside (I know this from experience! But it's easy to pull off with the tweezers if you do get some on the sides!).
Slowly put your tree inside your ornament using your tweezers until it sits on the bottom. Wait until the glue dries then you can arrange your tree if it's a bit crooked using your tweezers. If you can see in the bottom photo I did get a glob of glue on the side (this was the first ornament I made so I didn't go slow enough!!). I was able to pull it off the side easily with my tweezers once the glue had dried!

After the glue has dried (it just takes a few minutes) add about a teaspoon or two of the glitter glass into the ornament. I don't have a small funnel, so I made my own by just rolling up a piece of scrap paper
I added just a about 4 pieces of tinsel inside the ornament (if you add too many you can't see the tree!). I wound into a small ball, then pushed it inside the ornament. It expands beautifully inside and gives just a little bit more texture and glam!!

 I then put the top back onto the ornament and I hot glued a piece of the Tim Holtz Tinsel twine around the top to ensure that the top will not pop off

Tie a bow with the bakers twine to the top of the ornament and your done!! For my white trees, I used a different color of twine and in one of them I added tiny blue micro beads.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you've enjoyed my tutorial!

You will also have a chance to WIN an ornament each day! Simply leave a comment on each daily post and one lucky commenter will be chosen each day to take home that specific ornament! Share with me today one of your favorite holiday traditions.

Join us and let's make it the best Hand-made Holiday ever! All the featured ornaments will be on display on our Christmas Tree at the Little Blue House!

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I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


Please contact the LBH to claim your ornament


  1. These are the cutest little bits I've seen! I'm going to need a shopping run for those light bulbs. I love seeing your posts every day on FB, and it gets me over to the blog. Sure wish I still lived in TX, and not just because of the weather lately!!!

  2. I want to make these! Cute!! My family always drove Christmas eve looking at lights.

  3. Adorable!!! Our Christmas tradition is to drive around and look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.

  4. These are so cute. I'm a bottle brush tree fan too. My boys have made it a tradition to bend them over and tell me that a storm has gone through the forest.

  5. So cute!! Gonna have to make these!!

  6. love love this so need to find all the supplies and make a few of these... very cute....!!!!

  7. Welcome, Natalie. GREAT ornament ... you are a genius!


  8. These are so cute. Thanks! My favorite Holiday tradition is watching the old Holiday Movies. They make me smile as I sing-a-long.

  9. I just happen to start and know about this all today and boy am I glade you have a great set of creative ladies! I love these they are so stickin cute! Christmas tridation for me is putting in my tree my fathers toy stuffed Santa he had when he was very young, since he has been passed many many years ago it's my way of keeping him with me on Christmas. Merry Christmas!

  10. Love bottle brushes and old-fashioned Christmas lights....we still use them at our house. This is such a cute idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Oh these! So stinkin' cute!

  12. Great ornament idea! Thank you for sharing!

    Holiday tradition...I have a lot but one of my favorites is hiding the pickle ornament on the tree and the person who finds it receives an extra present.

  13. These are so cute! One of my favorite traditions is watching the Grinch! (the cartoon, not the movie)

  14. Those are so cute!! I knew I needed to get more bottle brush trees!!

  15. These ornament are so adorable! I know they'll look really COOL on an all white tree!
    I've had many Christmas traditions over the years, but now that my family is so small and the nieces and nephews are grown up, it's harder to get us all together. Our new tradition the last few years is to meet at "Chuy's" Mexican Restaurant in Waco a few days before or after Christmas to laugh, joke,remember, and exchange gifts!

  16. Super cute, where do you find the light bulb ornaments?

  17. We had oodles of them at the LBH but have sold through them. I plan to get more in :)))))


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