Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Little Blue House 12 Days of Ornaments: Day #11

Susan Tidwell here to bring you Day #11 of our 12 ornaments this year. Can you believe we are almost finished? This is one of my favorite LBH activities and I hope you, too, are enjoying all the fabulous ornaments the gals have been posting.


Supplies Needed for Tree (**means available at LBH)

**piece of green card stock (I used approximately 6" square - size will be determined 
by desired size of tree)
**6-12 cupcake baking liners
**2 gold stars cut from star ribbon
**6" thin red paper twine or other ribbon
**16-20 red sequins (or use mix of red and gold)
**1/4" Scor Tape
**Glossy Accents
**Distress Glitter - Clear Rock Candy
Hot glue

Let's begin!

1. First make a cone from the card stock. Round off one corner of a square to make a "triangle with rounded bottom." (The size of the straight edges will be the height of the cone.) Roll into a cone, taping or hot gluing the sides together.

2. Cut the bottoms out of several cupcake baking liners. 

3. Use Scor Tape to add first liner to largest end of cone (open end). Start about 1/2" in from bottom so liner covers the edge. Continue wrapping liners around cone about 1/2" apart until the cone is completely covered.
Tip: depending on size of cone you might need more than one liner for a layer. Just cut another piece to add.

4. Use hot glue for this next step. Fold twine and glue to back of one star, then glue end of toothpick in place. Line up second star and glue together.  Glue the other end of the toothpick and stick into the top of the tree (there should be a small hole at the top of the cone).

Almost finished!  

5. Wipe Glossy Accents on each layer of cupcake liners. You can use a small brush or your fingers like I did. Sprinkle dry Distress Glitter over while wet. Continue for entire tree.
6. Use Glossy Accents to add sequins to the tree.
Hang and admire!


I also made a second version using the cupcake liners. The process is the same for making the cone and adding the cupcake liners. However, the ornament is turned upside down!  You could add candy, a tiny gift or even a gift card inside!

Additional Supplies:
**cardstock in desired color (about 6" square)
**4" baker's twine or paper twine
**chandelier drop
**24" narrow red, green and gold ribbon
**12" gold beaded wire
**Diamond Stickles
**optional - washi tape
1. Make cone and wrap cupcake liners as shown above for tree. I alternated colors for this cone.

2. If desired, wrap washi tape around open edge of cone for a finished look since this will show. (I did not do this on the tree as it is upside down and doesn't show.)

3. Instead of a star, I used a "chandelier drop" to dangle from the pointed end of the cone. 
Tie twine through chandelier drop and make a knot. Thread ends of twine through small hole in cone and glue knot to secure.

4. Punch a hole on opposite sides of top of cone for the hanger. Place ribbon through holes and knot each end. Wrap gold beaded wire around ribbon hanger. Tie bow between bottom of cone and chandelier drop (see photo of finished cone).

5. Add Stickles to edges of all cupcake liners.

I hope you enjoyed these ornaments. It was fun making them! And there are so many colorful cupcake liners available - think of all the possibilities!

Be sure to comment on this post in order to win an ornament! Tell me your Christmas Eve traditions - do you unwrap gifts then, wear Christmas jammies, or are you still assembling toys?  Now our children are grown, our family always attends Midnight Mass. When they were younger, my husband always read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" before bed. It's time now to start this tradition with our grand boys.

Be sure to stop by the LBH to see ALL the lovelies hanging on our tree!
 And check back tomorrow for our last ornament!



Glenda Lehrmann

Please contact the LBH to claim your ornament


  1. What a fun ornament to make. And I get to use distressed glitter😍.

    We have blueberry muffins, coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and sit around the tree with Christmas music playing to open our gifts one at a time.

  2. I love these, Susan. So cute. Our tradition has been a lasagna dinner and present opening on Christmas Eve, and then homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. Makes for a relaxing day on Christmas.

  3. Love your ornament, Susan! I'll have to try to make one with Avery!
    Since the Grandkids are here we now go to the 5:00 Children's service and there is an "Elves' Feast" afterward where we all eat lots of Christmas goodies and sit and talk to all our friends with children. We go home and the Grands open their presents. (Santa comes to our house on Christmas Day)

  4. Love your ornament--2 ways. Very creative.

  5. I really like this ornament. Guess I better find some Christmas cupcake liners.


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