Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"You've been Booed' Door Hanger Ideas

Are you counting down the Days till Halloween!?!
We have 2 fun project ideas to share with you today!
Let's get Started!  
You Have Been "BOO'ED" Treat Door Hanger by Nadine Carlier
1. Using a 12x12 piece of paper I used products from the Carta Bella- Trick or Treat Collection and rolling it into a cone and adhering it with a quick drying glue.
I used a hot glue gun.
2. Trim the top of the cone so it's even. Cut two small circles from a scrap piece of cardstock glue them onto the sides of the cone at the top and punch a hole in each side. Then using a piece of wire connect it to each side of the cone.
3.  Hot glue a piece of ribbon  from the LBH around the top part of the cone, scrunching it up slightly so it has a ruffled effect.

4. Take about a 6 inch piece of ribbon and fold in half.
Cut up into the folded ribbon creating strips leave about a half inch uncut at the folded area of the ribbon.
5.  Roll the ribbon piece up and glue into the end of the cone

.6. Embellish as desired, add some yummy treats. Surprise your co-worker, neighbor or friend with this Sweet Treat!

“You’ve been BOOed” Door Hanger
by Susan Tidwell
Don’t you love the Halloween tradition of secretly delivering treats to neighbors on their front step with a note that they’ve been “Booed”? Here is a super cute project for delivering these treats in style.
Roll a full 12”x12” piece of double-sided patterned paper into a cone. I used the Crate Paper- After Dark Collection. Use Scor-tape to secure the edge. Trim around the top.Punch two holes at top and thread ribbon through holes from front to create a hanger. Knot ends so they do not pull through the holes.I inked the edges of the tag with black ink. Add Orange and Diamond Stickles where desired to decorate tag. Tie to one side of the handle. Tie two bows with a coordinating ribbon at base of hanger.
Cut 4 12”x1 1/2” strips of coordinating paper and score entire length of each at 1/2” intervals. Fold at score lines. 
Add Scor-tape all around open edge of cone and position 2 strips over tape around opening. Pinch into “pleats” as you go. Add Black Stickles around lower edge of “ruffle."
Glue two remaining strips together end-to-end to form a circle and create a rosette. Add Black Stickles to edge.
Cut kraft tag into a 1 3/4” x 5 1/2” strip. Dove tail the ends. Add Orange Stickles around edge. When dry, add “BOO” glitter stickers, 3 glitter star stickers and handwrite “You’ve been” to the left of BOO and add “ ‘d “ to right.
Glue kraft banner to center of rosette and rosette to center of cone. Fill with treats and hang on the doorknob of a special friend or neighbor!

I love both of these Boo Door Hanger Ideas! It's a fun way to surprise your friend, co-worker or neighbor with a sweet treat!
Comment below with your favorite Candy Bar you would want to find in your Boo Door Hanger! Leave a Comment and be entered in to WIN some Spooktacular Goodies from The Little Blue House!
Happy Halloween!!


  1. These are so stinking cute and such a great idea!!!

  2. My favorite candy bar to be booed with is a plain old hersheys milk chocolate. It would remind me of my grandmother and a good old fashion Halloween. Simple but classy. Love the ideas keep them coming. Great teacher gifts. Y'all are the best.

  3. I like the little Reese's Peanut Butter cups best. I have found I cannot have those around to give out on Halloween!

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  5. I love these. Both are so adorable.

  6. I would definitely love to find a Kit Kat in my door hanger!

  7. Both door hangers are so adorable! The small treat bag that Nadine added to her cone is so cute and Susan's "Boo" feature let's you know for sure that you've been booed! I'd love to find a "Baby Ruth" in my "Boo" hanger!

  8. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!! Great work on the Boo hangers!

  9. I wnat to be BOO'd for sure. Fave candy bar - SKOR!!!! Jeri Aaron


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