Wednesday, November 17, 2010

12 Days of Ornaments: Day 5

 Hello, Rhonda here to bring you an ornament for day 5.
I used a paper mache spiral shaped ornament
and the Father Christmas paper line from Pink Paislee
These are the papers I selected. 
They are in the 6x6 petite paper pad and
available at the Little Blue House.


 The first step was to make a template.
Since the ornament was an odd shape I used a sheet of
copy paper to make an impression.

 I outlined my impression so that I could see
where I needed to cut out my template.
(You can skip this step if your eyes are good.)

Once it is cut out, we're ready to make our panels.
(Sorry about the messy mat, it is what it is around the craft table.)

I drew my lines for the panels on the back of the paper, this way there
will be no pencil marks on the front of my project. 
(CAUTION! watch for directional images. My Santa would
not look right hanging on the tree upside down.) 

 Next, swipe some Mod Podge on the back of your panel and....

place them on the ornament, smoothing it down and
 removing bubbles from under the paper. If there is any overhang onto the
next panel section, trim down the panel being careful not to remove too much.

Once my panels were on and the paper was dry, I then grabbed my
Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink. Using a blending foam pad
 to apply, this will add a little color and soften the edges of the paper. 

To give my ornament a little sparkle when on the tree, I
edged each panel with Platinum Stickles.  I did a light layer
 the first run so that it would dry quickly and then repeated
a 2nd time. This also helped to hide the seams of the
 panels too. (Especially the one that I may have cut
too short.  Please learn from my mistake....
I mean, Please use this opportunity to embellish!)

When the stickles is dry add a little ribbon to the top
of the ornament. I used a 1/4" cream colored organza ribbon
to make a double bow. I did so by wrapping the ribbon around
my fingers twice at about 2" in length, pinched the middle
 and cut off the excess. 

 I then took another 2" strip of
the same ribbon and tied it around the pinched middle
and pulled tight.  Using the ends of the later piece I then
 tied that around the ornament hanger. 
(Another CAUTION! If you pull the other two
ends you might pull your loops outs.)
Now all that is left is to go hang it on your tree!

Thanks for joining me, I hope you have been inspired to re-create this charming beauty!
Don't forget to leave a comment about my ornament and share with me your favorite tree-trimming traditions & memories! We are picking winners every day....and speaking of winners, here is the winner of Day 4's Ornament......

Congratulations Donna! Please contact the LBH to claim your ornament!

"Merry" Crafting!


  1. I love how Santa is peeping around the corner ... what a lovely ornament!

  2. Very sweet! Different papers to create different looks.

  3. Rhonda, what a pretty ornament!! I love the papers you used and I especially like the Santa paper!! And thank you for showing me how to tie an easy bow---I think I can make one like that!!
    When my brother and I were 8 and 4 we thought our tree wasn't decorated until we hung tinsel all over it!! I would very gently hang one piece of tinsel on each branch of the tree. David would follow his big sister's method for about 5 branches. Then he would just throw his on with maybe 2 strands of tinsel falling on the tree and the rest landing all over the floor. I noticed how much faster his tinsel was disappearing than mine---so I started throwing it, too. As we got older we tried to see who could throw their tinsel the highest!! My Grandparents always wondered why David and I only wanted tinsel on the top of the tree and none on the bottom.

  4. This is beautiful! Thanks for the detailed instructions!

    My favorite memory is the kids tree that my grandparents set up for us every year on their sun porch for the kids to decorate. I have passed that onto my grandchildren and they love it just as much as I did!

  5. Wow Rhonda, what a awesome ornament! Favorite tree trimming traditions, were at Grandparents house. Poppey would go out & cut a tree, LLL seem like it was always crooked or lopsided or something & my aunts always came up with a way to creatively fix it!We always had hot chocolate, fudge & popcorn, if we played our cards right we may get a candy cane that was for tree!We got to look at all ornaments & hang bottom ones on tree!

  6. Rhonda it turned out great ...I too love the poistion of the Santa ...great instructions. My favorite tree trimming tradition is that I have a husband who is awesome at it. Dan usually decorates the tree in our our formal living room and I do the family room and game room tree..I know 3 trees..why do we do this to ourselves, but last year we decided to merge the living room and family room issues. I was sure it would not work, as one was red and gold and very formal and the other was informal and had all our handmade and family traditional stuff on it ( my babies are 23 and 19) so the kid stuff is pretty old. Anyway..Dan took on the challenge and it was the most beautiful tree we have ever friends call him..Dan Dan the Decorating man.

  7. What a simple idea made absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it!
    He favorite tradition in my house started 17 years ago when my first child was just a tiny little thing. We always put our tree up the weekend of Thanksgiving with only lights & ornaments. I keep it very simple until Christmas eve. When the kids are tucked in & hopefully sound asleep, Santa & his elves go in & bling it out with tinsle, beads, glitter, and anything else the Santa may have found on clearance the year befor. The look on there faces when they run in is priceless.

  8. Rhonda, this is beautiful! Great tips for covering an oddly shaped ornament. I'm so glad I found out about your 12 days of ornaments in time. Now I need to catch up on what I've missed so far! Hope to see you soon

  9. Great ornament!! My favorite tradition is when we have a child in the family read the Christmas story aloud before we open presents. It reminds every the true meaning of Christmas.


  10. Super cute ornament Rhonda! My favorite Christmas tradition is the HUGE breakfast that my husband and I make for our family on Christmas morning(served on special Christmas dishes that are used only for Christmas morning breakfast!). Pretty much any breakfast food you request is served. The kids get to run around and play with all of their new toys while we get everything ready. It's loud and rowdy and perfect!

  11. Beautiful ornament! I put up several trees in our house. One special tree is decorated with ornaments from my great-great grandparents and every grandparent until now. I hope to pass these special ornament down to my oldest child and have him pass them to the oldest grandchild from there.

  12. I love this precious ornament, Rhonda. I love how you used paper instead of metal; however, I am a metal lover too. Great Idea!!! My favorite memory is when my dad let us get a real tree one year. My sister and I chose one that was covered white snow. It was the best tree we ever had. My sister and I really got into the decorating it that year.

  13. Gorgeous!!!
    I always put my tree up December 1st and I always play Boney M Christmas. I have been doing it since I was little and now I do it with my girls.

  14. Rhonda..this is beautiful...and your tutorials are great I can actually make favorite tree trimming is...before we go to look at lights...we place out new hallmark ornament on the tree for santa to come everytime...when we returned he had been there to see them and left us a few gifties...

    Happy Holidays...

  15. I really love this Rhonda! Sorry I had not seen it until now! Pesky job! Have a terrific day and thanks for sharing...

    Oh and my favorite tree trimming tradition is making awesome food and cranking up the Christmas tunes while we decorate the tree!

  16. So cute, Rhonda. I love this one. My favorite decorating tradition is that we always decorate the weekend nearest our wedding anniversary since that is when we decorated our first tree as a married couple waaaaay back in 1977.

  17. Rhonda, loved the ornament, the paper is way cool. I look back and can still see my dad fussing with the tangled up lights, trying to make sure that each one would light up. Removing one and then another to find the bad bulb. We would have to wait unitl he got the lights just right and on the tree before the rest of us could do anything. How I miss all of that.....solution buy a pre lit tree that comes in two pieces.

    Thanks for choosing my name yesterday I will be by soon.

  18. I love this ornament! I'm almost finished decorating my tree for this year - my husband is a basketball coach, so have to get it done early!

    Last year, Mom had the billiant idea of using pheasant tail feathers in the tree. It looked awesome! So, I brought some home with me to put in my tree this year - can't wait to see the final result.

  19. Such a beautiful ornament.

    My favorite memory is each Christmas when we would get the ornaments to decorate the tree to sit back and watch the kids open their ornaments and go, "oh I remember when I got this one" and go through each one like that. Makes me happy to this day.

  20. Pretty! I like the stickles outlines and the different papers, adds dimension! My favorite memory is back in 1996, when my daughter (then 4) and I spent two glorious days baking breads, pies and cookies, fudge and various candies and delivered them all to friends and neighbors on Christmas Eve. We made all our decorations that year, too!

  21. I need to make a bunch of ornaments and this could just be the one! Love it!!

  22. This is truly gorgeous! And thank you for such great instructions.

  23. Pretty ornament. Love the papers. Our favorite tradition is to sit on the sofa with the tree lit in a dark room and reminicsce about where we picked out all the ornaments. We know where they all came from. Donna Sheridan

  24. I am new to your blog and so impressed with the ornaments. They are beautiful. I will be following you the rest of the way. tfs

  25. Another great ornament, and I'm lovin the tutorials too. As a kid my parents always threw a family party with music, candy, and of course popcorn for stringing, we would dance and sing and trim the tree even after we all grew up we would come home for our tree trimming party.

  26. Beautiful ornaments! I love them all. Can't wait to see the rest.


  27. I love me some Platinum Stickles! They are the best!

  28. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone. I love all of the traditions your families hold so dear. As for me, I remember each year 2 of my older sisters coming over with their husbands, in-laws, and children to have a family celebration. All of us kids would get presents from everyone, I can even remember how they would wrap them too. It was so much fun. Now as a parent of busy teens it's getting harder to gather them so closly but in the meantime, they still come back for some hot chocolate...made with milk, and maybe a peppermeint stick.


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